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I really enjoyed this book Its nice when you get a book with a great storyline, interesting characters, isn t filled with profanity, and has a promise of to come This is a GREAT book I am an avid book reader, but I really do not read science fiction books I not only read this book, but I couldn t put it down I really can not wait for Part Two to come out I recommend that you give this book a try, you will not be disappointed I really enjoyed part one of this story Very interesting characters and storyline I can t wait for book 2 I loved this book From the first chapter I was hooked Read the whole book in a week or so, which is insane for me since I hardly have any downtime I happily looked forward to reading it every nightin fact, near the end, I tried to read slower to stretch it out Considering a re readwhich I have never actually done The writing was so descriptive and so thoughtful that I simply cannot wait for the next book in the series to be released Fantastic I recommended it to my sister and she loved it as well I was enthralled by this book from the very beginning It has an intriguing premise, well crafted story and is highly addictive With each page that I turned, I found myself deeper and deeper into the plot, with a mounting list of questions The book is an intoxicating combination of science fiction and thriller, with a hint of romance thrown in I challenge you to pick this book up and not devour it immediately I am waiting with bated breath for Part Two An enjoyable read for sci fi fans Pace hums along following several key characters and plot lines Looking forward to the next book. Trilogy or not, a book should have an acceptable conclusion This one does not It is simply the first part of a story. This was such a fun book to read I was hooked by the second chapter and found myself wanting to find time to read each day to find out what happened next {Read} Â Bound to Eve, Part One: Shadowing the Caretaker ⛓ Bound To Eve, The Book Story Beautiful Aliens Posing As Humans, Mystical Clouds Carrying People Into The Sky, Merciless Murderers Chasing A Necklace Too Perilous To Touch, A Young Woman In Unthinkable Danger, And A Forbidden Love With The Power To Destroy A World Bound To Eve Is An Unconventional Story, A Wild Horse Refusing To Be Lassoed By Any One Genre Category Equal Parts Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thrilling Adventure, Mystery, And Love Story, The Book Series Will Appeal To Readers Who Are Seeking An Unusual Yet Very Satisfying Journey Into The UnexpectedBook When Evil Threatens Naden S Planet And Murderous Traitors Hunt Him, Naden Escapes To Earth Where He Walks Among Humans And Secretly Shadows Eve Madison, A Part Time College Student Who Has Inherited A Perilous Family Heirloom Naden Quickly Discovers How Dangerous The Beautiful Young Woman Is For Him, In Part Because Eve S Protectors The Bound Will Kill Him If They Discover Him, And In Part Because He Finds Himself Falling In Love With Her For Naden, The Unstoppable Feelings Are Terrifying, Because On His Planet, Love Is A Forbidden Passion And Loving Someone Is An Unforgivable CrimeJoin Naden, Eve, Their Friends, And Their Terrifying Enemies, And Experience A Story That Magically Bridges Two Worlds Eve S, Where Love Sometimes Hurts You, And Naden S, Where Love Actually Has The Power To Kill Book Available NowBook Currently In Development