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As mentioned in some of my other reviews, I m enjoying the concept of the End Times I also think, if even half the rumours turn out to be true, that it s an incredibly brave move on behalf of the publishers Games Workshop have spent thirty years building a world which is teetering on the brink of apocalypse War and horror are a part of daily life, giving the world a far darker feel than, for example, Dungeons and Dragons, even if it is also laced with childish humour.You could argue, not unreasonably, that such a setting is necessary for a war game Now though, it s being re written in the biggest way possible that apocalypse the world was on the brink of has arrived and these books describe it Watching a world I grew up with die and its heroes and races fulfil or fail their purported destinies has an undoubted appeal.The writing here though is pretty bad Joshua Reynolds is to be applauded for keeping it simple and avoiding the trap of over writing but he almost seems to veer too far the other way It s like the prose of an earnest, enthusiastic fanboy It s saved from being completely unreadable only by the relentless pace the reader s barely given time to dwell on the text s inadequacies as we re bowled along to the next event.One for the fans then, or, as in my case, the lapsed fans The plot s neatly summarised, like a scientific paper, in the title On to the Nagash campaign book. [[ Free E-pub ]] ☠ The Return of Nagash ✓ The Original Bad Guy Of The Warhammer World Returns For The End Times, Ready To Destroy The Land Of The Living And Begin A New Age Of Undeath If You Like Warhammer, This Is A Must Read Nothing That Has Ever Happened Within The Old World Or Without Has Been Pivotal To The Future Of The Warhammer SettingThe End Times Are Coming As The Forces Of Chaos Threaten To Drown The World In Madness, Mannfred Von Carstein And Arkhan The Black Put Aside Their Difference And Plot To Resurrect The One Being With The Power To Stand Against The Servants Of The Ruinous Powers And Restore Order To The World The Great Necromancer Himself As They Set About Gathering Artefacts To Use In Their Dark Ritual, Armies Converge On Sylvania, Intent On Stopping Them But Arkhan And Mannfred Are Determined To Complete Their Task No Matter The Cost, Nagash Must Rise Again As far as the end time novels go, this one was not too bad Reynolds does an interesting job writing about the various forces that are battling where the undead are involved His mix of characters are interesting and as he shifts the pov from one to another, it keeps things interesting.Unfortunately though, because of this jumping, it runs into issues at points For example, you see Manfred s prisoners in the opening pages of the book A fair bit is given over to who they are, what s happened, and Manfred s interactions with them But then, as the book goes on, very little to noinformation occurs with them We see them briefly at the climax and that s it All in all, it made for it to feel like padding rather than actual substance.This treatment carries over to a lot of the side characters as well, where some of them deserved full novels themselves, yet were given only a glancing treatment as things carried on I think the entire story could have done well without all the pov jumping, but in the end, it s still a good book regardless.Reynolds has done a good job writing something that is a fairly epic event in the Warhammer universe He manages to tie his numerous characters together and manages to keep the story moving forward with tons of action Beyond the pov jumping, I rather enjoyed how everything played out, and look forward to seeing how this book ties into the other ones. Book one of The End Times starts off nasty, and just gets nastier Trapped between Chaos and the forces of the von Carstein s undead hoards the Empire, the Elves and the Dwarves are forced to work together to save the world Have they swallowed their pride in time Check it out. An entertaining enough read, Reynolds slaughters his way through Warhammer characters like it s a Game of Thrones novel Though I had hoped that Nagash would featurein a book called The Return of Nagash Still, worth a look. With the End Times series Warhammer has broke their own records for awesomeness The book needed some time to build momentum, but once it got it, Return of Nagas became an epic,powerful than a tidal wave, till the very, bitter end. No, t o, NO El libro es muy bueno y su trama es genial, pero es que el autor se va demasiado por las ramas Entiendo que es necesario mencionar la postura de los enanos, de los elfos y de los humanos para no saber de donde han salido en un momento dado, pero es que lo que me ha dejado col rico son dos cosas.1 Me habr a encantado ver la din mica entre Arkhan y Mannfred, pero es que apenas se les ve interactuando 2 Esto no es a malas, pero no me importa lo que le est pasando a los enanos y a las otras razas Enterarme un poco me parece bien, pero es que hay muchas p ginas dedicadas a lo que est n haciendo, y mientras tanto, yo estaba tentado a salt rmelas para saber qu pasaba con Arrkhan, o con Mannfred.Todo hay que decirlo, las tres p ginas en las que sale Nagash son BRUTALES. The book starts off pretty rocky, with it being a conintual series of chapters about how group after group gets the random idea to go beat up on the undead kingdom nearby Like many books designed to portray an over designed battle by a game company who wanted to include everyone There are a massive number of side characters and factions that need to be chewed through so the book can get on with the business of actually telling a story That story itself is pretty good, the characters are pretty complex for a bunch of villans and thier interactions are enjoyable There aren t any real plot twists but the core story is still pretty good I just wish there wasn t all this And look the dwarves were there too let me give you a couple dozen pages about them And elveselves they were there too so let me finda couple dozenpagesetc. This is my second attempt to read this book The first time, a couple of years ago, ended with me not being able to get into it and giving up after a couple of chapters The holiday sunshine must have made the difference as I found it very easy to get into but the story not the writing is pretty bleak.Without giving away spoilers, pretty much everything is horrible in the world and so we follow two bad guys trying to make it worse Can t wait sit up get home so I can start on Book 2 in the series. Un relato pico sobre los acontecimientos que provocaron la resurrecci n de Nagash, el Gran Nigromante, en el inicio de El Fin de los Tiempos, la tr gica historia que acab con la destrucci n del mundo original de Warhammer.El relato est muy centrado en los hechos de los personajes, en especial en el vampiro Mannfred y el nigromante Arkhan, con pinceladas tambi n de otros personajes relevantes como el alto elfo Eltharion y el enano Ungrim Pu ohierro Aunque a veces tiene descripciones tediosas y repetitivas, en general es una lectura amena para los amantes de Warhammer Fantasy.