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!Free ♶ Twelve Bar Blues ☩ This Rich And Epic Novel Is Written With Each Chapter A Phrase Of A Twelve Bar Blues Structure, Each Of The Different Pieces Of The Harmonic Progression Coordinating With A Different StorylineThe Book Begins With A Prologue Set In The Mythical Afican Kingdom Of Zimindo In , Where Two Young Best Friends, The Mesmerizing Singer Zike And The Zukulu Witchdoctor Mutela Become Romantic Rivals Until Mutela Uses Witchcraft To Spoil Zike S Relationship And Transporting Him Out Of The Village And Into The Hands Of Slavers Who Take Him To New Orleans One Hundred Years Later, His Descendant Fortis James Lick Holden Grows Up In A Life Of Poverty In Mount Marter, Louisiana With His Grandmother, Mother, Half Sisters, And Stepsister, The Beautiful Fair Skinned Quadroon Sylvie Black At The Age Of Ten Shows His Skill With Playing The Coronet, But When He Runs Afowl Of The Law He Is Sent Away To Reform School There He Joins A Band And Learns To Play With His Head, Chops, And Heart From A Man Called The ProfessorThe Story Then Shifts To Present Day Zimindo, Now The Fictional African Nation Of Zambawi, And Follows The Reactions Of Chief Tongo, His Argumentative Pregnant Wife Kudzai, And Musa, His Zukulu, To The Arrival Of The African American Archaelogist From Northwestern University Named Olurunbunmi Bunmi Durowoju Formerly Coretta Pink She Has Excavate The Remains Of An Old Tribal Village Nearby And Turned Up A Fantastic Tribal Headdress But Needs Tongo S Permission To Take It, Which He Refuses Hoping To Sleep With Her In Exchange , But His Wife Intervenes, And When He Goes To Musa For Advice The Shaman Tells Him He Can T Help, Because He Is About To Embark On A Journey Meanwhile In Lick Returns From Reform School And Begins Making A Name For Himself Among The Juke Joints Of His Small Home Town He Soon Travels To New Orleans At The Height Of Its Jazz Age Glory At The Suggestion Of A Local Star And Also To Search For The Missing Sylvie , But His Connection Doesn T Pan Out Though A Young Louis Armstrong Takes Him Under His Wing, Which Transforms His Sound, But He Departs The Big Easy Once He Hears That Sylvie Has Returned To His Hometown, Abandoning The Prostitute He MarriedBack In , A Black Englishwoman, Sylvia Di Napoli Is Boarding A Plane Bound For New York, To Untangle The Secret Of His Ancestry Born Of Two Ostensibly White Parents, She Had Run Away From Her Angry Father S Household As A Teenager, Becoming A Prostitute Before Deciding That She Wanted To Turn Her Life Around And Become A Singer She Meets An Englishman Named Jim On The Plane Who She Tells Her Story To Jim Over The Course Of The Planeride And At A Bar In New York He Decides To Join Her In Meeting Her Great Uncle In HarlemIn Mount Marten, Louisiana, Sylvie Black Has Become A Prostitute For The Young White Gentlemen Of The Town, While Lick Searches For Her In Between Infrequent Performances Lick Encounters Her At A Dance But She Leaves Him For The Young White Man She Came WithIn New York, Jim And Sylvia Meet With Fabrizio Berlone, Her Long Lost Grand Uncle, Who Reveals The Mystery Of Her Racial Heritage Her Grandmother Was A Mixed Race Blues Singer Named Sylvia Who Was Passing For White And Gave Birth While In New York They Head To Chicago In Search Of Her Great Aunt Where Musa The Zukulu Has Also Turned Up And Go To The Apostolic Church Of All Saints, Where The Pastor Reveals That Her Great Aunt Has Been Survived By A Daughter Coretta Pink They Head To Her Office At The University, Where They Are Informed That She Is In Africa, But Musa Is There To Meet ThemBack In Zambawi, Kudzai Abandons Tongo In A Fury And He Makes A Rash Pass At Bunmi, Who Rejects His Moves With A Swift Knee To The Groin But After Tongo Agrees To Let Her Take The Mask, She Relents But Six Months Later, After Musa Has Returned To The Village Tongo Reveals He Did Not Sleep With Her, And Kudzai Has Returned To The Village With A Son, Now Named TongoSix Months Earlier In New Orleans, Jim, Sylvia, And Musa, Frequent An Irish Bar Where A Blues Guitarist Named Fortnightly Plays There Jim Reveals His Jealousy At Sylvia S Attraction To Musa And Musa Reveals That Fortnightly Is Fortis Holden JrBack In Mount Martin, LA, Sylvie Seeks Out Lick And Stays With Him For Five Days But Leaves To Return To Her White Lover, And Sees Lick On The Side And Begins Performing With His Band But When She Becomes Pregnant, They Decide They Must Leave Fortis Holden Jr Explains The Rest Of The Story To Jim, Sylvia, And Musa In New Orleans, And Tells Of How Sylvie S White Lover Comes To Kill Lick, Sylvie Goes To New York And Becomes The Wife Of The Italian Man Who Sylvia Knows As Her Grandfather After An Ugly Bout Of Jealousy, Jim Reveals His Love For Sylvia, And Months Later Sylvia Meets Bunmi To Complete The Circle And The Story This is a journey over time and distance, from Africa to new Orleans and onto London It felt like a pure historical novel to start but the supernatural spiritual element pulled then disparate parts of the story into a whole A book that pulled you along and kept you wondering. let me tell you three things about stories because there ain t nothin so damn complicated as a story except the jazz and I s not stupid enough to think you understand that any There ain t no story so important as the one you tells about yourself Because everybody got their own story don t they no story set in stoneAn that s why I ain t never written no book because them pages ain t nothin but a prison an that s somethin only black folk understand An that s why true jazz don t live in no music book or on no compact disc It live in your head an