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I have long been a fan of Julia Justiss work In my opinion, The Courtesan and The Untamed Heiress are two of the best historical romances ever written They are both definitely on my desert island keeper shelf When an author writes some of the best historical romances in the business, it is difficult to imagine how she might top herself With the Ransleigh Rogues series, Ms Justiss has done just that.The Rake to Ruin Her and The Rake to Redeem Her are both gems Julia Justiss at her best and better The Rake to Rescue Her, however, is one of those once in a lifetime romances.Alastair Ransleigh suffered the ultimate humiliation and betrayal at the hands of Diana, now the Duchess of Gaveston Eight years ago his poet s heart was broken and replaced by that of a reckless soldier and a battle hardened rake When he encounters his former love he seeks revenge with a humiliating offer of his own and is stunned when she accepts.Eight years ago, Diana now the Dowager Duchess of Gaveston sold herself in marriage to secure the lives of the two men she loved most her father and Alastair Ransleigh To survive her husband s cruelty she has stripped away pieces of her very soul, until even the most precious piece of all is sacrificed to make her impervious to any source of pain and therefore any source of love or joy Even the acceptance of Alastair s insulting offer fails to move her She sees herself as broken and begins to believe she will never be whole again.That is all I am going to tell you about the story The story speaks for itself and I want people to experience it for themselves I will tell you what The Rake to Rescue Her left with me In Alastair we find a man ready to wreak a thoughtless, cruel vengeance on the woman who nearly destroyed him He sees himself as the man jaded enough to do it But when he sees what Diana has become, the man he once was slowly returns and all he wants to do is restore to her those things which made her the glorious creature he once loved.There are portions of this book it hurt to read so very real and painful and so very beautiful The characters step onto the page and immediately draw you into what you know is a complicated and searing love story.A woman who has stripped herself of every joy and every love is lost unless those joys and loves were left in the safe keeping of a man determined to give those things back to her And if that man does so with no expectations in return and sets that glorious creature free to make her own decisions about life and love out of the darkness he is the one thing every woman dreams of a hero.Thank you, Ms Justiss, for a truly magnificent love story. Here I sit with a cup of coffee at my side, my eyeglasses at the ready, a pencil in my hand, a wee bit of white chocolate bar and the book, The Rake To Rescue Her written by Julia Justiss.I always write down five words that pertain to my understanding and thoughts about the novel I am reading Words that best describe to me what the story is about, the emotions evoked by the author s storytelling I take delight in circling sentences that I find intriguing, funny or descriptiveyou know, uncommon I write my thoughts within the pages of the novel.SynopsisHe s never forgotten her But can he forgive her When Alastair Ransleigh sees Diana, Duchess of Graveston, for the first time since she jilted him, he makes her a shockingly insulting offer the chance to become his mistress And even shockingly, she accepts But the widowed duchess is nothing like the bold, passionate girl Alastair once loved Years of suffering at the hands of a cruel husband have taken their toll And as Alastair resolves to save Diana from the damage of the past, their chance meeting turns feelings of revenge to thoughts of rescue Ransleigh Rogues Where these notorious rakes go, scandal always follows I adore this cover illustration, the models depict such emotion that equals the main characters within this novel Even their posture, and their pose reflects self assurance, fear and doubt.Emotion such raw emotions are portrayed and conveyed within the written paragraphs, the hero heroine came alive and vulnerable One could not help but, feel the hurt, anguish and distrust.Truth there was truth, enduring of one s life it s hardships A knowing yet, unspoken truth of secrets and danger.Hurt physical, emotional pain, it is deep, raw and fragile for both Alastair and Diana, but, also for the secondary characters, the family and close friends who stood by Alastair, committed I, myself could feel the suffering, the fear and the enduring of all that transpired I wanted to read , find out what happened that I found myself rushing throughout then having to go back and reread because I wanted, noI needed to absorb all of what occurred, to comprehend, I realized I had to take it slow and appreciate the depths of their hurt and yes, their love and interpret their longing and desire To rekindle.Family one of the things I enjoy is reading a novel that including family Loyal, untrusting, hopeful, protective and a shared agony I was grateful to see a powerful love Intriguing this story was for the danger of loss for the family was possible.Hypnotic for the way the dialogue was used and the words to describe a setting, a scene, captured my eye and imagination as I read I was intrigued by all, thus, feeling as if I was sitting, watching all play out in front of me I was in awe of how this author s ability was able to transport me into her world just by her creativity and her use of sentence structure Her descriptiveness in the telling of her story and dialogue captured my imagination.It was not known to me that this story was a part