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Edgar, the rat lives on a farm He just wants to be alone but an earthworm seems to follow him wherever he goes No one will help him get rid of the earthworm Surprise ending The self absorbed rat just can t see the forest for the trees, er, rather, can t see his tail for the worms What fun youngsters will have with this one, if they can get past Edgar being a rat Illustations give us the barn yard as well as the underground view were the real worms are #Read Pdf ⚡ Edgar Wants to Be Alone Ò Edgar The Rat Doesn T Like Company So When He Notices A Worm Is Following Him Everywhere He Goes, Edgar Does Everything In His Power To Get Rid Of His Unwelcome Companion But The Worm Just Won T Go Away Edgar Wants The Other Animals To Solve His Problem, But Eventually He Realizes He Might Have Been Part Of The Problem All AlongFrom The Beloved Author Of The Chickens Build A Wall, The Geese March In Step, And The Sheep Go On Strike Comes Another Zany Story That Will Keep Readers Laughing Edgar is a cranky rat who isn t friends with any of the other farm animals One day he goes a bit mad, convinced an earthworm is following him The illustrations are clever split into above and beneath the soil We watch the earthworms travel back and forth while Edgar s antics grow and frenetic while trying to catch the mysterious earthworm At the end, the joke is on Edgar. An existential parable featuring an anti social rat Great use of irony. a clever story, with a fairly predictable ending i did enjoy the dual illustrations I did not find the story that interesting or compelling, but the six year old to whom i read it requested it than once. Edgar the rat likes being alone and then a pesky worm starts following him everywhere I love the ground level perspective of the illustrations and the joke at the end is a funny surprise. Funny While some girls just wanna have fun, a rat like Edgar just wants to be left alone Consequently, all the other animals in the barnyard have learned to stay away from him When it seems that a lowly earthworm dares to follow him, Edgar goes ballistic and tries everything he can think of to get rid of the persistent creature The illustrations and the story s conclusion are filled with humorous elements and a nifty lesson about looking closer to home for the cause and solution to your problems I always enjoy the quirky books created by this French author, and even though I was not surprised by the book s ending, I still had fun on my reading journey This title would be perfect for sharing with youngsters and having them take note of the illustrations as well as the text as they try to figure out what s happening. Hilarious This one just struck me as comical Edgar, the grumpy curmudgeon rat, is being followed by a worm No matter what Edgar does the worm is behind him One to read aloud to kids.