your chops an your heart an your sexIf a story don t change any, then it probably ain t worth hearin An another thing If them pages restrict a story, then there ain t nothin restrict it so bad as your own mind stories don t have no beginning, middle an endFact is that stories have a vibe jus like love don t restrict the untold story of a flawed hero to one meagre adjective Please Because the tale of Toothless Naps is the coda to the most beautiful twelve bar blues that Lick Holden ever played and it fills our guts with an emptiness to swell souls And the horn hits that final note and it flattens it blue And the song is ever incomplete and it leaves us wanting. A journey of identity and tracing roots takes us through Africa, New Orleans and New York amidst in an environment of music and cultural insights There were teasing references to some of the jazz greats and it was a nice musical journey from Africa to New Orleans While the story starts with 2 best friends and a woman they both loved in 18th century Africa, the journeys their descendants take introduce us to the budding jazz movement and beyond Unfolding the branches of the family trees through the generations and unraveling how they each descended from the 3 original Africans in the midst of all the music and tribal magic kept me turning the pages I would have liked details rather than passing references to Louis Armstrong, Kid Ory, King Oliver, and Fate Marable, but that would be my only criticism of this book. I m not much in the way of a reviewer butthis is by far one of my favorite reads my words simply wont do it justiceI ve been sat here trying to think up a sentence that would begin to show the spectrum of colours that splatter across your mind when you envision this world the sand of africa the sheen from the oil stained streets of soho the vibrancy of each passing cab on the streets of NY as it nearly drags you off the side walk each lump and bruise at the hands of cowardly men and monsters that have grown in all these places over centuries to now straddle over each character, pinning them down and saying you ll never see the sun again The soft kisses and tantalising whispers of some unknown voice pulling you towards some unkown..and finally read iti think those are the best words i can use. This one took me a long time I m not saying that the myriad scene shifts, location jumps, and time travels had anything to do with that, but it didn t make it seem essential to keep focused on the finale, if there was ever really going to be one, that is New Orleans, Africa, Chicago, London, all in different times, all with a continuous meta physical, mystical thread that keep Sylvia di Napolli, trying to find out why she s, well, black Her family isn t black At least the ones she knows about Ah, introducing the African zakulu witch doctor who is going to tell her everything she wants doesn t want to know about her past destiny The narrative jumps back and forth between a very gritty New Orleans, when it was busiest giving birth to, even grittier, jazz Lick Holden, the best horn man you never heard of, might just be in Sylvie s past, he might just be her destiny Or, the skinny white guy that helps take Sylvie from walking London s streets literally to uncovering her future as the daughter of well you ll see As I mentioned, it s a little hard to focus, when there are some really severe shifts in the basic structure of the narrative Others have mentioned the sudden change to a jive like tone, without a real reason The African settings were told in a way that you weren t quite sure, at first, when they were happening, and then they were almost dismissed All of that being said, I guess the fact that I kept coming back, says something There were passages, especially the descriptions of the New Orleans of that time, that were riveting Nuance, might have been a little overdone, but some scenes were set very nicely. A story that spans centuries, continents, musical styles, and cultural experiences I ve never read a book quite like this before.Have you ever heard the advice to writers of fiction from Hemingway to always write what is true Though I thought I understood that when I first heard that advice, I really didn t But if any book epitomizes this advice, it is this one.Twelve Bar Blues has so much in it that is unbelievable, but feels so completely real that those unbelievable parts are made believable than most nonfiction Ecstatic musical experiences, explicit sex, racist slurs, inescapable poverty, gut turning smells everything feels so true that you can t help being utterly repulsed by what happens at the same time that you can t stop reading it. A gorgeous read with charming likable characters who are all in search of themselves or their destinies The way Neate intertwines the stories of characters from different countries and cultures is fascinating The shamanic elements and the humour allowed the difficult subjects to be dealt with in a fresh and light hearted way, which worked for me. so far preachy and weird but i love new orleans music so i m not going to stop reading it yet didn t stop reading it, and the preachiness never went away for me i got so irritated at one point that i decided to underline every effusive and unnecessary simile and metaphor gave up after a page, realising i d set myself quite the arduous task.another arduous task i ve recently set myself writing about the blues in new orleans i do know how difficult it is to do well, so fair play to him to a point. Wonderful tale that spans generations and continents The parts that were focused on the 20th century were outstanding and 5 star worthy The parts in Africa were a little less solid.