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@Read Book ⚧ Coit Tower (Abby Kane FBI Thriller #5; Chasing Chinatown Trilogy #3) ë It S Payday In San Francisco, And Death Is The ContractThe Hunt Continues In The Third Installment Of The Chasing Chinatown Trilogy FBI Agent Abby Kane Is The Sole Attraction In A Bloody Game Designed For One Reason To Take Lives Deliver Her Head And Collect The Million BountyAbby Doesn T Know Who Her Attackers Are She Doesn T Know When They Will Strike But She Does Know They Will ComeIn This Deadly Game Of Murder, Nothing Is Off Limits Not Even Her Family There Are No Rules, No Restrictions, And Only One Ending Winner Takes A Life Another great read from Ty Hutchinson, excellent Coit Tower may be the best story in this excellent series Now perhaps the author will write a story about Sei The final book in the Chasing Chinatown trilogy was exciting and there was great closure to the crime and story Read this in one day as I couldn t put the book down I will have to read of the Abby Kane books very soon. The final book in the Chasing Chinatown trilogy from author Ty Hutchinson, Coit Tower , again teams up FBI Agent Abby Kane with SFPD Detective Kyle Kang The murderous game known world wide as Chasing Chinatown returns to San Francisco for it s conclusion The prize for the remaining teams sits at 10 million dollars for the head of Abby Kane The game s mastermind has changed up the rules to achieve only one out come Abby is fairly certain the prize is only on her head and not Kyle s as well Abby s Family must be put into protective hiding by FBI They are tucked away in Napa Valley out of reach of game s players Also added to Abby s team is rookie FBI agent Kip Lin Jack Park from CIA even comes to Frisco to assist Abby However, Park is taken out quickly by one of remaining teams When Abby is attacked at home by intruder, the team relocates to a warehouse owned by the Hop Sing Tong More bad news for Abby is that assassin SEI , hired by game s mastermind, is in town with Abby in her sights When Team Balkans comes the closest to killing Abby it s discovered her well hidden family is in grave danger Was there a possible double agent as well How well was Abby s family protected SEI opened up a huge cloud of doubt for Abby Why wouldn t SEI just kill Abby with the ease she was able to get next to Abby with I was sorry to see this book end This trilogy featuring Abby Kane and Kyle Kang playing the Chasing Chinatown murder game was very enjoyable to read Never a dull moment with the plot or story line as it develops into a really good thriller mystery series Complete with some unforeseen twists this incredible trilogy delivers some exceptional characters to root for, and against Abby and Kang make quite a partnership throughout the series Even the minor characters on Abby s team are built, and developed well enough to root for The evil bad guys are easy to root against With some outstanding dialog this series comes out of pages like some pulp crime fiction of old Max Allen Collins, and Denis Lehane come to mind reading Author Hutchinson s Kane trilogy Hopefully someday Hollywood will discover these books for the silver screen I picture actress Maggie Q in lead role reading each book Even though she s way too tall Coit Tower come complete with a wild car chase through the streets of San Francisco with a slight twist Abby s driving a Dodge Challenger, and being chased by a Chasing Chinatown team in a green Mustang Chase scene in book done very well even if Bullit plays in back of my mind as I m reading Also the game s Mastermind is finally revealed I had guessed who it was early on, but that doesn t hurt book whatsoever I got a kick out of it 5 Stars out of a possible 5 stars for Coit Tower If you haven t discovered Ty Hutchinson and his Abby Kane series you re missing out on some really great reading Abby Kane books are so hard to put down Action packed suspense that reads very quickly Check them out I highly recommend