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While I was definitely expecting something else going into Master of the First, I was not at all disappointed I believe that Mr Thorpe has been doing better and better with the Dark Angels, and that they have, as a Legion, gotten better and better as the Heresy has gone on Here we get to see, yet again, what is happening on the world of Caliban All of the audio dramas and short stories have really done an excellent job of showing the Dark Angels thousand steps down the path of damnation, so to speak We have seen them feel slighted by the Lion, seen that feeling become anger and contempt, and as their story goes on we will see that anger and contempt evolve into hatred and murder.While I still do not really enjoy the Dark Angels, the Fallen Angels I can get behind, and so this story was pretty awesome Definitely worth a listen if you are a fan of the Dark Angel Fallen Angels [[ Read ]] ↟ Master of the First ☜ The Dark Angels And The Night Lords Fought One Another To A Bloody Stalemate During The Thramas Crusade And, Though The Lion Eventually Claimed Victory, It Left The First Legion Scattered And Under Strength Back On Caliban, Those Dark Angels Loyal To Terra Grow Impatient For A Return To Past Glories, Nominating Chapter Master Astelan As Their Leader Meanwhile Jago Sevatarion, First Captain Of The Night Lords, Still Languishes In A Dismal Gaol Cell Both Must Consider Where Their Own Personal Loyalties Lie, And What Path They Will Take In The Days To ComeThis Audio Reveals The Truth Of What Has Been Happening On The Dark Angels Home World Of Caliban While The Lion Has Been Battling Against The Warmaster S Forces On The Other Side Of The Galaxy With Ties Both To Ongoing Events In The Wider Horus Heresy, And To Gav Thorpe S Legacy Of Caliban Series, This Is An Audio No Dark Angels Fan Will Want To MissPerformed By Gareth Armstrong, Tim Bentinck, Jane Collingwood And Jonathan KeebleRunning TimeMinutesDirected By Samuel GunnMusic By Simon SlaterProduced By Heavy Entertainment For Black Library This was a great short story about my favorite Adeptus Astartes Chapter, the Dark Angels I enjoyed the further development of Astelan s character who I have been a fan of since his first appearance in Angels of Darkness. Seemingly thrown to the dogs and left forgotten on their primarch s homeworld, resentment simmers among the Dark Angels While no warrior will raise a hand against his brother, tension between the Calibanites and Terran astartes have never been higher and the rift between them is growing with every passing day As he sits listening to a report detailing multiple infractions and apparent shadow games by the Calibanites, Terran born Chapter Master Astelan comes to understand that there isat stake than he ever realised Seizing an opportunity, he prepares to behead a new threat to his legion, once and for all As readers of other Gav Thrope novels will have quickly realised, this is another tale tying closely into his Dark Angels series and examining Astelan s past As one of the Fallen Angels, his involvement is an understandable one but ultimately serves as a double edged sword While easily offering some of the audio drama s best ideas and themes, it sadly undercuts the drama and can leave the listener just waiting for events to reach a predictable end.The real strengths on offer lie in how they reflect upon Astelan s character and even the astartes of this era It s been said many times that these legionaries should be treated as a far cry from theknight templar chapters, but few seem to reflect upon this However, in Astelan s case we see how hishuman nature and lack of mental conditioning left him a flawed, conflicted figure Someone with all the power offered to a space marine but all the flaws found within an unenhanced human, the audio drama shows in him just how critically flawed their early processes were What makes matters worse is that Astelan s decision was born of the Emperor s own actions, and a flawed understanding of what drove him to unite Terra by force It s an interesting display to be sure, and the points made to help to emphasise why the Imperium needed to change so dramatically in the wake of the Horus Heresy.Another interesting point the story builds upon is the idea that Luther himself may not have been the direct instigator of the eventual rebellion While the actual events of Caliban s destruction still lie shrouded in myth, its key events have not changed so far as anyone is aware Luther will fight El Jonson and Caliban will be destroyed by the Warp storm which follows However, along with other short tales we see here that it s almost as if he s being pushed into the role of rebelling leader Unable to fully control events upon his world, the Dark Angels turn upon one another under his command and his attempts to restore order or retain control are dragging him deeper into unwanted conflict It s another layer to the Dark Angels tragedy and an interesting twist which is helping to turn Luther into athree dimensional character In comparison to Horus own rapid turn, it can even be argued that this gradual and unwanted turn is a better executed plotline within the series.The problem is that both of these events are largely just ideas, and the story only briefly touches upon them While they would have made for an excellent overall tale, the listener is instead left as the story spins its wheels For starters, anyone familiar with Astelan at all will know he ultimately chooses to side against his primarch Even without that however, the story sets up events until it s practically screaming the twist ending with every line of dialogue As it s reliant so heavily upon this sudden turn, the build up is sadly subdued and it passes up on many opportunities which might have helped to bring the world to life We see little of Caliban in its current state, hear little of how the legion has truly changed since El Jonson left or even learn of the concerns they have of being out of contact with the Imperium.The plodding nature of the story further detracts from real drama Besides a few interesting points where we see the legionaries scheming among one another, there s really not much to go on Even real action is relatively subdued save for one sparsely detailed engagement and a fleeting duel between a group of Dark Angels As such, the story itself can seem oddly threadbare despite it hinging upon a key point in the Fallen s history, and it ends just as it starts to enter any truly interesting territory.What helps to truly save the audio drama is the execution here Where the story might fail in places, the voice acting, sound design and general execution are absolutely top notch There s real weight to the discussion of treachery, and Astelan s turn is brilliantly conveyed Tim Bentinck s quiet turn, showing the warrior s underlying thoughts and fitting perfectly with his gradual arc here Games Workshop has picked a winning group of actors with this one and with luck we will see this cast put together again sometime in the future for other stories, perhaps even building upon this particular tale.While much of this might have sounded quite negative, it s not that Master of the First is bad so much as very limited There are some obviously fascinating themes on offer here and as a character piece you are given a good impression of Astelan himself It s just that everything else fails to really gel or make the best use of what was on offer Had it perhaps limited its focus to concentrate upon Astelan weighing his decision or flashing back to prior events in his life rather than focusing upon the conspiracy, this might have been a better story Instead it s simply an okay one with a few high points, the sort of thing you might listen to once but will probably forget about in the weeks to come. I would read Gav Thorpe s Dark Angels novels exclusively if he would just keep writing them This was an awesome taste of a great mystery in the 40K world, what actually goes down on Caliban Also, it focuses on a character that has been blowing my mind since Angels of Darkness from 10 years ago Highly recommend. Good fun sci fi Universe building is necessary in a series of this scope, and this audioplay does it well. While the Horus Heresy series has been rolling on quite contentedly, reaching 31 books and countless other stories, it s been a while since we ve heard much from Caliban and those members of the Dark Angels sent home by their primarch, Lion El Johnson What has been happening back on the home world while the rest of the galaxy falls apart, and the Lion has been out chasing Konrad Kurze Fear not, Gav Thorpe is on hand with a new audio drama, Master of the First, to shed a little light on the situation This is a 35 minute audio drama available as a standalone MP3 download prior to a future release in a combined package with The Long Night by Aaron Dembski Bowden.Read the rest of the review at Luther, the Kor Phaeron of the first legion, his intentions covered with smoke The defeat of the loyalists on caliban was to be expected and if not for Astelan then it would have been crushed by Luther himself The reasons behind the betrayal areinteresting though, why would Luther betray the Lion and to what end Where his intentions to join the warmaster in his campaign or was he simply seeking what was best for Caliban.