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@Read Book · Love Reborn ⚻ Ahmad Dawson Vowed To Never Give His Heart To Another Woman When He Tragically Lost The Love Of His Life Will He Learn To Let Go Of His Painful Past To Love Again Or Is His Happily Ever After Gone Forever A New, Hot And Upcoming Magazine Editor, Whitney O Neal, Knew That Ahmad Was Her Soul Mate The Moment She Met Him As She Begins To Develop Feelings For Him, She Realizes That Ahmad Has Baggage Than She Bargained For Could This Be Love At First Publication Or Could It Flop Like A Bad Tabloid Ahmad S New Trainer, Paris, Is The Perfect Employeea Bit Too Perfect Once He Hires Her, Many Strange Events Begin To Happen That Makes Him Question Who She Really Is After All That Has Happened In His Life, Can Love Be Reborn VERY few books have been able to make me cry and I truly wasn t expecting to with this one, but Oh MAN did the tears flow Getting a second chance is so rare and I just can t spoil it, but the acceptance and love that this man gets from the most unimaginable place just blew me away Great setting, amazing characters, hilarious dialogue, deep emotions, raw drama, and so muchThis book wowed me and I m not easily wowed GREAT read HIGHLY recommended A new, hot, and upcoming magazine editor, Whitney O Neal, knew that Ahmad was her soul mate the moment she met him As she begins to develop feelings for him, she realizes that Ahmad hasbaggage than she bargained for Could this be love at first publication Or could it flop like a bad tabloid Ahmad s new trainer, Paris, is the perfect employee a bit too perfect Once he hires her, many strange events begin to happen that makes him question who she really is After all that has happened in his life, can love be reborn Ahmad wasn t really my favorite male character out there, and I have no specific reason why, I just wasn t all that attracted to him His story however, was heartbreaking, and without giving any spoilers, the author told his story so well She actually broke your heart, and then slowly mended it as the story progressed You could feel what the characters were going through The emotions run deep and the drama is top notch, with a little bit of sexy to tie it all together Some of the dialogue definitely can make you laugh out loud.The Spelling and grammar are great and the story is written well.I would absolutely recommend this Author Traci Love Reborn is the brilliant follow up to Love Unbroken, a story about love, betrayal, and loss Ahmad Dawson is still reeling three years after losing the love of his life, Camille, but a sign from beyond the clouds might just be what he needs to move on.The raw emotion, character development, and personality just grips you from the very beginning, thrusting the reader right into the heart of Miami and giving them a front row seat to the struggles of a broken father Everything about the story feels so real, from Ahmad s healthy parenting to Whitney s heartache.I laughed and I cried and I fell in love This is such a brilliant novel and I loved everything about it As awkward as it sounds, I found myself relating to the character Carlos, with his quirky antics and bold honesty I also have a new place in my heart for little Ahmelia I just know this will be a story to read over and over again just for the good feelings within.Ms Bright s talent just oozes from every page of this novel She has come a long way since she first published Love Unbroken and it shows I truly can t wait to see what she comes up with next, but I am sure that with her behind the pen it will be nothing but amazing.