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READ EPUB ♉ British Mystery Megapack Volume 4 ♻ Fans Of British Mysteries Are In For A Treat With VolumeOf British Mystery Megapacks Our Biggest Selection Yet Fourteen Mystery Classics From Maestros Of Mystery Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Sax Rohmer, Kate Chopin And A E W Mason PlusAudio BooksBOOKS TOTAL THE SECRET ADVERSARY By Agatha Christie Jobless And Penniless, Thomas Beresford And Prudence Tuppence Cowley Place An Ad In The Paper Marketing Themselves As Adventurers, Leading To An Encounter That Starts Their Career As Spies For An Unnamed British Intelligence Agency TALES OF CHINATOWN By Sax Rohmer All Ten Stories Are Presented Here THE DAUGHTER OF HUANG CHOW KERRY S KID THE PIGTAIL OF HI WING HO THE HOUSE OF GOLDEN JOSS MAN WITH THE SHAVEN SKULL THE WHITE HAT TCHERIAPIN THE DANCE OF THE VEILS THE HAND OF THE MANDARIN QUONG THE KEY OF THE TEMPLE OF HEAVEN AT THE VILLA ROSE By A E W Mason A Heinous Crime Has Been Committed At The Villa Rose In Aix Les Bains, France A Wealthy Woman Has Been Savagely Murdered And The Young Englishwoman Who Was Her Companion Has Disappeared Authorities Suspect That The Englishwoman Played A Role In The Crime, But Her Fianc , Harry Wethermill, Is Unconvinced And Hires A Private French Detective In An Attempt To Prove Her Innocence From The Author Of The Four Feathers A Real Page Turner One Of The Best Fair Play Detective Novels Of All Time AN EGYPTIAN CIGARETTE By Kate Chopin This Short But Haunting Short Story Is Included As A Divertissement It Is A Superb Example Of Fin De Siecle Despair And A Favorite Of Mystery Anthologies A STUDY IN SCARLET By Arthur Conan Doyle The First Sherlock Holmes Story Dr Watson, A Military Surgeon Lately Returned From The Afghan War, Needs A Flat Mate And A Diversion Holmes Needs A Foil And Thus A Great Collaboration Begins Watson And Holmes Move To A Now Famous Address, B Baker Street, Where Watson Is Introduced To Holmes S Eccentricities As Well As His Ability To Deduce Information About His Fellow Beings Somewhat Shaken By Holmes S Egotism, Watson Is Nonetheless Dazzled By His Seemingly Magical Recall Skills Then Murder Facing A Deserted House, A Twisted Corpse With No Wounds, A Mysterious Phrase Drawn In Blood On The Wall, And The Buffoons Of Scotland Yard Lestrade And Gregson Holmes Measures, Observes, Picks Up A Pinch Of This And A Pinch Of That, And Generally Baffles His Faithful Watson Later, Holmes Explains In Solving A Problem Of This Sort, The Grand Thing Is To Be Able To Reason Backward There Are Few People Who, If You Told Them A Result, Would Be Able To Evolve From Their Own Inner Consciousness What The Steps Were Which Led Up To That Result Holmes Is In That Elite Group AUDIO BOOKS Also Included Are Links To Free Full Length Audio Recordings Of The FollowingMystery Classics A Study In Scarlet By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Borough Treasurer By J S Fletcher I Say No By Wilkie Collins The Mystery Of Mary By Grace Livingston Hill The Hound Of The Baskervilles By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Bishop S Secret By Fergus Hume The Bronze Hand By Anna Katharine Green Links do not workHave not read this book yet but did try the audio book links Only two of the links worked And one book is listed twice. This was a wonderful book with stories from some of Britain s most talented Mystery writers of the past I have seen movies or programs developed from the works of these authors but this was my first real reading My favorites were Agatha Christie, A.E.W Mason and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle I found there books very easy to read and exciting I had a few problems with the works of Sak Rohner and Kate Chopin The Tales of Chinatown by Sak Rohner were very hard for me to get into although I do remember seeing old movies that were made from his books This is a great set to introduce the reader to the greats Really An English anthology w too many like house stories Hah and double gag My fault I guess Christie and Doyle of course but the others I ll have to read the book descriptionsthoroughly next time.