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@READ KINDLE Ý Mothering in the Age of Neoliberalism õ Neoliberal Policies And Austerity Measures Have Unequivocally Altered The Landscape Of Women S Lives Globally The Most Det Rimental Effect Has Been On Mothers As They Are Faced With Increasing Responsibility And Decreasing Resources Despite Mothers Being The Primary Producers, Consumers, And Repro Ducers Of The Neoliberal World, Their Centrality Has Been Largely Silenced Within Economic Discourse Thus, Mothering In The Age Of Neoliberalism Calls For A New Economic Framework To Counter The Individualized Neoliberal Model, One In Which The Needs Of Mothers And Children Are Prioritized This Volume Provides A Crucial Starting Point By Identifying The Sources Ofneoliberal Failure Toward Mothers, We Can Begin To Collectively Formulate An Alternative Paradigm In Which Mothers Voices Are No Longer Rendered Invisible, But Rather Predominate In Theglobal Landscape