READ EPUB ♫ Angelas Shame (Private BDSM Fantasies Book 36) ☪

READ EPUB ♚ Angelas Shame (Private BDSM Fantasies Book 36) ☻ Angela Berry Is A Young, African American Woman, Self Confident, Poised, Bright, An Achiever Who Enters The FBI Straight Out Of College, Goes Through Training, And Becomes Aware Of An On Going Investigation Into A White Supremacist Group She Becomes Determined To Join The Investigation Seeing Herself In Naively Heroic Terms, She Offers A Dangerous Way To Arrest The Group Members For Unlawful Imprisonment, Kidnapping, Assault, Sexual Battery And Federal Hate Crime Violations By Offering Herself As Bait But Once She Gets Close To The Group She S Drugged And Broken Down Another Undercover FBI Agent Planted In The Group Is Forced Collaborate Too She Is Emotionally Destroyed As The Group S Leader Pressures Her Into Compromising Herself She S Released, And Suspended For Her Own Good From The Bureau With The FBI Providing Therapy And Severance Pay WARNING Angela S Shame Is A Private BDSM Fantasies Novella And Features Graphic Heterosexual Sex And BDSM All Characters Are Years Of Age Or Older