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Wow great world to dive into It s simple in it s complexity, the Aztec mythology, the vampire lore, the Viking lore, Jax blends the cultures smoothly without leaving the reader confused in anyway I am looking forward to book 2. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE3.75 StarsStripped with the Vampire very much felt like the book it was in that it was the first in a new series There was a lot of world building and explanation about the characters and how they had evolved over the centuries Even with all the explanations I felt a little lost in the first couple of chapters, as though I was thrown in without all the detail I needed.Charlie is a 300 year old vampire and doesn t easily fit into the society he belongs to He is old fashioned, shy and easily intimated and has a huge chip on his shoulder about being gay, something that is not readily accepted with other vampires He is also seen as too human by his peers and is not someone they rely on for anything of importance.Vince is a really fun character and makes no apology for who he is or how he lives his life He has known Charlie for many years, first as a friend then later as a lover but for the past 5 years or so they have had no contact When Charlie found out how Vince made his money, a fact that Vince hadn t been honest about, he walked away from their relationship and never looked back.Neither man has really moved on but Charlie is still very stuck in his ways.When a job goes wrong and Vince ends up marked for sacrifice to an Aztec god he turns to Charlie for help The implications are far reaching and could end up meaning the vampire society going to war There are good vamps, ones with their souls intact, and then there are bad vamps who don t care who they kill or what damage they inflict on society.The story is consuming and sometimes quite complicated and I don t think I would class it as a romance There is in fact very little romance and even less sex, it isa story of Charlie and Vince reaching a compromise whilst fighting for their lives They are surrounded by some very colourful and interesting secondary characters who I imagine we will seeof as the series grows. [Download E-pub] ⚖ Stripped with the Vampire ♪ In A World Of Dark Spells And Blood Ties Where No One Is Safe, Love Is The Most Powerful Magic Of All Shy Vampire Charlie Never Intended To See Vince Again After The Bad Boy Human Broke His Heart But When Vince Turns Up Beaten And Marked For Sacrifice To An Aztec God, Charlie Will Do Anything Keep Him Safe Vince Has Never Forgiven Himself For The Lie That Ended Things With Charlie The Spark Between Them Is As Hot As Ever, And Vince Would Risk Body And Soul To Make It A Fire Again But As They Hide Deeper In Austin S Supernatural Society A World Of Lies, Dark Magic, And Warring Immortals He Finds The Path To Reconciliation Twisted Than He S Ever Imagined Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange I received this copy through NetGalley in exchange of an honest review Let s go DThe StoryVince Pagano loves his job Despite all bad things people usually say when you reveal that you are a stripper, Vince regrets nothing, as he wins a good deal at his club, has time for his hobby blacksmithing, in the case and hot dates The only shadow in his mind is his ex, Charlie.Five years ago, Charlie broke up with Vince after discovering Vince s real job and, as much as he would like, Vince knows he s not over Charlie yet And being forced to seek shelter with the man after running from were rats in the middle of the night is not helping matters in the slightest How can Vince get over his ex if the man is just the same as he was back then, for good and bad Charlie, in the other hand, regrets how things turned up for them despite being the one that broke things up Being a vampire, Charlie felt how empty his life used to be before Vince entered it and missed the young man But could he give them a second change knowing that it would never be forever, even if Vince wanted so More important can Vince and Charlie solve out the differences in their relationship in the middle of the vampire apocalypse The Analysis Just remembering that those were my impressions and opinion as a reader THIS BOOK OMG THIS BOOK OMG I was hooked since I ve read the blurb available at NetGalley, but unfortunately took me some months to get to actually reading it and OH MY GOD, this was one of the best vampire books that I read Jax Garren is brilliant in her writing, characters building, scenarios description, connecting loose ends BEST BOOK EVER I read it in two days and a half because life insisted in getting into the way, but it s a book that you can finish in a sitting, just because YOU WON T BE ABLE TO DROP IT Vince and Charlie are definitely one of my favorite couples in the world and I can t wait to readbooks by Jax FIVE STARS, PEOPLE Okay, let s get serious and professional now.The narrative was in third person with alternating points of view between Vince and Charlie This is my favorite type and Garren did a wonderful job building Austin Immortals world in both perspectives The reader knows the difference between Vince and Charlie s thoughts where Vince has a goofy sense of humor and is very optimistic and easy going, Charlie has a sophisticated sense of humor, is very pessimist and shy All those characteristics are subtly present on the way Garren writes their points of view.The plot was good It s not complicated or have any big twists, but the reader can t be sure of any pairings, including the main one and takes a while for us to be sure of who is the real villain That s pretty amusing and I liked who it was I won t say due to spoilers, but they are a great team, haha I was impressed with the personal growth that Garren makes her characters go though I honestly didn t have a bit of faith in Charlie and he is the person that grows the most through the book What is really nice to see is that he becomes someone better for the sake of Vince, because Vince gives him strength to defy his fears Besides being overly cute, this is awesome Cash also grows up through his friends, for their sake, but he is badass since the beginning, so I think he, like Christina Aguilera, just keeps getting better, haha Rhi, Vince s best