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[ READ EBOOK ] ♅ Past the Future ♼ American Astronaut Dave O Brien Blasted Into Space InBound For Titan, One Of Saturn S Moons His Mission Land And Scout Foe Minerals That Are Fast Becoming Scarce On Earth En Route A Fuel Leak Puts His Life And Craft In JeopardyThe Only Option A Never Tried Emergency Procedure Dave I Am Going To Implement Van Winkle The Computer VoicedSleeping Gas Is Pumped Into The Capsule Putting Him In A Induced Coma Dave Is Entombed In Dry Ice Mission Control Has No Rescue Plan He Drifts And Sleeps Endlessly In SpaceO Brien Wakes In The YearTo An Advertisement For Sony Google Audi S New Model Of Factory Made Babies Ringing In His Ears When He Is Fully Awake, The Modern Man With A Big Purple Colored Head And Seven Fingers Tells Him, We Have The Technology To Save You Then We Need You Save The World Dave S Adventure Is Just Getting Started,,,