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Ten tales from around Africa have been brought together under the deft hand of Naidoo and wacky illustrations of Grobler Here can be found pourquoi stores and some in which we learn life lessons Naidoo s choices have come from a range of sources usefully explained at the back of the book and they vary in Length from a few paragraphs to a few pages Hearing where the stories came from and why they were chosen was a well received additional touch. This was an amazing modern read that will someday turn into a classic This is of a true story telling mode that brings many parts of Africa together with the adventures of two young girls and an array of jungle friends Some are mischievous and some of ornery, but all in all, the rich array of stories make for a nice bedtime story, a great book for the classroom and even a better book for a pediatricians office truly I think one of my favorite tales in when the Hippo was burned by fire so when he found water he decided that this would be his new home because he didn t tolerate the heat well It s whimsical for a young reader to find themselves at a zoo or animal park, for they will have the memory of these stories yet wonder if their habitat came about because of the fables within this book It s a nice mix of truths and fibs The tales fables truly come in all shapes and sizes and they are as different as day and night, and you definitely can t read just one without wanting to read them all A fun book with a collection of folklore from Africa Kids would love this book Great illustrations too. Categories Genres Traditional Literature, Picturebook, Folk talesEstimate of age level of interest Grades K 3Estimate of reading level Grade Level Equivalent 5.0Brief description How did the elephant get his trunk Why does a hippo have no hair This collection of tales from around Africa gives answers to these questions and in this entertaining and beautifully illustrated book.Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book 1 In folk tales the plot structure should be simple and direct Each of the stories featured in this collection is short and fast paced Like a proper folk tale, each has a quick introduction, followed by a problem and then a solution 2 Each of these folk tales has an important theme which can help others to see the errors of their way For instance in one tale a woman has a mouse child who helps her around the house and is beloved by the village Her husband feels she should be doing all of her own work and decides to bring the mouse child to remote location and leave her Upon his return he realizes how much the mouse child meant to his wife and he is able to reunite the two In what ways and how well does the book as a whole serve its intended audience This book provides an interesting overview of a few African tales Children are often exposed to stories from different cultures, but there are not many from the large continent of Africa These quick stories and detailed illustrations will catch the interest of younger readers and expose them to stories from an often under represented area.Awards NoneLinks to published reviews from professional sources Booklist 05 15 15Publishers Weekly 03 16 15Kirkus Reviews 02 15 15http www.titlewave.com search SID 8 Through this collection of ten folktales from various countries in Africa, readers learn lessons and discover the origin of certain practices The book was originally published in the United Kingdom and features handsome and colorful ink, pen, pencil, and watercolor illustrations that fit the stories very well There is not a weak story in this collection, but my particular favorites include Who Is King because of its reminder about who really is in charge and Why Cockerel Crows because it shows that it is hard to fool someone all the time For anyone claiming not to enjoy traditional stories, this volume with its very short stories, some as brief as one page, might be a good place to start in learning to enjoy this sort of literature A note About the Stories explains their origin and gives credit to the traditional tellers of these tales as well as offering an explanation for some of the changes the author chose to make when retelling them. (FREE) â Who Is King? ⚣ A Children S Africana Book Awards Best Book All Kinds Of Animals Are Featured In These Ten Sparkling Stories From All Over Africa, By An Award Winning Author And Illustrator Find Out What Happens To Lion When He Challenges Elephant And Discovers Who Is The Real King Of The Savannah Laugh Along With Tortoise As He Bewitches The Animals In Tiger S Work Party With His Irresistible Music Find Out Why Hippo Has No Hair, How Elephant Got His Trunk, And Why Cockerel Crows Then Read About The Woman Who Had A Mouse Child The Stories Are Drawn From The Rich Folklore Of Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi, Lesotho, Zimbabwe And South Africa, And Are Perfectly Matched By Piet Grobler S Wonderful Illustrations