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Interesting take on current historical eventsAlthough I haven t accepted any one theory on the rapture pre mid post I continue to read and study the bible That includes reading external writers such as this one This book is well written, chocked full of facts to ponder, and I enjoyed it from cover to cover Well worth the purchase and will add value to my library and knowledge of eschatology Don t miss out and be prepared. A Clarion Call to wake upA fast moving easy read Eschatology at its best Giving meaning to where we stand in relation to the End of Days. Awesome ,very well investigated and quoted.A must read for truth of today s world news Thank You God for this book and this man, remember brothers and sisters,to know God read God s Word ,to know man s small understanding of God read his word, rightly dividing the Word Interesting read, well written and easy to follow However I do not agreed with Mr Gallups conclusions about the trumpet warnings He has good suppositions, but I feel he is stretching the incidents to make it fit his theories. This author came to my attention through an interview on StandUpForTheTruth.com His comments were straight forward and were laced with comments that gripped my attention This book is one of many that Carl Gallups has written Personally, this book has challenged all that I thought I knew about the Revelation s timeline of future events His documentation was also well done as he built his position that we may well be in the trumpets of Revelation.What is so important about a trumpet Why should Christ followers be concerned or even aware about the importance of a trumpet blast Consider when Jesus spoke to his disciples And He will send forth His angels with a GREAT TRUMPET and THEY WILL GATHER TOGETHER His elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other Matthew 24 31 NASB. The end is nearEvery book I read tells ome to be a watcher for I know not when, but I do know that it will be soon. Awesome book Carl Gallups talks about the 7 trumpet seals in the Book of Revelation and how we may already be living in them Never thought that the Chernobyl nuclear disaster may be the 3rd trumpet in Revelation Never thought that the two witnesses in revelation may not actually be specific people but Israel and the Church Good book for those that like to read Christian eschatology I finished it all in a day. Poorly writtenevents not accurate with Scripture (E-PUB) ⚢ Final Warning ⛅ TOP Best Seller On Ranked Of ALL Books On Ranked In Five Different Best Seller CategoriesFeatured In National And International TV, Radio, And Print MediaWND Books Washington DC Tsunamis, Earthquakes, World Wars, Nuclear Disasters, And Upheaval In The Middle East Could It Be We Are Living In The Final Trumpet Days Of Revelation Whether One Is A Believer Or Not, The Bible Provides Many Clues About The Future Of Us All In Final Warning Beloved Pastor And Best Selling Author Carl Gallups Explores The Stunning Visions Of The Apostle John As Found In The Seven Trumpets Of Revelation And Overlays Them On Major Events In The Th And St Centuries How Do The Two World Wars Line Up With John The Revelator S Visions Could It Really Be That The Chernobyl Meltdown Was Foretold In The Bible Almost Two Thousand Years Before It Happened Does The Rebirth Of Israel Indicate The Last Days Are Upon Us Was The Same Apollyon Mentioned In Trumpet Five Responsible For The Darkening Of The Sky During The Gulf War Is The United States Mentioned In Biblical Prophecy Gallups Has Scoured Historical, Military, And Journalistic Sources To Address These Questions And An Incredible Journey Of Contextual Biblical Understanding And Astounding Prophetic Possibilities Await As You Discover Why Today S Signs Could Be The Final Warning