of a series until I read the first pages of the novel thus, I went and purchased the first books Jane Silhouette @Free Ebook ð The Rake to Rescue Her î He S Never Forgotten Her But Can He Forgive Her When Alastair Ransleigh Sees Diana, Duchess Of Graveston, For The First Time Since She Jilted Him, He Makes Her A Shockingly Insulting Offer The Chance To Become His Mistress And Even Shockingly, She Accepts But The Widowed Duchess Is Nothing Like The Bold, Passionate Girl Alastair Once Loved Years Of Suffering At The Hands Of A Cruel Husband Have Taken Their Toll And As Alastair Resolves To Save Diana From The Damage Of The Past, Their Chance Meeting Turns Feelings Of Revenge To Thoughts Of Rescue Ransleigh Rogues Where These Notorious Rakes Go, Scandal Always Follows To begin with, THE RAKE TO RESCUE HER is one of the most gorgeously written books I have ever read Diana broke Alastair s hearts years ago when she left him to marry money and a title He never got over it, he never forgave her, but when they accidentally meet again, Diana is a widow Alastair seems to want to establish a renewed civil relationship, but Diana responds rather coolly Alastair offers her to become his mistress, and he is nonplussed when she agrees Eventually Alastair thinks it might be possible to rebuild the love they once had, but something is troubling Diana, and slowly he begins to understand the trials she experienced during the time they were apart THE RAKE TO RESCUE HER is sublimely written, the prose is historically flawless, and the dialogues are exquisite The era is meticulously researched yet the author never hinders the flow of the story with unnecessary details everything is simply perfect It s also a very emotional and touching story as the characters get to know each other again Diana and Alastair are fascinating characters, very complex, and their story is captivating Julia Justiss was a new author to me, and I loved THE RAKE TO RESCUE HER so much, her next book will not come soon enough a truly exceptional book I was given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review, and had I bought the book, my opinion would remain the same. Julia Justiss brings the warmth and sweetness in this third book of the series Despite the Rake in the title and the scandalous proposition described in the book s blurb which occurs very early in the book , Ms Justiss Rakes are lovely men and are concerned with honor and propriety to some degree, as would have been very much expected in that time period And I really, really appreciate that The excellent English they speak would also have been appropriate for gentlemen educated at Eton and Oxford probably a little simplified but not cringe makingly so and the dialogue is matched by the quality of the narration Ms Justiss characters seem to think and act basically as one would expect people in that period to think except they have sex outside of marriage, which people of the period clearly also did, although it was frowned on In that sense, her books are similar to traditional Regencies, plus love scenes So nice not to read about modern characters with period dress slapped on I think if you like Mary Balogh s or Edith Layton s books you d like Julia Justiss, and vice versa Think warmth, than intensity The issue of a woman recovering from a physically and emotionally abusive marriage is handled very poignantly Yes, I cried a little not a bad thing Would have loved to have seen Max and his family, from book 1, in this book They are referred to but not actively involved in this plot However, Will and his family, from book 2, do make an appearance. My verdict 3.5 stars When I read about the jilted lover angle, I my heart jumped in anticipation Those are always fraught with strong emotions To be thrown over in favor of a duke How can a mere mister compete with that I prefer to see the human side of characters, especially heroes since many times they are too cool, in control, stoic I got a good picture of Alastair, our misused hero, as he wrestled with his anger, humiliation, pain, and even desire.Witnessing Diana s predicament was no less painful Abuse and isolation throughout her marriage taught her to withdraw within herself for safety She had one particular coping strategy that was very sad I ached for her.If you love stories that highlight heroes who save damsels in serious distress, this is the book for you I was interested in the rebuilding of trust and the rekindling of their love affair Devising strategies to outwit the new duke who plotted revenge against Diana and her son was a good side plot, too The Rake to Rescue Her, third in the Ransleigh Rogues trilogy, was a straightforward and solid love tale sure to touch your heart. Good book, as a reunion story with a bit of suspense added for intensity Eight years earlier Alastair and Diana had been in love and engaged, until she jilted him and married a duke instead Devastated, hurt, confused and angry, Alastair spent the next years serving in the military He didn t care what happened to him and as a result took on many dangerous or hopeless missions, earning himself quite a reputation.He has returned to England to take up his life now that the war is over His sister has invited him to visit her in Bath and is trying hard to get him to find a woman for him to marry Because of his past, he has sworn never to give his heart again, and cloaks his mistrust of women in rakish behavior He is stunned to encounter the newly widowed Diana and discovers that his attraction to her is as strong as ever Determined to root her out of his system, he offers her the position of his mistress, expecting to tire of her quickly He s shocked when she accepts.Diana