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Rating 2.5 of 5 starsI expected a lot from this book The premise was so intriguing I immediately jumped on the chance to read it Unfortunately the book just fell flat for me.My biggest issue about the book is all the unnecessary details It could have been half as long if it weren t for the lengthy descriptions that really doesn t help move the story along I do get bored easily especially when nothing significant is happening in what I m reading And I got really, really bored with Shh I do like the chemistry between Olivia and Logan I don t know what I ll do if put in the same position as Olivia but she managed to be strong and accept it as it is And Logan is protective and understanding of Liv s situation and I admire that about him The ex boyfriend was a real jerk though I would have kick him where it hurts if I ever met him And Liv s mom is terrible I don t think I ve ever read a book that deals with the same subject as Shh so kudos to the author for writing an informative and an eye opener book.I received a copy of the book to read and review. Review originally posted on Miss Little Book Addict YA House of Bookshttp misslittlebookaddictya.blogspoI signed up to review SHH by Stacey Nash through YA Bound book tours for two reasons 1 The cover and the blurb looked and sounded good 2 I ve stopped reading New Adult for a while because all the books plots characters troupes settings were the same and so predictably boring.SHH comes off as a book that promises to be than it s NA peers, and in a lot of ways I think it was I wasn t disappointed BUT I wasn t blown away either.Since I am a YA blog, I ll tell you now, there is sex in this book, but it s a fade to black kind of scene so.I liked that SHH dealt with bullying, harassment and teens college kids trying so desperately to please their parents Olivia, out main chick, learns how to deal with all of these things and realize there s so much to life than dealing with her cra cra parents Like being happy Olivia s ex starts a really nasty rumor about Olivia before publicly dumping her at a party What a class A Jerk right I won t tell you what the rumor was, but it turns out it s a part of a medical condition What I will tell you is that this rumor shatters her perfect world, captain of the hockey team, law student, student council president world filled with fake friends who don t really care about her.But never fear, because there is a knight in shining armor that comes to her rescue, the very hot Logan I ll gush over him in a second There s a also Savvy and Megan, her BFF s who stand by her side and along with Logan help Olivia deal and learn how to fight back It s good to have true friends But that doesn t mean Olivia has it easy trying to salvage her life.I thought Olivia s problem that caused the rumors to start flying in the first place was a different twist credit to Stacey Nash Sadly that was only 1 or the 2 things that stood out.Logan, our hottie hero with a tragic back story so typical of NA heroes is the main support for Olivia he gives her an outlet to deal with everything and really helps her The chemistry between him and Olivia is great and I really like them as a couple I like that his own tragedy made him an even fierce defender of Olivia.The other characters were nice, but not really jump off the page great I liked Jordan, Logan s younger brother and Megan too The plot was good, nicely paced, it all flowed smoothly and Stacey Nash has a writing style I really like But some parts were predictable This goes back to so many NA books especially contemporary s following the same tried and formulated plots and troupes I felt there was also one or two things that weren t really resolved in the end Don t get me wrong, I liked the ending, Happily For Now s are always nice But I wanted resolution from her cra cra cold parents and the karma that I felt didn t put the bullies of the book in their place enough for my taste, but then I like revenge so Over all this was a nice read, perfect for light cafe reading that you ll speed through I just haven t decided if SHH was strong enough to make me want to read the second book. @Download ⚞ Shh! (Oxley College #1) é Nineteen Year Old Olivia Dean Has The Perfect Reputation, The Perfect Boyfriend, And An Increasingly Perfect CV She Has It All, Until Christian Breaks Up With Her In Public, Calling Her Out As A Self Gratifying Sexoholic The Kind That Plays Solo But Olivia Doesn T Masturbate All Night The Only Thing She Does Is Sleep Right Now All The Boys On Campus Seem To Want Her Attention For The Absolutely Wrong Reason Including Resident Hottie, Logan Hays He S Pulling Out His Best Moves To Gain Her Attention, So Resisting His Sexy Charm Is Hard Work With Rapidly Slipping Grades, A Disturbingly Lurid Reputation And Demanding Parents, Olivia Must Discover The Truth Behind Her Rumoured Sleeping Problem If She Doesn T, The Perfect Life She S Worked So Hard For May Slip Away, Including The One Person Who Has Olivia Breaking All Her Rules LoganWhat Do You Do When You Re Asleep Shh Is A Story About Acceptance, Learning To Trust And In Turn Love While Facing Life S Unexpected DifficultiesNB This Book Is Of A Mild Heat Level, And Contains No Sex Scenes This is a FANTASTIC New Adult debut from one of my favorite YA authors Olivia is one of the most relatable characters I ve read in a long time, and Logan is SIGH Logan is just perfect He s kind, generous, compassionate, and sexy as all get out Shh is a beautiful twist on New Adult, and I love that Ms Nash is forging a new path for the category The descriptions are vivid, dialogue realistic, and characterizations deep and believable I cannot WAIT for the next book in this series In Shh we have a lot of ingredients that often make for a fantastic story A smart and capable heroine, a juicy rumor gone seriously wrong, and an age when