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My Quickie Review OkaydisclaimerI m not much of an erotica reader I like a little romance with my sex in books But this book is good And hot And, oh so sexy Yeah, I may change my mind about being a pure erotica reader.This is a short little story, but it is not short on details Wendy isn t the most adventurous person in her sex life, but that s before she overhears her husband and his friend talking about their sexual exploits in menage She s tittilated and turned onand you can see where this is going from there I really enjoyed the set up for this Even though it s total fiction and fantasy, it felt like something that could really happen and that made it even hotter Justin, Wendy s husband, is a voyeur and everything about his reaction to Wendy s desire is incredibly sensuous I liked and am looking forward to hopefully, from this same threesome because they were HOT together Wow.I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. In erotic fiction, I really love the married couple gets adventurous trope, and this hot, short little story nails it Hot, Hot, Hot I can t wait for the next installment in what I m sure is going to be an amazing series Naughty Beach Fling.A naughty kinky, dare I say, nasty read It tells the tale of a woman on a beach with her husband, and his best friend who just happens to have a side job as a male porn star.She doesn t know itbut her husband wants to watch her with his best friend.The sex is very hot.The only thing I thought was a bit over done was her, at the beginning, playing the good girls don t do this too many timesalmost like the thou dost protest too much I think this story would fall into the hotwife category or voyeurism exhibitionism or spouse sharing SO it s a tad kinky.Hope Mia Dee writes another in this series WOW This is such a hot, intense, amazing short from an equally amazing author This story features a married couple But, the husband has a kink he liked to watch his best friend have sex during their college years His wife is turned on by this and agrees to have some fun with the best friend in order to spice up their sex life Even though this is a short story, it is not short on details I can t wait for the next one in this series ( FREE DOWNLOAD ) ♚ Naughty Beach Fling (Are You Watching? #1) ☩ Wendy Anderson S Good Girl Halo Tarnishes In A Big Way When She Discovers A Few Secrets About Her Husband S Sexy Best Friend, Travis Smith Back In College, Travis Made Porn Films To Make Ends Meet More Surprising, Her Husband, Justin, Used To Film Them And Act As Director While On Vacation, Wendy S Imagination Goes Wild And She Can T Help But Wonder If The Two Guys Will Indulge In Some Naughty Beach FunThis Short Novella Is A Work Of Erotica It S Short, Hot, And Contains Wife Watching And A Little M F M Action At The End , Words Mia Dee Is The Pen Name For Erotic Romance Author Mia Downing OMG This book may be short but holy buckets is it good You want hot Well you got it From beginning to end Book 2 hurry up. Quick, hott read.