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I was really looking forward to a hot read between these three But I didnt feel the chemistry between her and the boys It was steamy between the guys, but she was like water to their fire Made a dud for me, sadly. 3.5 Stars #FREE ⚡ Sins & Mistrust (Escort, #3) Í Marc Edwards Is A Male Escort In Sin City He S Used To Being Into Whatever His Clients Are Into, And Doing Everything They Fantasize About He S Also Used To Keeping Parts Of Himself From The People Closest To Him, And Denying Himself What He Truly Wants He Gains A Client Who S Unlike Any Other Client He S Had Nathalia LaBelle Actually Tries To Get To Know Non Escort Marc She Wants To Find Out What It Is He Fantasizes About, And Isn T Bothered By The Nature Of His Job Has Marc Found Someone To Open Up To Will Nathalia Be Able To Handle What He Desires What He Craves Lines Begin To Blur, And Marc Struggles Knowing A Relationship With A Client Is Something That Can T Happen But What Happens When Lincoln Cash, A Man Who Has His Own Special Relationship With Nathalia, Comes Into The Picture With His Own Desires, Rules, And Sinful Requests Will They Be Able To Get On The Same Page, Or Will Mistrust Run Rampant And Ruin Everybody S Chances At Getting What They Want Author S NoteWhile This Is Book Three In The Escort Series, It Can Be Read As A Standalone There Is No Need To Read Living In Sin And Unforgivable Sin First, As This One Starts In The Time That Living In Sin Did, And Then Follows Through The Series Without Giving Much Away About The First Two You May Get Some Information Regarding The Other Stories, But Not Much Marc Was Scarce In Those Books, And We Now Get To See What He Was Up ToContent WarningThis Novel Contains Material Not Suitable For Readers Under Age M F M M M F M Scenes Exist Within This Book Have you read The Escort Series Did you love Jace Did Troy blow your mind If you said yes to all, Well, You are in for the hottest ride of your life I M NOT KIDDING Marc will make your knees weak. How kinky are you I had the chance to read Sins Mistrust before it was released and there aren t enough words to describe my feelings For know I will say Good Lord of all that is Sexy, Spicy and KinkyThe book is well written and Isabel did an excellent job with Marc s story We know Marc We met him in Living in Sin and Unforgivable Sin , but we didn t know a lot about him Marc was always mystery We were dying to know what his secrets were But never in a million years I would have thought about this. AddictiveBrilliantComplicatedControversialUnexpectedIntense I can be here talking about this book forever Believe me, I can But you will never understand why I love it if you don t read it Go One Click this beauty It s LIVE and read it. Before you buy it, keep in mind that you must be OPEN MINDED to read it The storyline is amazing, believable and controversial This story is about feelings Love Accepting who you are and what makes you happy This story is not about judging So please, less judging More LovingIt s about time for you all to know who I am, who I love, and what s going on in my life BUY IT READ IT LOVE IT Finally we learn about Marc and OMG, I couldn t get enough I will by far say this is my favorite of the trilogy and pray she writes Isabel Lucero found her sweet spot with this book The read is so elegant, it flows so beautifully and SEXY AS HELL She takes you on a journey through the first 2 books showing you what Marc has been doing that everyone speculated on Never in a million years did I expect to find out what goes on in his life as an escort If you want to finally get those questions answered while living the hugest most erotic fantasy by all means PLEASE take the time to read this book I promise you you will not regret it. I am a super fan of The Escort Series My 1 man was Jace Jamison from the beginning Read Living In Sin loved it Read Unforgivable Sin loved it Troy was hot Then Isabel Lucero comes out with Sins Mistrust I can honestly say the book left me amazed on how good it was I can not stop talking about this book to my friends Marc Edwards book was so good, sexy, hot, spicy all that s good in this world I totally loved it was mad it ended It was so well written All you Escort Series fans are going to love it It was brilliant, amazing Hot JG It s official We re GREEN WITH ENVY over a book character Some girls get all the luck and if you ve read Sins Mistrust you ll know that Nathalia LaBelle hit book character luck overload when she caught the attention of the uber sexy, brazen and super confident Linc and the uber, uber sexy, sensitive and beautiful Marc not to mention these guys are DYNAMITE between the sheets.In the words of Nelly it s getting hot in here and we don t think we ve cooled down since finishing this book yesterday Why Isabel Lucero you saucy minx, what a sexy, kinky and lusty read this was Call the fire brigade because this was a HEAT FACTOR 10 One of the hottest things we ve read in a while that s for sure Marc, I breathe, bringing our mouths closer together Kiss me Note to authorIs there a video of the goings on in this book somewhere because we need visuals You know for cough cough research purposes We need to understand exactly what limb was in where, on where and around where Just thinking about it makes us all hot and bothered Although the sex was absolutely OFF THE CHARTS and knicker melting good it didn t override the emotion of the story because we felt every conflicted feelings between Marc and Linc especially There really wasn t any question for us regarding the feelings between Nathalia and they guys, they were quite an open book, so for us it was the