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This is a very good crime thriller A nasty murder here, a missing person there, and interesting people all over the map I found the story was told well, and introduced me to new places I d never heard of Read this book if you like crime thrillers, and be ready to google some gorgeous places and learn some new vocabulary. I was provided an ebook by the author in exchange for an honest review This book was indeed epic I am a hardcore mystery thriller fan and when I got the opportunity to read and review this book, I couldn t pass it up and I m so glad I didn t, it was a hell of a ride The hell is empty and all the devils are here The plot was indeed very good The dual setting is located in Italy and England They are told in the alternate POVs of Martelli and Inspector Ted who are both investigating a crime in different countries which is actually linked.The story starts off by giving us the horrific description of the murder that Martelli and his other officers are investigating It is very graphically described which made me actually flinch by the horrific manner of the murder and the vivid description of the dead body It is also the last day of work for Commissario Martelli before his retirement But after that day he gets an offer from the brother of the murdered to work as a private investigator and solve the crime Although he is warned by his friend that it wouldn t be intelligent thing to do but nonetheless he takes up the offer and from here onwards the actual journey begins.This book is a little slow paced in comparison to the other mysteries and thrillers that I have read but it didn t stop me from turning the pages to find outand what was going to happen next Everything is described vividly and graphically, specially the food made me very hungry and the description of all places made me want to visit those places immediately But sometimes it felt a bit heavy and tedious but nonetheless I enjoyed it most of the times.I loved the two main characters, they were different and unique in their own way Other than that I loved the other characters as well, such as Commissario Martelli s friends in the police department and Inspector Bracco I wish we had seen a littleof Bracco, his dedication and commitment to his work and Martelli was impressive The mystery aspect of the book was really, really good It kept me on the edge and made me guessing In the last few chapters, I was completely left breathless I was actually rushing to know what was going to happen next because the situation was really tensed, anything could have happened And it did, I was so sad that we actually lost a character, I couldn t believe it I sort of guess who was the killer when I was nearing to the end and damn I was proved right The killer was indeed a sociopath Acqua Morta is a book that will definitely take to to a hell of a ride and it will keep you guessing from the beginning till the very end I can t wait to read book 2 in this series Recommend it YES. @DOWNLOAD ¾ Acqua Morta (Commissario Martelli, #1) Å An Electrifying Thriller For Fans Of Harlan Coben And Michael ConnellyForced Into Retirement Because Of Ill Health, Commissario Domenico Martelli Is Hired To Investigate A Grotesque And Disturbing MurderThe Case Brings Him Into Conflict With His Former Colleagues And Into Confrontation With A Mysterious And Devious KillerSet In The Breathtaking Ligurian Countryside, ACQUA MORTA Will Keep You Guessing Until The Very Last Page I was fortunate enough to be given this by my book club for an honest review.I was slightly confused when I first started reading this because of the dual settings of England and Italy However I was soon able to navigate between the two.The book is beautifully descriptive The descriptions of the Italian countryside made me want to jump on a plane and visit it immediately The way the food was described made my mouth water.I loved most of the characters in the book, particularly the reluctantly retired Inspector Martelli.This is definitely a book for murder mystery readers,I look forward to readingabout the Inspector. I was fortunate enough to be given this book in exchange for an honest review What a great read Exciting from the beginning and had me trying to work out who done it right until the end The vivid descriptions of the beautiful countryside set the scene fantastically well and were in stark contrast to the disturbing and sadistic nature of the crimes The main characters, flawed as they were, grew on me throughout and their sense of duty and justice was admirable The way the plot intertwined between different countries was clever and kept my interest I will definitely look out for other books by this author. A novel which spans two continents and brings british and Italian police together to solve an interesting and puzzling case.Meet Commissario Domenico, in my opinion Italy s answer to Scotland s Rebus Domenicos is recently retired and is then hired as a PI Using his contacts, both in and out of the police force, this case takes him on a roller coaster of a ride with danger on every page When bodies appear both in Italy and England it brings together two officers investigating two separate cases.Brilliantly written and touching on the human emotions the writer has created a detective whose lifestyle can be truly believed An easy to follow plot with excellent character portrayal s and brilliant descriptions of the little nooks and crannies in Italy An enthralling read which keeps