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A must read I wish all the young folk were this adamant about protecting themselves and their partners, but I imagine it s not the reality Well done, Mr Fessenden. This was a sweet story with just the right amount of angst, which made perfect sense It wasn t tossed into the story just because the author could Very well done, and I hope that lake regains its former glory. I think the blurb tells you much of what you need to know about the plot of this story It is sweet, and fumbling, and very real Bryan and Todd are good together, but they are young guys, and as such, they make some stupid choices The aim of this story is awareness of the importance of Safe Sex Fessenden manages to convey the message without getting preachy or losing the readers interest You care about Bryan and Todd You hurt with them, you want to strangle them.If you have GLBTQ teens or young adults in your life, I would recommend this story to them It is free and currently available from Smashwords Heck even if the teens YA in your life aren t GLBTQ I would still recommend this title I know I am keeping Do You Want This or Not and many of the other Safe Sex Project stories for when my kids are old enough.If you want to find outinformation about the The Real Story Safe Sex Project and find other titles, visit Brent Hartinger s website.Read More I ve always liked Mr Fessenden s writing style and this story was right up there Both Bryan and Todd are trying to figure out their sexuality though Bryan has it pretty much nailed I enjoyed their sweet romance as it grew from friendship and just sex into something real Bryan s insistence on condoms was something that rang bells for me as I wasn t always safe The HEA ending was awesome. I loved this short story I m not a big fan of loads of love declarations between teenage boys or grown men so I was thankful that although it was sweet, the dialogue felt real and wasn t at all sappy.Also liked the fact that the partner who didn t want to use a condom Todd was not portrayed as some kind of safe sex villain just a horny guy caught up in the heat of the moment.I ve read a few stories from The Real Story Safe Sex Project and they ve all been excellent and well worth a read Lovely story, well written and believable And the safe sex message was delivered in a non preachy way. This is a free short story I wrote for Brent Hartinger s The Real Story Safe Sex ProjectThe idea behind stories in the project is to present safe sex practices in a free and hopefully entertaining story for teens All the listings are still being sorted out, but it s currently available on Smashwords and it should be onsoon. Bryan showed a lot of maturity in the face of pressure Great story. {DOWNLOAD PDF} ⚺ Do You Want This or Not? ë Published As Part Of The The Real Story Safe Sex ProjectBryan Thinks Todd Coleman Is The Hottest Guy In School, So When Todd Confesses To Him That He Would Like To Experiment With Bryan, It S Like A Dream Come True Their Relationship Soon Develops Into Something For Both Of Them, But Bryan S Insistence That They Stay Safe Irritates Todd One Night, When The Only Condom They Have Breaks, The Resulting Fallout Causes Bryan To Realize Sticking To His Guns May Cost Him The Best Relationship He S Ever Had I really like the message about safe sex, especially since it is non preachy You can never be too safe