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~E-PUB ♌ Dreaming of Ivy (Love and Flowers Trilogy, #2) ♸ Ivy Nyman Is Used To Being The Screw Up In The Family And With Her Issues With OCD And Anorexia, She Knows She S Shaky At Best So When Rayne Has To Leave To Save Her Life And She S Left Facing The World On Her Own, She S Not Sure If She S Strong Enough To Handle The Stress Becket Lowell Believes In Her Though And With His Faith And Love For Her, She S Determined To Be A Strong Woman Asher Murphy Though Is Doing Everything He Can To Come Between Her And Becket As Asher S Insinuations And Becket S Suspicious Behavior Begin To Take Their Tole, Ivy Is Left Wondering If Her Dreams Of Happiness Will Ever Come True Ivy s StoryI loved Ivy and Beckett s story though I am still in the process of forgiving Beckett myself grrrrr I love that Ivy has overcome so much and has become so strong This Love and Flowers Trilogy has become another favorite Beautiful story. Yes I read another Shannon Guymon book I am hooked on these books set in Fircrest, WA This is book 2 in this series but the 8th book set in this town I recommend starting at the beginning or you will have missed a lot of back story I m not ready to be done with Fircrest so I m hoping for another trilogy giving us at least a dozen books I can think of a handful of characters we have been introduced to that I want to see find their happily ever after so I hope Shannon continues to write these stories.While I did unquestionably love this book it did feel a little less polished than it could have been There were a few minor editing errors and a couple scenes I thought could have been developed a little better However, these issues didn t stop me from staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finishing reading this book and I can t wait for the next book to be released.I highly recommend Shannon s books to those who enjoy clean romance Rating 5 Stars I loved it.Content Clean Romance nothing than kissing Source Review copy sent via.comPurchase What an emotional roller coaster ride So many new things are stewing in this pot of yummy goodness As I mentioned with Falling For Rayne, just be forewarned that there are some tough issues addressed in this book At least for me there were, but I m naturally a bit of a sensitive spirit It broke my heart to see the characters in pain and suffering, whether it be from physical ailments, mental road blocks, or their own selfish pride Hopefully, everything will be resolved soon and for the best view spoiler I m speaking to you, Asher hide spoiler I loved it I ve loved this series and I love how each trilogy focuses on a family, but has ties to characters from other books trilogies This particular one is about two sisters and their bodyguard friend, Cleo Ivy is the younger sister and has everything money can buy, but she s very inexperienced in love and relationships She s had trials to overcome in life, but what doesn t kill you makes you stronger and that s just what happens with Ivy She is very strong and comfortable with who she is Becket has had issues of his own to deal with, especially dealing with the aftermath of growing up in a dysfunctional family and serving as a Marine I truly think their hard times have shaped who they both are and I love that they can look at who a person is and not judge by the outward appearance.Shannon Guymon writes great romance and this one is mixed with a little mystery The romantic moments are clean, yet toe tingling There are many oh, so sweet quotes and gestures I love that I know exactly what I m getting with this author.I enjoyed getting to know other characters better some I really liked even and others were infuriating I love Fircrest and the people there This is a great addition to a fun series Content kissing clean very mild violence talk of accidents, shootings, attacks, but very brief and nothing graphic mild religious elements mention of prayer and church, but no details no language Clean Rating 4 stars.This book is the second in the Love and Flowers Trilogy Ivy was Rayne s younger sister in the first book Falling for Rayne In the past she had mental health issues OCD and Anorexia She grew up feeling trapped, isolated and insecure Although her OCD was now under control thanks to medication and therapy, she was shy, often nervous, honest and humble I liked her character in the first book, so I looked forward to reading her story in Dreaming of Ivy I was not disappointed.I loved the chemistry between Ivy and Becket Their relationship was sweet and innocent but also realistic They were both able to look past each others imperfections to find true happiness.Asher, Garrett s brother was such a jerk in this book He was annoying at times in the first book, but he was downright rude, arrogant and immature in this one He thought he was the better man for Ivy and resented Becket for claiming Ivy s heart So, he planted seeds of doubt about Becket s character in Ivy s mind Ivy never led Asher on She always made it clear she thought of him only as a friend But Asher would not take no for an answer Poor Cleo Rayne Ivy s friend and live in bodyguard She found Asher attractive and was hurt to see him pouting over Ivy After the way Asher behaved towards Ivy, I don t think he deserves a chance with Cleo I will be reading the next and final book in the series to see who will claim Cleo s heart I also look forward to finding out who has been trying to kill Rayne and Ivy I have my suspicions Really good The underlined mystery is coming to a head, which is exciting I loved this love story and I m seeing a relationship patern Clean, good an fast read. Aww cute book I like this series and I love the big Samoan guys Asher was a totally loser I almost expected him to be the person behind everything because he was so lame. My 3rd time reading this book and it is STILL my favorite in the series I absolutely LOVE Dreaming of Ivy dreamy sigh Dreaming of Ivy is absolutely AMAZING I LOVED every minute of it And I have to admit that it is my new favorite book in this series Ivy and Becket are completely perfect for each other They have both had a hard life, they both have issues that they are dealing with but they are also the only ones who can really see the other person for WHO they are on the inside issues and all Becket says it best when he tells Ivy, We don t need to be perfect We just need to be perfect for each other I loved watching these two grow and fall in love with each other They had their struggles both separately and together but they proved that communication and unconditional love can go a long way to become better, to become stronger, to become closer to one and other Becket knew from the start that Ivy was meant for him and he set out to make sure that happened As I said before they are PERFECT together As usual, I really enjoyed seeing the characters from the other books The main one Tai What an AMAZING surprise I absolutely ADORED him Loved the way he stepped up and was willing to help Ivy and Cleo Gotta love those Matafeo men And speaking of Cleo I know I am not the only one wishing that her and Tai end up together There is something there I just know it Ok Ok I don t know it but I am definitely HOPING for it And we might as well discuss Asher Oh my heck What in the world is WRONG with you Seriously buddy You turned into some psycho, possessive, non boyfriend How many times does Ivy have to tell you that you are JUST FRIENDS before you can get it through your thick skull I liked Asher in Falling for Rayne but he turned into a little twit I no longer want him together with Cleo She deserves to be someone s FIRST and ONLY choice in my opinion I did think of someone I would be happy to see him with Meredith The mystery element was definitely on the low key side in this book and was just the right amount in my opinion I liked that the main focus was Becket and Ivy these two NEEDED this happiness I can t wait for the next book in this series I am extremely excited to see how everything works out in the end Shannon Guymon is absolutely AMAZING and I LOVE all of her books If you haven t read any of her books before then you are definitely missing out And my favorite part my casting choice for Ivy and Becket perfect right Loved this one too Shannon let s us into her characters lives so that we cheer and weep with them and feel like they re family.