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( Read E-pub ) ¶ Hubert ë Hubert, Een Introverte Man Van Een Middelbare Leeftijd, Woont In Brussel Maar Kan Er Moeilijk Aarden Elk Weekend Bezoekt Hij Het Museum Van Oude En Moderne Kunsten Waar Hij Troost Vindt In De Schilderkunst Door Een Simpele Gebeurtenis Wordt Zijn Teruggetrokken Bestaan Aan Het Wankelen Gebracht Simple and sad About a man who prefers to connect with paintings rather than people. A beautiful graphic novel by Belgian Gijsemans about a man, Hubert, possibly autistic, living alone, who loves art and spends time going to art museums in Belgium and Paris He takes photographs of some of his favorites, some of which feature women, and he paints some of these images for himself He is interested in women as art than as human beings I think it was the poet Robert Creeley really who said though I can t quite locate it that he would rather be with a naked woman than read a poem about a naked woman, but Hubert can t relate well to people When a neighbor attempts to seduce him, he doesn t quite get it, which makes the story sad Much of the story is wordless, as Hubert rarely speaks, and is alone But this becomes a melancholy reflection on the often solitary connection between art and life I thought it was lovely. 3 stars because the artwork is stunning The story itself went nowhere. Stunningly drawn graphic novel about art and beauty Ironically a bit like some artwork, not sure I quite got it but I enjoyed spending time looking at its beautiful illustrations none the less.