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Practical and accessible, Mallika Chopra offers readers a very do able tool for centering and reclaiming the essence of life.I started meditating a year ago and while I extol the many benefits this practice has afforded me, I am also familiar with Chopra s dilemma of the competing demands and expectations of modern life which threaten to overwhelm each of us and steer us away from those things which are most important to our core being Chopra argues that the way to remain centered is through our intentions Putting our essential needs and values out to the universe and believing that something greater than ourselves is working on our behalf and that of all beings is what this book helps readers to understand and practice.She breaks the process into the acronym INTENT A chapter is dedicated to each I loved that each chapter ends with some ways to practice as well as a meditation practice After having incubated the idea of how to get books into the hands of children and adults in my town for over a year, I finally put the idea out to some of the leaders in my community Several embraced the idea and a year later, my small city of 25,000 has nine Little Free Library locations with in the works as we speak Chopra s belief that intent makes a difference is valid in my experience If you are looking for a way to feel less stressed and confident that life is unfolding in a way that makes a difference for you and your world, you need to read Living With Intent Chopra s gentle, honest, and down to earth guidance is invaluable This is one of those books full of common sense wisdom that we are all so good at forgetting Advice about taking time for yourself, being mindful and grateful, telling people you love them.these are all things we know we should do but we get so wrapped up in stressing out about things that don t matter that we forget about the things that do This book is a good reminder It s the little things that matter so much and most of what we worry about not only does not matter but often does not even exist This honest review is in exchange for a free book from bloggingforbooks.org. I presently work at Northwestern University, in the Career Management Center of Kellogg School of Management As such, I have access to neat personal and professional development opportunities Kellogg yearly holds a day long conference called Kellogg on Growth, and staff are able to attend this thoughtful and exciting day of learning, reflection, and intellectual discourse.Mallika Chopra was the keynote speaker at Kellogg on Growth this year, so my interest was thus piqued in her book I have obviously heard of her papa, Deepak, but haven t really read any of his work I have been trying to find ways to introduce meaningful and intentional practices into my life vs mindless Facebook scrolling and drifting through existence and this seemed like a good place to start Plus, we were wanting to kick start a work book club, and because of the Kellogg connection this was an apt selection.Though this book made for excellent book club conversation it isn t one I would recommend for a power read The irony is not lost on me that I was trying to skim read a book on living with intent I originally checked this book out from the library, but realized that I wished I owned it It s the sort of thing that I would like to mark up and refer back to So, I snagged a copy from a used bookstore to add to my library, and keep track of some of the exercises and tips she provides.Overall, I found this to be a good book She does what she sets out to do which is share her somewhat messy journey to purpose, peace, and joy in a way that is vulnerable and mostly relatable I say mostly because I feel like she could should have done a much better job labeling and recognizing the extraordinary privilege present in her life That s where she went a little Goopy, aka, Gwyneth Paltrow, for my tastes I am super pumped you were able to, on a whim, attend a week long exercise retreat but she has financial and familial resources that most people can t even fathom, let along take advantage of It would have been better for her to say clearly and emphatically, And yes, I know there is literally no way you, a normal, could do this rather than how she glossed over it.Also, she has a weird fixation dislike of the concept of Soccer Mom s, so much so, I think she veers into almost shaming territory I see clearly why I ve struggled to come to terms with my soccer mom status It s partly cultural pressure to pull my own weight as a modern woman It s partly intellectual need I want to use my mind and make good on my education I mean, okaaaay But soccer mom s don t just go to soccer 24 7 365 Soccer mom is merely one label that women may place upon themselves And I m pretty sure that being one doesn t mutually exclude oneself from the weight of a modern woman or using my mind I just want her to calm down a little, but it s clear that she is trying to living up to something that she can t quite reach In that, she is relatable, but also a little awkwardly not self aware.All this criticism aside, I really did find great value in her message and her book and I know it is one I will go back to Intent, as she defines defines it Incubate, Notice, Trust, Express, Nurture, and Take Action seems like a doable and measurable goal, and the exercises in the book have already given value to my life. I need this book as reminder to myself to take time for myself, to quiet my mind and recharge my emotional and spiritual batteries I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway I started to read it but abandoned it because chaos and crisis consumed my life at the time Thus I was not living with intent, I was in survival mode Those are times we need a book like this the most and yet we least able to absorb it This book is full of useful exercises and practices to help one find balance and learn to live life mindfully It is not that one reads and is done with It is book to be kept near by as you will keep going back to it as needed I recommend this book as a must read for those that have lost themselves in rush of day to day life, that need to find a way back to living mindfully Your body, mind and spirit will benefit from this book. I won this book from GoodreadsI wanted to learn how to become better organized, and this book help me out, This book would be awesome in a women studies class and a Psy class. Wonderfully written book A great read for re focusing and clarifying where you are in life and what things you need to accept and let go of Its not about striving to be better, its about being happy with where you are and embracing the whole journey. |EPUB ♍ Living with Intent ⚒ As A Mom, Wife, And Social Media Entrepreneur, Mallika Chopra Frequently Wondered How She Could Possibly Do One Thing Like So Many, She Was Taking Lousy Care Of Herself And Having A Difficult Time Finding Richer Meaning And Purpose In Each Day, Even Though That Was Her Business S Mission Living With Intent Is A Practical Yet Deeply Personal Look At Her Year Long Journey To Discover Some Workable Answers Along The Way, She Sat Down With Andrew Weil, Eckhart Tolle, Gretchen Rubin, Marianne Williamson, Daniel Siegel, And Others, Who Shared Their Valuable Input And Insight 3.5The good Chopra manages to connect with the reader in being transparent in her failures There is something really comforting about a self help book that isn t just preachy I think the message behind it is really important living with intent, loving kindness, and self compassion It s not a new concept at all, but her journey brings great insight and I really appreciated some of the anecdotes and interviews she included The bad As another review mentioned, Chopra doesn t really address the privilege that she has She runs off to a luxury retreat, her kids go to a fancy private school with the children of celebrities, she can attend all these seminars and get special treatment because of her father It s interesting to see what that life is like, but she does sort of skip over how there s no way her readers could do things like this I appreciate the intuitive eating section, but there really wasn t anything about body acceptance, and she clearly struggles with it It would have been nice to see that explored in the book as well Lastly, she does quite a lot of plugging of her website social media company in this book, I found it to be a bit over the top.Overall, a good book to start the mornings off with and remind me of some of the important things to incorporate into my daily life. I absolutely loved this book Spiritualism is something I ve been getting I tune with for myself and I thought this was a great book I think somewhere along the way we all lose our intent Whether we intended to become a teacher but are working as an administrative assistant, or whether we intend to take better care of our selves but find that our clothes are getting snug, I think this book serves a purpose for all Personally, I have been struggling with intent for several months This book came to me at a time I needed to read it There were several passages that resonated with me, made me think about my own life, and provided tips and suggestions to help me find my true intent I would suggest this to anyone struggling with career changes, a sense of self, or someone simply looking to find inner calm I am so grateful to have read this. I d give this one a 3.5 if I could I enjoyed reading it and finished it quickly, but I didn t get as much inspiration from it as I have from other books on similar topics Still, it was a good reminder of some important life lessons.