the reader guessing and thinking, which is the bases of an impressive detective novel. First, I would like to thank Rosie Amber and Adam Bane for providing me this book so I may bring you this review Acqua Morta by Adam Bane is a mystery that is filled with investigations, dead bodies, murders, crimes of passion, detailed descriptions that gave great visualizations, and very graphic scenes Unfortunately, I felt I was mislead when choosing to read Acqua Morta In the book blurb Adam Bane s work was compared to Harlan Coben s writing Being a huge Harlan Coben fan I thought I hopped to the chance to read it. A new writer for me and a new police inspector to get to know, set in the marvellous region of Liguria, Italy.Gruesome murder s to solve by a likeable creation the reluctantly retired Inspector Martelli an assorted cast of characters, a smattering of food, lots of Italian atmosphere and at times a rather convoluted plot to follow.I hope there sto come as this book serves up lots of good ingredients for a procedural with a great European setting. Acqua Morta Adam Bane Creating a plot for a suspense novel requires creativity, ingenuity and the ability to draw readers into your story from the first word on the first page But, this particular novel is unique unto itself as it is not only plot driven but the author has created scenes that he vividly and graphically depicts, characters and descriptions that allows readers to mentally picture the character in his her mind and recreating events that make you feel that you are taking part in the action along with the characters Added in he allows readers to feel every emotion, every physical change, every weather related feeling that would cause the character to have some type of stress or discomfort Plus any physical disability that would hamper that character is described Taking a deep breath before turning to face the man who would replace him as head of Squadra Mobile, Sezione, III, the Murder Squad, Commissoario Domenico Martelli, along with his friend Nardi, would witness a murder scene so horrific that many would turn away from in horror Sometimes people are forced to retire for health reasons or because some companies feel they are too old for their position But, Martelli might have a physical condition forcing him to retire but nothing will stop him from completing this investigation in his own way What the author describes will make the feint of heart turn away but those that have that investigative bug, will want to knowComing upon the scene and relating what needs to be done, Martelli and Rubini his replacement spar and only one s words and actions will win Philippe Lelord, the ME and pathologist along with Nardi describes on pages 15 16 what would appear to be a man who was severely burned all over with acid while alive The full description readers can read on page 16, which graphically describes the condition of the body and the assessment made by the Lelord Lelord or the Frenchman as he is called plus Nardi and his office, Bracco, look at the horrific remains of a half human being Although this is to be his last day and last case he did not shirk his duties and ventured to see the kill site Within the story we hear both his voice and that of Rubini who tries at every stop to countermand all of his orders and treat him as a has been The setting is the Ligurian countryside and the conflicts that take place are many Rubini allows readers to get to know him from the start and you come away with the feeling that he is not there to solve a crime but for political gain His methods are poor and his demeanor crass Imagine coming upon a man whose hands were tied with wire and placed within a huge barrel while the killer pours sulphuric acid o on your slowly making sure that his death was slow and painful Added in the demented killer punched holes into the barrel so that victim could breathe and not die so fast What was left would turn your stomach The story takes off in many directions from this point as Martelli begins to realize that there is muchto this murder and for some reason after the victim is identified a man claiming to be his brother hires him to find his killer Hoping that he will take the case privately Paul Finch wants to pay him for his services But, something about his demeanor changes each time they meet causing red flags to go up and Martelli refusing to be paid Detective Ted Logan is also working the case and discovers in a gym six hundred miles away a bag stuffed with hundreds of thousands of euros in a holdall However, within this story there are several subplots as the daughter of a dear friend relates a problem that Martelli agrees to handle What happens when your own brother scams you and you wind up in debt to the wrong people that want to take away all that you own With his old friend and breakfast partner Nardi they assess the situation, talk about what they think occurred and then will learn that this case is anything but cut and dry Ted Logan is investigating the fact that a body was washed up in a boat belonging to a man named Warren Devlin Where was he, what happened to him and was he really dead Trying to learnabout the case Martelli finds Bracco hoping to find outabout the family of this man who is dead, realizing that he is no longer with the Murder Squad and that the details of this case are confidential Steven Finch is said to be the murder victim and Mario Rosetti his partner in a small boat charter company that takes people fishing, teaching them