powerful passion and heart beating moments between these two gorgeous men that had our hearts and pulses racing There s no way I m letting go of this man Nathalia wanted to know the real Marc as opposed to Marc the Escort Marc was in the business of pleasing others, giving into their wants and here was a woman who wanted to know what Marc wanted and it was a refreshing change for him Marc was without question used to give rather than take.The passion, the heat and the lust between Marc and Linc was palpable to say the least Linc chipped away at Marc s carefully constructed walls bit by bit as he attempted to persuade Marc to let him in no pun intended oh alright thenYou fuck me like you can t get enough, and when you kiss me you steal the breath right out of me We have this passion that even you can t deny, but you don t let me inThe friendship dynamic between Troy, Jace and Marc is apparent and it s something we particularly love about this series Their brotherhood and friendship seems to strengthen as the series progressesWe celebrate together, we mourn together, we cry together and we rise together Never aloneThe sweet between Nathalia and Marc was in contrast to the sheer animal heat between Linc and Marc and each balanced the other perfectly and when the three come together hmmm what s with those puns it s explosive and in that moment I realize I m watching two people express their love for the other without words It s beautiful Once we started we couldn t put this book down We were there with these characters every step of the way which is why we felt a little let down at the end We had a lot of build up but neededaftersWe needed to know how they prevailed plus there were questions we needed answered Marc went through such a life altering change it would have been lovely to see him settled in the open.At the end of the book the author has stated her intentions to write of their story and that s great, because we definitely want However, we would have preferred the to have been included in this book as the ending felt rather abrupt This was our only bug bear in what was an addictively HOT story LOVED IT and highly recommend picking up Sins and Mistrust preferably near a freezerReviewed from an ARC copy provided by the author with thanks TB reviews of Escort Series TB Blog TotallybookedBlog Come say Hi TB on Facebook Follow us TB on Twitter Check out TB on Pinterest Wow, Marc I loved you This, was one H.O.T read That s no doubt And there were a lot of sex And Oh.My.God those were hot.Marc with Nathalia H.O.T Marc with Lincoln DYNAMITE EXPLOSIVE Marc with them both just combine LOL I admire how these three, Marc, Nathalia and Lincoln can work their relationship Because, come on, sometimes two people in relationship have hard times Now, three in one But they still can manage it though Jealousy, mistrust were no doubt happened but somehow they work it all out.What I love the most was how Marc s parents and his brother were so cool about him and his situation They re really cool accepting for what he is and so understanding Also Marc has cool friends such as Jace, Troy and the gangs They also accept for what he is and never judge And I think that was so really cool This was really fun read Finally know the mysterious Marc Loved it. 2 lenient stars DNF 35% Review posted December 27, 20143 days134 pagesI was moving at snail s pace and the only thing I ve ever felt while reading this book was a massive case of boredom and nuisance So I thought it d be best to cut my losses.One of my biggest pet peeves is very present in this story 186 x smile, smiled, smiles43 x smirk, smirks, smirkingI say with a smirk.I smirk at her he asks with a smirk.he gives me a roguish smirk73 x grin, grinning, grins no worries I did deduct all the grinding cocks 163 x laughter, laugh, laughs, laughed, laughingYeah, what s so funny Instead of diverting from the plot and uninteresting characters all the smiles, smirks and laughter only succeeded to irritate me immensely I m a huge fan of escort stories but Sins Mistrust didn t push the right buttons for me Or, maybe it did, but they were the wrong ones I didn t enjoy the bad sex and I didn t like the bland characters the dialogue came off as stilted and the writing in general did not appeal to me I just couldn t connect with the characters That is all Movin on 3.5 Stars I liked parts of this one, and didn t care for others Overall it was a decent read but was just missing something Maybe it was the writing.maybe I just never felt the connection between the three MCs So we have Marc.the escort Natalia..who hires Marc And Lincoln..the sex club owner who s in love with Natalia, but has never had sex with her Natalia s ultimate fantasy is to have a threesome with two guys Lincoln can t be with Natalia without another guy present Marc is the guy that gets propositioned to be the third guy Lincoln s reasons for needing another guy present to be with Natalia were justI felt Marc and Lincoln s connection a lot than Marc and Natalia or even Lincoln and Natalia Their sexual tension was quite explosive But once they have the threesome things really fall apart Natalia and Lincoln want them to all be a couple but Marc isn t sure He can t be out with his job as an escort and his friends don t know he s bi It just takes him too long to figure things out And Marc s big gesture at the end to show how he feels about Lincoln and Natalia Nothing says I love you like opening an adult sex resort in someone s honorDespite the last 35 40% being a conflict of sorts the drama was rather low in this book, which was a plus And all of the sex scenes, whether MF, MF or MMF were hot There was just something missing..