had been forced to marry her late husband because of threats he made against the people she loved In the eight years of her marriage her husband had isolated her from everyone she knew, denied her the chance to participate in her hobbies, and then used her love for her son to take him away also When her husband died, she took her son and fled to Bath, needing to get away from the bad memories As soon as she saw Alastair, she knew she had to tell him why she had treated him so badly He was skeptical of her story, and when she said she d do anything to make it up to him, agreed to be his mistress.Though Alastair starts out merely wanting a taste of revenge and the chance to purge Diana from his memories and heart, he begins to suspect that she had actually been brutally honest about her marriage She is nothing like the girl he remembers and fell in love with, with her joy in life ruthlessly suppressed Though he resists trusting her with his heart again, he can t help being moved by everything she s gone through He becomes determined to see her return to her former self before he ends their association And when she is threatened with charges of murder and loss of custody of her son, Alastair can no longer deny that he wants than just a bed partner.Diana is an incredibly strong woman who has done what she needed to protect her family and those she cared about I loved seeing some of the things she did, fighting back in the only way she could She has spent so long suppressing her emotions and hiding what she has gone through, that she has a great deal of trouble opening up to Alastair, even when their relationship starts to change It isn t until her son is threatened that she can force herself to reveal all.I loved seeing Alastair s feelings change from the need for revenge to the need to protect It takes him awhile to realize that he had never stopped loving Diana, but once he does he goes all out to protect her I loved seeing him confront the new duke and then go on to pursue the ammunition he needs I loved seeing him bring in Will from The Rake to Redeem Her to help with his search I also loved his sensitivity in knowing that, as much as he wants her, he has to give her the space to finish her recovery before he can tell her how he feels.I loved seeing Diana slowly begin to trust that Alastair really did want to help her She had never stopped loving him, but had had to bury her emotions very, very deep in order to survive her marriage She tried very hard to keep her relationship with Alastair limited to only the physical, but it got harder each time they were together She still wanted to protect him from the threats made against her and it took awhile for her to realize that he was than able to handle them I loved seeing her finally able to let go of her fears and start to live her life again While it was frustrating to see her push him away at the end, why she did it made perfect sense Seeing her finally able to accept his love at the end was wonderful.One of the things I liked most about this story was the strong sense of family Diana gave up everything in order to protect those she loved She was also willing to put herself at risk in order to continue that protection On Alastair s side, I loved his sister s protectiveness, even though it was against Diana it was for all the right reasons It was wonderful to see how his mother supported him in his wish to protect Diana, even though she too had reservations at the beginning Will s willingness to do whatever Alastair needed was just evidence of how the Rogues are there for each other Even the formerly estranged uncle had his chance to show his support. book is the third title in Julia Justiss Ransleigh Rogues series and is probably the best of the lot I reviewed the second book in this series and the Rogues sobriquet got on my nerves just a bit But the Rogues aspect was toned down a bit in this installment and I think that was a good decision on Ms Justiss part Some things are just a little too cheesy to stomach.Alastair Ransleigh fell in love with Diana over eight years ago and was certain they would marry On the night that Alastair believed she would accept his suit and their betrothal would be announced, Diana arrived at the ball on the arm of the Duke of Gaveston Alastair is shocked and very hurt Diana had given him no indication there was another suitor and he was sure she was as in love with him as he was with her The only logical explanation he could come up with was Diana was materialistic than he believed and that she threw his love away for money and a title Fast forward eight and a half years and Alastair is visiting his sister in Bath when he suddenly comes across Diana and her son in the park Alastair is with his nephew at the time and of course the nephew wants to make friends with Mannington, Diana s son by the Duke of Gaveston Alastair realizes that he is not over Diana after the meeting in the park and now that she is a widow, he wants what she denied him her body.Diana never quite got over her love for Alastair Ransleigh, but after eight years of hell, she is not sure that she can be a wife to any man Forced into a marriage with a cruel and abusive husband, Diana still bears the emotional scars from the relationship When she sees Alastair again after her husband dies, Diana knows she owes him an explanation, but not the entire truth When Alastair asks her to become his mistress, Diana shocks him when she readily agrees Alastair thinks once he has her, he can finally get Diana out of his system, but she is not the same carefree beauty he fell in love with There is a darkness about her and a part of herself she keeps separate during their affair Of course, Alastair