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I loved this book couldn t fault it at all also couldn t put it down had to keep reading it Recommend this book great reading will definately read of her books just the right amount of mystery and suspense A good page turner, but sorely in need of editing by a competent editor, who understands the correct use of apostrophes EBOOK ☪ Abduction ♀ At What Point Do You Abandon Hope An Idyllic Summer S Day, A Children S Birthday Party And A Simple, Innocent Game Of Hide And SeekWhat Should Be The Happiest Of Occasions For The Bryson Family Turns Into Their Worst Nightmare As Three Year Old Grace Disappears From Their Own Garden, Devastating The Family And Changing Their Lives Forever But Fourteen Years Later When Her Sister Elise Sees A Young Woman In A Department Store She Becomes Convinced That It Is Grace How Can Elise, Heavily Pregnant With Her First Child, Convince Her Family And The Police That She Is Not Mistaken Could Grace Still Be Alive And If So, Where Has She Been Since Disappearing, And What Really Happened On That Summer Afternoon Fourteen Years Ago Well written from each characters view point.Compelling story, told well through different perspectives Heartbreaking story with a happy ending If only real life stories could end this way. This is the best book I ve read in quite a while The author takes you into each participants mind to help solve an abduction of a three year old little girl She is sighted fourteen years later by her sister and the detectives piece together the entire story Very well written. A GOOD READA chance sighting in a department store sets off the story about a long lost sister abducted when she was three The tale was handled sympathetically, without the hysteria and hype which made it all realistic An easy read, a good book to curl up with on a summer s afternoon The characters were easy to like and the atmosphere was so well described you felt you were right there with them I like this writer and will be getting of her books in the future. Too much use of s when word was a plural Eg water s instead of waters I finished this book for two reasons one, I actually did want to find out what happened, and two, I was stuck on an airplane.The plot was relatively interesting, although I found several plot points too convenient and the main one the real villain inexplicable.The writing, however, was just plain awful Clunky, heavy handed, and uneven too much time explaining one tiny detail, but other major parts absolutely racing along with not enough time devoted to them Grammar, spelling, word usage, sentence structure, and punctuation were inexcusably bad Self published doesn t have to mean unedited. If this is the revised version I shudder to imagine the state this book was in before any revisions Goodness.I am not impressed in the least with the presentation It s an utter mess and I saw in other reviews that I m not the first person to mention this, either, so why has or the publisher or the author not fixed it I PAID for this but sadly left it too long on my Kindle before starting it so couldn t put a refund request in.Let s hope she releases ANOTHER revised edition but in the meantime I d give this a wide swerve I purchased August 2016 and the so called revision was meant to be January 2016.UPDATE 7th March 2017 The author DID revise the book in January 2016 but thanks to transposing the date to 1 9 16 it didn t get put through until September so I bought the unrevised version She s kindly sent me a proofread PDF copy and I m now revisiting Revised review to follow.UPDATE 10th March 2017 Yayyyy, the revised version WAS revised and I got to finish this terrific story The whole reading experience was so totally different A pleasure instead of a chore It really makes such a difference Instead of being irritated, you look forward to reopening the story.I guessed wrong altogether as to what had happened and who was involved which is good I prefer to be surprised It certainly illustrates just how an abduction or death can affect the whole family dynamics as it did in this case There s little I can say without writing spoilers and I m not doing that Well worth me revisiting and thankyou to the author for sending it across. I enjoyed this in that it was a good story but got irritated by the clumpy writing and the number of apostrophes in the wrong place I m sure this was self published which is fine but PLEASE get it edited correctly it makes a difference.