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@Free Pdf Ý The Man Who Couldn't Be Killed: An Incredible Story of Faith and Courage During China's Cultural Revolution é The Courtroom Exploded With Accusations And Jeers And The Middle Aged Man Stood To Receive His Sentence His Face Was Swollen From The Beating The Night Before His Legs Throbbed From Standing Through Endless Hours Of Interrogation But His Heart Rejoiced At The Opportunity To Share His Devotion To His Best Friend Accused Of Being A Counterrevolutionary, Mr Wong Was Struck By The Unexpected Heavy Sentence Twenty Years In A Hard Labor Camp His Persecutors Thought They Had Taken Away Mr Wong S Religious Freedom And Tried To Take His Life But They Didn T Know The Intensity Of Their Prisoner S Faith Or The Power Of His God The Man Who Couldn T Be Killed Is An Unforgettable Story Of Faith And Miraculous Deliverance In Communist China At The Height Of The Cultural Revolution Mr Wong S Unflinching Courage For The Savior And The Miracles That Saved His Life Will Inspire You To Believe In God Who Is Greater That Any Problem Or Circumstance Book Specs Paper BackPublisher PPPAPrinted Pages Table Of Contents Author S Note Up The Whampoa Into The Bund Dream Of Red Mansions Two Bibles In The Loot Long Distance Study Bigamy And Baptism Resignation A Warning And A Raid News Of The End Of The World Fasting And A Basket Of Eggs A Roll Of Renminbi And An Angel The Woman On The Bridge Lu S Night Of Glory Prison Visit Public Trial The Journey To The West A Taste Of Hard Labor Camp Praying Under The Gun Sabbath Is Just Saturday Please, Don T Make Him Die An Angel Untied The Knot Say The Ten Regulations Traitorous Uncles Icy Canals And Wild Dogs Lee S Last Requests Singing To His Execution Red Guard Raid Five Flower Knot And A Bucket Self Criticism And The Counterrevolutionary Hat This is an excellent book The only reason I didn t give it five stars was because it was so awful to read about man s inhumanity to man However, I found the mindset of this hero very inspiring. I was glued to this book It was as if I had a first row seat into the life of a man strong in faith Mr Wong s amazing story inspires faith, hope and confidence in Christ His journey during China s cultural Revolution was packed with miracles, close calls and had me impatient to find out what would happen next, I can say that this book was well worth reading. This is such an inspiring story that I would highly recommend to anyone It illustrates the incredible strength that true faith in God can bring and renews spiritual courage This story could really help someone on their spiritual journey.