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No bad at all I really enjoyed the old school drama of this book How the hero just falls for her hard and she is not understanding her own emotions as she has never felt this overwhelming desire before He was a recording artist being stalked by everyone including the paparazzi They are found in a compromising situation which allows him to develop his relationship with the heroine However, as usual he does not tell her his feeling and just acts crazy when I guy even looks at her for too long Ah sweet and creepy She does not what to make of his actions and her own reactions to him It would have been a 5 star if we had gotten some sex out of the deal Almost but nope Did not happen It would have been good too as it was a very passionate read until the end Loved it and a keeper for me. This was a pretty unconvincing romance and I did not feel it. She watched in mounting terror as his face contorted into a mask of pure rage, his skin taut across his cheekbones I think, he said thickly, I m going to kill you Kate opened her mouth and tried to scream, but nothing came out His hands jerked her viciously towards him, his fingers curling around her neck How nice Too Hot to Handle is the story of Kate and Luke.Basically, our hero is a world famous superstar, and a series of unfortunate events gets the heroine trapped in his world There is attraction, crazy jealousy, OM OW drama, violent kisses, threats, drama and a heartfelt confession.I think I do enjoy this author and her obsessive heroes, yet they often cross the line towards psychotic that is creepy and less romantic This one had a weak plot, unlikable MCs and too much dramaHer body was crushed against his as his mouth descended in a bruising, punishing kiss, and she felt the salty flow of blood on her tongue as her lips grated against her teeth Did not like it.Safe1.5 5 2.75 stars review later I knew I should have reviewed this book right after I read it So now I have to rely on my hazy memory for this review I gave this a 2.75 stars because the H just seems a little too much to handle Actually the title does seem to make sense for the H he was too hot to handle, sometimes he simmered and burned and then most of the times he was very volatile, like a raging fire From what I remember the story is that the h s friend wanted to get the autograph of the famous H Something happens isn t that always the case in HPs lol and somehow the H and h get embroiled in a possible scandal and so the H has to pretend the h is his family member of some sort and in the meantime battle force his attraction to her, doubts her true motives, etc etc In the first first pages chapter I thought it was pretty cute on how they met and how the H seemed really into her And the H did seem charming and kind of amusing to me But after those first few chapters and the possible scandal the H seemed to transform into mean, violent bully who kept accusing the h of deceiving him and her motives I have to read the book again to give examples but right now my memory of this book is that the H was too much, a little all over the place and darn right confusing to me Anyhow, the H himself, the writing definitely had drama to the max in regards to the H s behaviour the usual punishing kisses, angry verbal words and sometimes even violence I read this book because I heard Sarah Holland is Charlotte Lamb s daughter and I usually like Lamb s books for all those maximum drama angst, even super alpha mean heroes The same can be said for this book in regards to the H and drama but H just didn t seem that consistent to me. Luke Hastings superstar, singer, song writer suddenly Linda was propelled into his world, his orbit She didn t want his autograph, she just wanted for Kate to hurry up so she could get back to her their flat Suddenly flashbulbs to popping in her face and Luke is shoving her into his car, all he can think about is getting away from the reporters and photographers A chance brush with Luke turned her world and her heart upside down I m being quite generous by giving this book a two star rating It really got on my nerves so I was glad it was only 189 pages and I could finish it rather quick Most Harlequin romances follow the same sort of plot line Man meets woman, they are attracted to each other so they look for ways to spend time together, they have a conflict, separate, discover their undying love for the other, meet up again to declare their undying love and live happily ever after In this book the main characters seemed to be fighting all the time They meet and have a fight He almost kidnaps her and they fight He has his sister hire her and they fight And so on and so on I think if I was single and met a man who constantly accuses me of wrong doings I think I would give up after the second time but not this woman She kept going back for Definitely not one of the better Harlequins that I have read. *EBOOK ⇩ Too Hot to Handle ⇨ Kate Didn T Want Luke S Autograph She Just Wanted To Go Home She Was Tired But Her Friend Linda Insisted, And Kate Was Dragged Along This Was Linda S Chance Of A Lifetime To Actually Speak To A World Famous Singer, And She Wasn T Going To Miss It Later Kate Acknowledged That Bizarre Circumstance Had Played A Part In The Events That Followed Mainly, Though, It Had Been The Force Of Luke Hastings Personality That Compelled Her Into His OrbitA Chance Brush With A Superstar Turned Her World And Her Heart Upside Down