friend, also evolves so much from the beginning She faces indescribable horrors in the book and she manages to keep it light as much as she cans, Rhi is just wow But I have to admit that my favorite female character was Winnie She doesn t show around much, but she is badass in a quiet style, like I m just going to take your head off now, excuse me kind of way And she has the best reactions in a strip club, along with Modron and Emma, haha BEST SCENE EVER I have to share a small piece this with you guysThe pants came off, ripped from the Velcro at the sides, and the crowd went nuts Now it was bad The red crap of underwear barely contained him Vince No, it wasn t bad it was obscene And everyone loved it Charlie licked his lips as the need to cover his ex up made him clutch the table in fear he d go do something about it Emma leaned over, laughing as she cheered Please tell me that ain t a sock No comment Shi i it She leaned over to Winnie Charlie says his ex, unlike yours, is not faking that rocket Good lord I said, No comment Charlie gritted out Your tone is telling Stripped with the Vampire, p 159 The vampires of this book were also highly interesting, as they led a completely regular life without being able to walk in the sun and Charlie hid many things from Vince while they were in a relationship, so we get to discover everything along Vince Other thing that I liked is how Garren illustrates her vampires dealings with eternity, how they see their own immortality It was different without too many revolutions I liked it, haha Bonus point the sex scenes I liked all the sex scenes in this book because none gone to waist All the times they appeared, they were meaningful, both characters wanted badly to be together and it was anything but vulgar Just the way I like them to be 3Bonus point pt 2 this cover Just this cover SO HOT.Overall, I d highly recommend this book if you, like me, is into vampires, gay romances, light books and really hot guys Definitely one of the best books that I ve read this year That s it Thanks for reading and thanks again to NetGalley and the publisher for sending this my way 3 Charlie Travert used to be together with Vince Pagano not until He finds out Vince s odd job as a club stripper Him being a 300 year old something closeted vampire didn t take it very well He s been hiding his sexuality for centuries lest the CoVIn, the good vampires clan, would reject and cast him out While the 24 year old out and proud Vince has something differrent in his mind He wants Charlie to publicly acknowledge their relationship and be comfortable with his sexuality But Charlie thought that their differences make them not compatible Hence, the break up.But when a crazy aztec witch comes in to Vince s life, Charlie swears to protect his ex even if it hurts to see him again.The story starts with not so proper introduction Informations keep firing off everwhere, explaning the aztec culture and a little vamipire stuff Which is way too early for that, butpages in and I managed to get into the rythm For an author who took risk starting off a new series with gay MCs which she s not familiar with And actually pulled it off despite the love conquers all thing going on in here, is overwhelming.Still, I think the story focuses too much with the couple leaving no room for some important parts Though I did like the tension between the two ex lovers, Vince s endeavors to make things right again, and Charlie s bravery to coming out But I wanted to see passthan that, there s this good world building that I wanted to exploreand to get closer to this other interesting people that I m curious of Hope it would be disclosed in the second book.The fighting scenes are dull, that they last only a couple of paragraphs It isn t handled well and brings no intensity to the plot at all While the execution of merging the Aztec and Vampire lore together is impressive Because it s rare to read something related to other mythology or culture that is unknown to us And plus the fact that Jax shared a bit of informations of aztec tradition she gathered from researching, at the end of the book Thanks to Valkyrie Books for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review. This was an amazing story and if you like vampire stories at all, I highly recommend you read it The only thing and it s a tiny thing I don t love is that the next book, 1.5 is heterosexual romance, which completely bums me out HOWEVER, this book is standalone and just one of the most beautiful and perfect love stories I have read in a long time Plus, it s also a fabulous and exciting story all by itself, with great world building and wonderful characters My notes Very cool that all the vampires were short for nowadays That s something that always bugs me in other books This is so good Different, exciting, lots of questions revealed bit by bit I thought bites at the neck were for killing but that s where Cash bit Rhy After the altercation with Alaric, Charlie went down in my opinion quite a bit I m not sure why he was being rational but still I like that the old vampires stick to the opinions of their early years It s natural Wonderful that they have adults who were foster children living with their birth mother Very real A spiral handle would hurt if used to stab and thus the grip wouldn t be as tight You think sex will interfere with a pagan ritual You clearly know nothing about paganism Regular strippers don t make that kind of money view spoiler The vampires were begging to come in They could have just sprinkles the bespelled blood out the window hide spoiler This is a hard book to rate, because objectively I don t think it was very good It was campy, sappy, full of love will conquer all tropes and repressed gay men stereotypes But I still found myself enjoying it This is especially true when I consider my enjoyment level next to my initial expectations given the book s title I m sorry Jax Garren, but I think that title is a horridly unfortunate choice It leads reader to believe this is going to be a cheap, plotless, possibly PWP book and even I, with my faint praise, have to admit it sthan that.To illustrate my inconsistent feelings on this book, let me drop a few contradictions I thought it was funny, but I also thought the characters ability to joke and not freak the