sailing and takes people a day trips But, Mario seems to be missing and although they eventually learn where he might be he is never there As the investigation continues he learns about a young girl named Angela that has a link to Mario and from this point on things get dangerous not only for Mimmo Martelli but for others too Paul Finch wants to hire him to investigate the death of his brother and has appeared to identify the body But, Rubini is lax and certain information is not asked for and what happens and is finally revealed lets readers know that he just might be the wrong person for the job and forcing Martelli to retire a mistake The relationships among the characters blend as we learnabout Angela her ties to Mario and we meet Estella who seems to be embroiled within this maze as well Focusing on finding out who was really killed, what really happened to Paul Finch, Mario and one other man involved we learn that what was carried on the boat was nuclear and the man killed was filled with radiation poisoning making it seem that both he and someone else were planning a terrorist attack Each scene is preceded by visions of mountains, cafes serving delicious treats and vividly described figures whose physical appearances change throughout the novel Estella was tough and when Martelli questioned a man named Tomasz heavily involved with Mario, he brings to light information about Steven and Paul Angela stated that Mario would never kill anyone but nor did she seemed concerned about her son when her sister came to collect him Which brought Martelli back to the fact that he needed to deal with his friend Aldo and his financial situation But, first his old friend Piero and breakfast and of course a tirade for blowing him off While Mimmo was handling this Ted Logan was gazing or looking at cash from Warren Devlin s locker at the boxing club The amount found outstanding and other items included clothes However, on a plastic tray was something that just might lead him to find the one person or place he needed to solve this case As Mimmo comes back to reality and relates that Arico wanted Aldo s house because it was sitting on a prime plot at the eastern end of the lungomare But, when Antonio came to be involved in this scam and her realized that his brother was ripped off, this was the worst offense ever possible What will happen to Aldo and will Martelli keep his word and save his house Arico is a dangerous man and just how will he get around his cruelty and what he did Warned by Nardi that the end result would be dangerous and wrong, will he listen But, within this story there is one breath of fresh air as we meet Cristina who centers Martelli and is able to deal with his moves, desires and disappointments in a beautiful way But, when Rubini catches wind of what Martelli is doing in order to embarrass the ex chief he pulls rank and has him arrested The link just might be Estella Ramazotti who from appearances looks to be over 30 The description on page 229 describes her as someone with a cold sore on her top lie, Directly under her nose, had scabbed over He appearance appears as is stated Scruffy Leading her through his questions we learn that she feels that Steven was the brains behind what was going on and the fishing trips and cleaning pools was great until Steven came along This triggered him to think about whether acid was used when cleaning Add in Rebecca King who is Warren s girlfriend and we hear her speaking with Logan and DC Burns and learn much about what might have happened to Warren. The plot getsinvolved and intricate as the places change from South East London, the Ligurian region of Italy and a boxing clue and even Castelvecchio di Rocca Mimmo Martelli is not a straightforward character He loves to drink, take dangerous chances and at times you begin to wonder if he has a slight death wish As the pieces of each part of the plot blend together the ending will astound, surprise and provide a twist that no one sees coming not even the Mimmo More bodies are found, answers are not forthcoming, Paul, Warren, Steven, Mario, Estella, and Angela Who is guilty Who is caught in the web of lies and who will come out ahead Mimmo Martelli finds himself in grave danger when facing a killer Will he prevail Will the author bring this colorful character and his two friends Lelord and Nardi back again What about Bracco Many deaths Many bodies each subjected to a killer s way of inflicting Acqua Morta Liquid Death Fran Lewis Just reviews Acqua Morta is the first book I Have read by this author.To start with I was slightly worried as in the first two chapters there were quite a few words I d never come across and I thought I might struggle to read the story as unless I got a dictionary out I wouldn t be able to appreciate the wording but after two chapters this seemed to stop There on in this is an extremely well written book The story is mainly set in Italy which the author does a wonderful job of describing the surrounding areas, he really seems to take the time in being really descriptive throughout the book without it detracting at all from the story For me the story wasn t as fast paced as the usual crime thrillers that I read but I was still hooked to this story regardless.The characters all worked really well and were totally believable The storyline certainly kept my interest and I had no clue who was behind the murders I look forward to readingby this author in the future.Many thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.