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The very best study Bible I ve ever seen Absolutely essential.All of the Commentaries and interpretations are based strictly on the Sacred Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, that is, the culture and Sacred Tradition from which the New Testament and the Canon of Scripture originated.The first edition contains a few minor typos that are easy to deal with if you have another decent bible lying around or even just access to the internet I imagine this will be resolved in subsequent editions. READ E-PUB ♗ The Didache Bible ♈ The Didache Bible Presents Extensive Commentaries, Based On The Catechism Of The Catholic Church, For Each Of The Books Of The Holy Bible The Didache Bible Also Includes Numerous Apologetical Inserts To Assist The Reader In Understanding The Church S Teachings On Current Issues After Publishing The Books Of The Didache Series, Midwest Theological Forum Set Out To Fill A Need For A Catholic Edition Of Sacred Scripture With Explanatory And Apologetical Commentaries Based On The Catechism Of The Catholic Church The Publication Of The Didache Bible, Based On These Principles, Fulfills The Desire Of Pope St John Paul II As Expressed In His Apostolic Constitution Fidei Depositum The Catechism Of The Catholic Church Is A Statement Of The Church S Faith And Of Catholic Doctrine, Attested To Or Illumined By Sacred Scripture, The Apostolic Tradition And The Church S Magisterium I Declare It To Be A Sure Norm For Teaching The Faith No IV The Didache Bible Is A Valuable Resource For Students And Those Participating In Scripture Studies Ideal For Anyone Seeking A Deeper Understanding Of The Catholic Faith And Intended To Be Accessible By All Catholics In Its Level Of Scriptural Scholarship Available In The Ignatius Bible Edition Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition Features Full Color Biblical Maps, Including The Journeys Of Jesus Christ More Than Apologetical Explanations That Help To Answer Common Questions About The Faith Includes A Comprehensive, Page Glossary And A Topical Index I will begin with a general first day, unpacking from the box review of The Didache Bible which will be a companion to The New Jerusalem Bible Standard Edition that I have.To begin with, there are two leather edition Bibles that have the same ISBN I am not aware on how the ISBN is obtained one is the green colour bonded leather padded soft cover that is available on s web portal and the other is the burgundy coloured, bonded leather soft cover The ISBN Ignatius 978 1 58617 972 4 is the same for both the editions The one cost me Rs 3940.00 printed in Italy and shipped from the USA , whereas the burgundy colour cover Bible cost me Rs 1200.00 printed in India and bought at a local Catholic book store.The green cover edition uses white colour paper, whereas the burgundy cover edition uses off white paper.Pros 1 Both Bibles are good to hold while the burgundy soft cover Bible enables easier handling while turning to locate any particular book.2 The print quality is good and the font size for both the main text and footnotes are practical and the Bible can be easily read.3 The cross references, the footnotes, the apologetical explanations and the commentaries based on the catechism of the Catholic Church are all interesting and good to have in a single book.Cons 1 Both the Bibles do not have a thumb index I wish all Catholic Bibles publishers and printers would provide this it would make locating a book much convenient and easy.2 Top and bottom margins and also first line spacing from pages vii to xxxiv not consistent For example FOREWORD vii , PREFACE ix , INTRODUCTION xi , HOW TO READ THE BIBLE xiv , BRIEF SUMMARY OF SACRED SCRIPTURE xix and many others There are instances of this in the Glossary as well this is for both the Bibles.3 Text alignment in the glossary, index of subjects including Biblical names, which look justified , should have had auto hyphenation to avoid the extra spacing between words this is for both the Bibles.4 Wasted top and bottom space on many pages this is for both the Bibles.5 The top and bottom border lines for the cross references are light and almost invisible on some pages in the burgundy cover edition Is this only on the Bible that I have I didn t notice this on the Bible I bought from.6 There is the apologetical explanation of the Rosary, which mentions the four mysteries It would have beneficial to mention the days on which the respective mysteries are to be said this is for both the Bibles.7 Font size has been reduced for the introduction to many books in the Bible it looks like the publisher wanted to fit everything on one page it does not look good this is for both the Bibles.The publisher and printer must maintain consistent printing and typesetting quality throughout Let us Catholics have a quality Holy Bible better than what the Protestants publish as I have read on many Bible reviews I hope the above cons can be rectified before the next reprint.All said and done, owning The Didache Bible is highly recommended.Update 18.4.2016 I noticed two disparities in spellings.1 Genesis 4 17 E Noch and Enoch.2 1 Samuel 17 50, 57 Philis tine and Philistine.I wrote to Ignatius press and the response I got was Quote Yes, the Ignatius Bible Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition has an accent on the first occurrence within a verse of many words UnquoteUpdate 21.4.2016 1 Job 15 header Typo Eiphaz Should read as Eliphaz.Has anyone come across spelling errors, disparities The Bible with all the cross references, footnotes is great to read however, the publishers should rectify the disparities and errors in typesetting and spelling mistakes, which are distracting while reading the Scriptures I hope the publisher reads the reviews.Update 19.5.2016 I have come across another misspelling, which causes a distraction when reading the Bible.I will continue reading this one, until I can get the other Didache Bible NABRE version. Update I am a little less impressed with the commentary on this Bible than I was originally Having read from Genesis to I Kings in the last few weeks, it gets a little wearisome But I suppose that isn t exactly its point The end result is that I m doing my actual reading now from the Navarre Bible commentary, and doing my notations in this volume I am astonished that no Catholic Bible like this seems to have been published before 2014 This study Bible truly is a must have for any student of Sacred Scripture who wants to read the Bible within its proper context, that is, the Church It is delightful to read the Old Testament and glance down at the footnotes to see actual references to Jesus Christ After all, he s the reason why the OT is in the Christian Bible to begin with I am also fascinated by the additional materials included in the Bible, essential tools and helpful guides to approaching scripture Before you get to Genesis 1 1 you will find A brief essay on how to read the Bible 2 pages a Brief Summary of Sacred Scripture covering each book individually 6 pages a chronological timeline of the Bible giving approximate dates for the historical events and works 5 pages Scripture Passages for Personal Meditation arranged by subject and taken only from the NT 5 pages These are all ideal additions to a Catholic Bible there are no pointless lists, like the list of Popes found in the NAB.Each book of the Bible begins with a short introduction discussing the book s authorship, date, audience, and main themes I have found that the footnotes throughout the text have proved incredibly useful when using the book while teaching a class, since I can, at a glance, be reminded of the language employed in the Catechism to explain relevant ideas.Throughout the book are sprinkled, apparently at random, brief, single paged apologetical explanations for various subjects of Catholic doctrine These are abbreviated Catechism articles, and conclude with references to the corresponding paragraphs in the actual Catechism While useful, they seem somewhat out of place in the text the way they are There are indices of these articles by title and topic in the back of the bible, where you will also find a surprising number of maps as well as a glossary of terms and an index of subjects.A very useful Bible for anyone who wants to experience Sacred Scripture the way it should be read, through the lens of Faith and tradition The Didache Bible is available with the RSV CE and NABRE translations Choose RSV CE every time. It s literally the Good Book, so it s the best book.This version is also cool because the footnotes reference the Catechism Which is why it took me so long to read it.