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I had wanted to read something by this incredible writer and by accident I started with a story he first wrote at age 10 It s a bit philosophical but also has plenty of action to move it along Astyanax s yearning for the truth rings true for us all Why does Skyfather not appear in blazing majesty and reveal the truth as well as the anguish of discovering how much our perception of the world changes as we age Why had I persisted in believing in the things of my childhood, against all the evidence of the outside world I don t know if these ideas were in the original story written by a child of ten, but if they were WOW If you are interested in writing this kind of novel that draws from history but takes flight from it, you may enjoy the author s description of his process in his appendix at the end. I think this book has undoubtedly problematic moments that show its age, but I also think that it is a neglected masterpiece The amount of blood and sexual violence will turn readers away, to be sure, and I would not blame them for that If you have an interest in fantasy rooted in the Bronze Age or in Homer, it feels like a must read. Very dense and episodic A bit like the Oddyssy in a way I wonder if that was deliberate.I think it detracted a bit, though the story kept building up momentum and then losing it in a change of direction.I ve always loved the theme of the ending of an age Tolkein did it best, I suppose, but this was wonderful andreal, because it built on a real mythology, an age that passed and was believed in, and alas the great god Pan is dead The battle of the last two heroes of the age of bronze had me in tears, and I only wish there d beenof that,of the splendour of the age so I could see what was being lost.Must reread some time. After reading, Shattered Horse I can definitely say Somtow is a man of the classics and this proves he can journey well beyond the basic horror tomb for which he s known Shattered Horse follows right after The Iliad and takes on the journey of Prince Astyanax It s a marvelous tale of the hero s journey with the backdrop being the ending of an era, The Age of Bronze Shattered Horse doesn t engage the senses as well as his other novels however, it is intellectually visceral and worth the read for those that enjoy the Iliad, Odyssey, Bill Moyers, or journey mythos. Set in the aftermath of the Trojan War. It reminded me a fair amount of Marion Zimmer Bradley s The Firebrand, but while Kassandra s Mother based faith was at least able to co exist somewhat alongside the Greco Trojan pantheon, Astyanax can t bring himself to trust Snakemother and her priestesses no matter how many times he has to ask a favor or plea for help As is par for the course in Somtow, good but weird Trigger warnings for sexual violence, cannibalism mind those Maenads and a lot of male whining. &FREE PDF ☠ Shattered Horse ✑ SP Somtow S Classic Sequel To The Iliad Returns To The Print Firmly Rooted In Modern Archaeological Discoveries About Bronze Age Cultures, The Shattered Horse Paints A Vivid Picture Of A Decaying Golden Age Seen Through The Eyes Of The Survivors Of Trojan War At The Center Of The Story, Prince Astyanax, Heir To The Trojan Kingdom, Marked For Death As A Child By The Greek Conquerors, Escaping Perhaps By Divine Intervention Doomed, Perhaps, To Repeat History An Astonishing Panoply Of Mythic Characters Come To Life In This Book, Called By Gene Wolfe In The True Sense, A Work Of Genius