is determined to have all of her, so he keeps pushing for the truth.This story is really wonderful for the most part There is a poignancy about it that tears at the heart strings Alastair could have been an ass and he most likely meant to be one , but he realizes early on that Diana has been badly wounded Getting her to reveal why and how she has been wounded is the crux of the story The timing the author uses to reveal Diana s painful past is not drawn out, but realistic enough not to fall into the big mistake trope This reader almost felt like I was in the hero s head and as anxious to discover her secret as was Alastair Diana as a tragic figure could have been drawn as an extreme character, but Ms Justiss had a deft touch in her characterization so she does not become a caricature of an abused spouse And Alastair is extremely likeable once you get past his impulsive decision to use Diana sexually to get her out of his system he is compassionate and patient.The one problem I had with the book was Diana s relationship with her son Mannington As the mother of three children, I cannot even imagine a situation where I might try to distance myself from my child even if that child were in danger That part of the story just did not ring true to the character Ms Justiss created However, that is a minor quibble and the rest of the story was enough to keep me reading straight through So if you are hungry for a good Regency story, I would recommend this book. Worst revenge affair ever Eight years ago, the heroine and hero were head over heels in love when the h jilted the hero for an older Duke shocking all society and emotionally damaging the hero He turned to war and women to deaden the pain, and is now a rake Yeah Sure.He sees the now widowed heroine with her son She s left the Duke s estate and is a shut down pale imitation of her former self She tries to apologize and explained what happened, and he tells her she can make it by being his mistress She takes him up on it much to his surprise and the revenge portion of the story is pretty much over She did have a good reason for martyring marrying the Duke which the H slowly buys into They start up their affair and that s pretty much all she wrote for the poor hero She basically has PTSD, but is eager to open up sexually as she really loved him all those years ago and may still deep down The Duke was a bad Duke and not only wouldn t let her read, paint or garden, but threatened to beat her son if she showed him affection So basically she stood in a corner or in the garden staring into space for about eight years The evil Duke s evil son rears his head with all kinds of threats that are sadly resolved much too realistically for me Yes, the hero hires another rogue to do some dirty work, but other than a few glares from a Mrs Danvers s type housekeeper and the new Duke calling the h a bitch it s all a little bland No kidnapping attempts, no duels other than a fist fight Ah well, can t have everything.Better than average writing and mostly historically accurate It would make a nice respite from uber angst and TSTL characters.Lots of sex at the beginning. This is the story to read if you like second chance stories and let me tell you that even if you re not fond of the trope you re still going to thoroughly enjoy it The story starts with a chance encounter of former sweet hearts Alastair Raleigh and Diana, recently widowed Duchess of Graveston Due to past history, he believes she owes him a great deal and therefore she must pay with none other than herself They each have their reasons to go into the affair and as much as each tries to keep the heart out of the equation, they do not succeed much He s a poet at heart so even though he s a rake by reputation he can never bring himself to be mean to Diana, as much as he thinks he wants to He s thoughtful, sweet, and charming but never falters in his decisions, always assertive, always confident Diana on the other hand tends to be cool and distant, even during their liaison and particularly at the beginning of it however, she has pretty good reasons to be Even with that stoic attitude and seemingly emotionless demeanor I connected with her, I mean, what do you do when you are truly alone When everything is taken away from you, even the thing that you re supposed to love than life itself I love that Alastair takes his time with her, never pushing her, always remembering what she d gone through even when I wanted to shake her about and slap her upside down the head for being stubborn and unreceptive to his love and patiently makes her understand that she s no longer alone but among friends, old and new Their relationship goes from Diana paying her dues as Alastair s mistress to a relationship that bears forgiveness and acceptance Their encounters are very well crafted and as the story progresses I simply wanted to know about their story, have , read The story touched all the right cords of the times the na vet of the innocent girl in love that didn t know better, the young man in love that had all his dreams shattered when his beloved jilted him for a titled man for no apparent reason, the influential taking advantage of those beneath him in society, but as with any good romantic tale friends come through and you are reminded that no matter what, a true hero will do what must be done to win the heroine s heart Be warned this is an adult read and it contains some very graphic scenes that may not be suitable for some readers If I may, don t read it if this is not your cup of tea If you do, don t rate it poorly because it wasn t a fit to your sensible taste I was gifted a copy of this story by the author in exchange for an honest review