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Geoghegan s fiction picks you up with toy machine claws It drags you over from wherever you are, and it plops you all alone into steaming Thailand Or into lush Washington In stories past, into a not often seen Italy In narratives of boy romance agony, Geoghegan s heroines navigate the passionate channels of sacrifice, travel, and inspiration Heroines, lady heroes, faithfully on the move No truths or dark horrors spared here Geoghegan s writing, at its core, is uninhibited It goes there It plops you She ll weave you into laughter After finishing The Violet Hour and Tree Boy in Natural Disasters, I felt like I d done something Gone somewhere Take the ride Five stars These stories pick up where The Marco Chronicles left off Geoghegan s fiction places you in the dark terrain of love and obsession via vivid landscapes and details The narration is really powerful in The Violet Hour story very funny but razor sharp I liked how it shaped both Violet s view of the world and my view of her as she traveled from Boulder to Bangkok The plot twists unexpectedly Great cliff hanger The lyric story Tree Boy reads like a spell or incantation in a way It captures the sensation of falling in love and that plunge into obsession Both stories are darkly comic and edgy I highly recommend. `Read ⇮ Natural Disasters ↱ In These Two Tales Of Obsessive Love, Elizabeth Geoghegan, Author Of The Marco Chronicles, Creates Vivid Portraits Of Strong Women Blinded By A Weakness For A Certain Kind Of Guy Heartless, But Impossible To Resist Whether Her Heroines Are Caught Up In The Chaos Of Bangkok Or Lured Into The Deep Woods Of The Pacific Northwest, They Struggle To Find Their Way In A World Where Disaster Is A Natural Consequence Of The Urgency Of Desire In These Dark, Lyric Stories, Women Meet Life And Their Own Instincts Head On