everything in life can seem all the difficult.Unfortunately, for me Shh was only an okay read While I enjoyed the issue the main character, Olivia, dealt with, I often found myself enad with her besties I thoroughly enjoyed Molly and Savannah, but Olivia didn t always do it for me While she had some fun traits, and did redeem herself in the end of the story, I felt she spent way too much time wallowing.I m not saying she didn t have reason to feel sorry for herself Having an ex breakup with you for nightly masturbating while next to him is a hard rumor to fight I m sure most of us would want to wallow And I do feel the author did a great job of showing the embarrassment that comes with thatbut it went on a bit too long for my taste And, for me, I read books to escape from that sort of thing, not to put myself into those type of feelings.I also didn t feel Olivia did anything for much of the book outside of wallow Here she is, dealing with a huge rumor, having people talking behind her back, and guys treating her like crap, and not until the very end of the book did she think to investigate if it were true or to get some help I can see how, at first, she most likely thought it was a mean joke, but after the second witness came forward and she recognized it might have some truth to it, it was time for some actionand I didn t feel I got that from her.Most of this story felt like an internal dialogue from Olivia s point of view on how her life was falling apart, how disappointed her parents would be, and how she was falling for Logan, but was afraid that he would find out about her disorder I don t feel that Olive took her life into her own hands until her friends and Logan forced her to do it And that didn t sit well with me.Don t get me wrong, the book wasn t all bad It was a quick and easy read, with a pretty cool topic, and with many interesting characters I think it will be a great read for many, but just didn t do it for me shrug.Overall, I give Shh 3 stars I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Why I read it I have read Stacey Nash s two previous books which are both part of The Collective Series Shhis her first New Adult novel, and it s a pure contemporary I jumped at the chance to read it Plot The main character is Olivia, a girl who seemingly has it all until her world comes crashing down when her boyfriend dumps her in public, and rumours start flying that she s a prolific and loud errrself loving sexoholic She has to get to the bottom of her problems, but of course it s not going to be that easy, especially when Logan appears in her life to distract her right when she doesn t need it.Characters While I couldn t relate to Olivia s little problem, I could relate to her through other things Wanting to do well at her studies, having a one track mind when it comes to achieving her goals She had some embarrassing things happen to her, but she was never weak in dealing with them.Loganwell of course I adored him Haha I m not sure what else there is to say The only note I jotted down while reading this was, Logan be perfect Which should tell you everything you need to know Style Writing As always, the writing was great I felt engaged with the story and the characters the whole time It was believable and interesting, and flowed at a good pace too Pros I think the characters really made this story There s a couple of secondary characters I didn t love, but that s the nature of humans, isn t it Cons Hmmm Part of my reading experience were that there were two or three contradictory little things that happened, but I assume that is due to the nature of the ARC I don t read that many, to be honest but regardless they weren t major things, just tiny background niggles that made me pause while I figured it out which took all of one second, and then I d continue on my merry reading journey In Brief A quick enjoyable read with an unusual plot at least, I thought so and some great characters I would definitely recommend this if you like contemporary romance It IS New Adult so there are a couple of steamy scenes, but they re not explicitand if you like perfect book boyfriends, well There s one waiting for you within the pages of Shh Shh by Stacey Nash I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review If you re looking for the short version YES it s worth reading DO IT If you care to hear a little bit of my opinion, please read on I have done my best to leave out any and all spoilers.I have noticed that the protagonists in a lot of recent NA books seem to have one thing in common, they re all victims It seems to be a trend Unlike recent YA where the protags seem to all be heroes I don t have degree in psychology or sociology so I won t speculate the WHY factor I will tell you that the main character in this book is a victim in ways than she even comprehends, but she manages to somehow handle it with grace, even when she is falling apart.Our MC has something of a disorder that throws her entire world off course The amount of bullying this MC has had to deal with is just unreal I happen to know someone with this particular affliction, though it challenges them in a very different way.Olivia deals with pressure from her parents, being on the outs with her peers and doing poorly in class all while trying to figure out something that is happening with her own body with a zero support system Logan is a doll and I love him to pieces though he s got issues of his own Both main characters are beautifully written I had a hard time getting into the beginning of the book, I think that was just because my own college experience was vastly different than Olivia s, but after a few chapters her struggle became so real to me and I wanted to punch Ella in the face.Savannah Dane were absolutely my favorites Their personalities shine, I just feel like there is SO much there that we don t get to see Stacey really has a knack