flip out unrealistic I liked the characters in general, but I thought Vince s inability stop baiting people in the presence of very real attempts on his life over played I thought they were a cute couple, but thought Charlie s reluctance after 300 years as a gay man were illogical and Vince s unwillingness to make allowances for Charlie s fears selfish I thought the bad guys and battle were fairly epic, but who really catches the villain and then lets them gotwice Honestly, for almost everything I liked, there was an opposite that annoyed me So, I m putting this on my imaginary smack in the middle of good bad shelf If you can get over the porn star title and read it for fluffy fun you might enjoy it On a side note One of those characters on the cover is presumably Charliewho should have red hair and freckles I m firmly of the belief that if you re going to put a character on a book s jacket, it needs to match that character People notice these things. If you love vampires, if you love m m romance, if you love a well crafted story, if you love all of these thingsthen you MUST buy, read, this book I am head over heels for these men not just because they re sexy vampires it doesn t hurt though The women are pretty awesome too From Charlie Vince right through to Rhiannon Javier each of the people in this book will capture your heart imagination Like Ms Garren s Tales of the Underlight series this book has a great blend of action, romance, magic mythology I could not put it down It s well paced with good character development a refreshing change from the last series I read Waiting for the next book is going to test my patienceGood thing I have all her other books to re read. DNF at 25%I have read Jax Garren s stories before with Tales of the Underlight series, which I quite enjoyed That was basically the reason why when I saw this book being offered as Read Now at NetGalley, I wanted to give it a try, even if the novella of this universe that being self published a year ago didn t blown my mind Unfortunately, I think maybe her magic was lost on me once again.The world build about the vampires, witches, the CoVin, the tzitzi was sketchy and fuzzy I felt like I was dropped into a middle of something that had been going on for a while, and I was left to wonder on my own This was the same feeling that I experienced with the novella that was said as a prequel somewhat It was unclear to me as a reader It is like the idea stays inside the mind of the author and doesn t delivered to me who doesn t know how the author s brain works It is definitely NOT an experience I enjoy when it comes to reading urban fantasy series And I have read enough to know what I like and dislike about the genre.Other thing relates to Charlie and Vince s previous relationship Second chance theme is my most favorite trope in romance I love the idea of two people who are actually right for one another but maybe the timing is not right the first time around Then they meet again and realize the chemistry is still there and decide to give it another shot I love that so much It dilutes the idea of instant love because the two people have history I ve read quite a number of this theme where the story starts after the break up I don t have any issues on that In this book, however, I felt the history of Charlie and Vince it was said that they were friends before lovers, that Vince knew Charlie since he was nine years old, and that Vince became Charlie s lovers at 19 years old, but have been apart for the past four years was kept away from me and only referred to in bits and pieces of their conversations The characters might as well speaking in code Maybe I gave up too quickly, considering that I stopped at barely 1 4 part of the book it is quite a long book, my Kindle clocks it atthan 400 pages But again, I have read enough in my life that I prefer to go with a story that actually interests me rather that stick with the one that doesn t and suffer for it It s not like I run out of books to read As always, DNF book will not be rated The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is required for any ARC received. 2.85 starsWhat would tempt an over three hundred years in the closet vampire to come out and start living That s the gist of the story mixed in with power hungry personage in supernatural world.I can t really say I like this book It is the first of a new series Austin Immortals but I personally felt like starting smack in the middle of something, then took off at a run The pace was rather erratic throughout though fortunately the main characters were likeable enough the supporting ones as well There was some clich like a bigoted character turned out to be an even bigger douche Also huge letdown that something or someone who were described to be oh so powerful could be so easily subdued Or a newly embraced witch managed to do something big from reading and luck So it s kind of ups and downs experience for me, reading this.Charlie was, not exactly an outcast, but the odd one out among the vampires society he rarely mixed in or attended any functions with them, though he was good friend with the vampire queen s favoured fledging He was born in the time being gay could get him being lynched and even had suffered through one, which made him VERY reluctant to be out.Vince, the young human Charlie fell in love with did not have an easy life either He was kick out of his home by his father upon coming out and turned to Charlie for shelter Until a lie revealed and when Charlie thought Vince cheating on him, he sent him packing without so much of by your leave But the five years since taught Vince to be himself and grew up Though he wouldn t dreamt of seeing Charlie again if he didn t get himself entangled in some vampires situations.The romance between these two was okay I guess though I didn t particularly like the last public scene, but Eh Okay But the world building and all those things with vampires society, witches and other supernatural beings were not so clear There were stuff remained unsettled here I don t know whether it s for next books in the series or the author didn t feel it necessary to divulge Just, for quite a long book, it frustrated me not to see all loose ends tied up Note ARC was kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.