for writing fantastic supporting characters, I feel like Molly deserves an honorable mention There are no steamy explicit sex scenes, but the story is not lacking in romance Which I feel was a nice change of pace compared to so many other NA books that seem to just fill pages with word porn leaving the plot a bit on the flimsy side Shh definitely does not disappoint. BLOG TOUR I should start by saying that Shh SERIOUSLY had be intrigued I was absolutely DYING to see how Stacey Nash dealt with the whole perfect girl with a sex o mania disorder, and for they most part she didn t disappoint Let me explain better But, before I do, I should tell you that Shh Is CLEAN than most YA books, and despite it being about sex and sex disorders, there are almost no graphic scenes, almost no lusting and it s basically not a steamy book so don t be alarmed, or even expect that The blurb kind of gives it away that the rumors being spread about Olivia are completely true, and so what I was waiting for was how she dealt with it you know what I mean, right While what I got was nothing A few chapters at the end of the book with her doing a bit of research into her problem and then deciding to not spend the night with anyone, which wasn t really dealing but like avoiding and staying in denial, even after she taped a video, just to be sure that she really was doing what everyone was whispering about.If you leave out that, though, you have your typical perfect girl, rebel hot boy that just seems to you know, GET her like nobody else has ever done, and her general feeling of isolation, till she makes new friends, re invents her life, and lives happily ever after.All I can say is that while this book was okay at best, I KNOW it had the potential to be SO much and I m extremely sad that it wasn t.A cliche read for romance lovers and yes, Logan Hays is SWOOOON worthy This story started off a bit slow to me but somewhere around 25% it really picked up.In the beginning Olivia came across as way too naive and innocent for a college student and I couldn t believe she didn t have a clue what was being said about her behind her back I wasn t impressed with her friend Savvy either Eventually she came to her side but where was she for the first week Also, I m curious to know if she believed the rumor about Olivia or if she knew if it was true or not Surely friends have sleepovers in college on occasion, right Wouldn t she tell her if it was true or not Also, if this was supposedly going on all along why wasn t it exposed before her break up and why wouldn t Christian be embarrassed that his girl needed to do that while he was in the same bed with him Shouldn t he be embarrassed or feel ashamed as well I would ve laughed at him than Olivia for sure.Anywaysthe story clearly picked up when Logan became of a centerpiece I absolutely loved him and the way he patiently waited for Olivia to come around without being pushy or angry about her not wanting to be in a relationship and stressing out about being so perfect all the time It was clear that Logan had his own issues but they never really shaped the way he treated Olivia.When everything finally comes to a head and everyone s secrets are out in the open the story really blossomed in a natural realistic way This was a good read that made me both smile and become really annoyed at times My heart was heavy for Logan and I really felt bad for Olivia and the things she had to deal with.I will definitely be in the look out for Jordan s story coming up next. 2.5 5 stars.I will say, I have never read a book that discusses the topics found inside Shh That s why I was drawn into reading this book, because I had never heard of such a condition as the one Olivia experiences throughout the course of the book However, this one wasn t really for me.The reason why this book and I didn t really gel together is because of the main character, Olivia I expected from her She goes through a lot of rough stuff in this book There s a lot of really nasty rumors and bullying and I wouldn t wish that on my worst enemy She does stand up for herself Eventually For a very large part of the book, she just seems to sit and wallow and feel sorry for herself, which is not a character that I can relate to It went on too long, and it frustrated me A large part of this frustration came from the fact that Olivia is quick to talk about how she wants to be a lawyer That s why she s so concerned with her image and reputation, because she wants to be a lawyer I was surprised that she was so passionate about something where you have to stand up for what you may or may not believe in depending on the client and yet she was still so quick to lay down Granted, her parents were the ones pushing her towards this career That said, I loved the side characters I found that her friends, Savvy and Megan, were really the stars of this novel In a world where everyone is talking smack about Olivia, they are there to help her combat it and stop her from breaking down completely I also really, really liked the love interest, Logan He s pretty swoon worthy There was a great supporting cast of characters, and I liked that they were fairly diverse from one another in regards to personality.I also appreciate that while this book deals with a medical condition that is sexual in nature I m purposely being vague to avoid potential spoilers , there are no explicit or graphic scenes.All in all, I was left a bit disappointed with this book because I couldn t connect, try as I may, to the main character However, I m not sorry I read this book, and I think a lot of people out there will like it There s an interesting medical condition, clean New Adult romance, and an Aussie university setting that might work really well for you, but just fell short for me I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review This review can also be found on my blog, Bitches n Prose.