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Wonderful first part of this trilogy I would have given all 5 stars if I hadn t had to skip some paragraphs or even full pages where the author got lost in the details of describing indeed historically interesting but for the story insignificant matters like how they dyed fabrics back in the Middle Ages, or produced cheese, or about some other things that were not really relevant to the story I found this rather boring than supporting, because it slowed down the reading flow I didn t choose to read a history book about ancient customs, I would have loved to have the focus on the romance, to read much about the development of the couple s relationship I think it was a genuine pity that some of those beautiful moments were disrupted by such irrelevant details However, the subtle changing of the characters, their slow growing bond with them coming to understand and accept each other like they are, it was beautifully written I m very looking forward to the second part, I m especially hoping to get to know about the demon s personality A very intriguing hero EDIT after finishing the last book of this series I have to correct my former rating to 5 stars, because despite the things I didn t like, I loved about the first book that it focused on the couple and the development of their relationship Book 3 and 4 were good, but the first two are my favorites of this series. Book two here I come. @Download Book ⚤ The Demon of Darkling Reach (The Black Prince Trilogy, #1) Ø Peregrine Cavendish, Th Earl Of Enzie, Has Made A Devil S Bargain He S Going To Sell Rowena, Isla S Beautiful And Innocent Younger Sister, To A Known Murderer In Exchange For Forgiveness Of His Debts Tristan Mountbatten, The Infamous Duke Of Darkling Reach, Has A Habit Of Marrying Such Women And Then Disposing Of Them Horribly For This And Other Reasons, There Are Rumors That He Practices The Dark Arts That He S A Necromancer That He Is, In Fact A Demon And Studying Him, This Notorious Politician And Realm Builder Across The Table, Isla Can Believe It Believe It All Because She Knows, Even From That First Introduction, That Tristan Mountbatten Isn T Human No One Else Seems To Have Noticed The Obvious, But Isla Has And Is Terrified For Herself, But So For The Sister She Loves The Sister Who S Been Of A Daughter, The Sister For Whom She D Sacrifice Anything So Isla Makes A Devil S Bargain Of Her Own The Demon of Darkling Reach is a dark book done RIGHT Unlike pretenders in this category, that clumsily plow ahead with any evil or macabre subject they can latch onto, thinking that making readers feel disgusted or shocked is the appeal of a dark read, this book elegantly shifts between various shades of grey and appeals to the natural darkness everyone has in them It constantly poses questions that, while easy enough to understand, are vastly philosophical and tackle issues like the nature of morality and the nature of accepting the flaws and darkness within one s self and in another The characters were well fleshed out I loved Isla She s someone I related to her turmoil and complexity felt very human She wasn t made to be wholly good, but in the end one cannot scorn her choices after being immersed in her thoughts and life Unlike a lot of heroines that refuse to allow themselves to feel hatred or anger or to have opinions against the social norm, Isla is a freer character that feels and her feelings always come across as valid and justified her family takes her for granted and mistreats her and she s spent her whole life alone, feeling unwanted and misunderstood, so when she finally finds someone who really sees her, speaks to her, understands her, wants her, whom is kindred with her on a deeper level than any person she s ever met, it s no wonder she can find it in her heart to accept his nature and the things that we d see as flaws and they are pretty intense, what with him being a demon and throw herself into loving him In my opinion, Isla is one of the best heroines I ve ever found in a book Her flaws and complexity and feelings are so real, so humane, so unafraid to simply be I love her Tristan was pretty well fleshed out the author kept us guessing about his real nature for a lot of the book, we never quite knew exactly what he, as a demon, thought or felt or wanted, so we are put in the same boat as Isla, who grapples with uncertainty and doubt regarding him He also comes across as different in the way he behaves, it s not quite human, but also not so inhuman that we can t understand the concepts of what he wants and how he acts Rather, we re given a character that we recognize as different from your average human, but that we can still understand in many ways in spite of this Although even with the love interest being a demon, one doesn t get a sense that Tristan is abusive in the social constructs of the story, which I gather are a mixture of a fantasy world and a medieval like setting, a lot of his domineering behavior isn t unusual after all, this is the time when women were legal property and he s from a very high ranking position, which would socially encourage him to feel he has a right to command the world and its people He isn t always sweet and kind, but he never beats Isla or forces himself on her or emotionally batters her she does have some turmoil, but it s not so much from him cutting wounds into her psyche so much as it is just her experiencing new, scary feelings and needing to work her way through them , and in the end he reveals the horrific truth of his demon nature and gives her the chance to leave him if she cannot accept what he is and the natural differences he has for being a demon I commend the author for handling the idea of a dark relationship well, since we get that forbidden allure of a demon s nature and a heroine who indulges feelings and thoughts that aren t as socially acceptable without making it into something abusive and uncomfortable or gross and pushing the boundaries too far even as you recognize the darker natures of the two characters, you also can t help but support their relationship and how they are deeply connected over their shared loneliness and feelings of being unwanted and misunderstood.Another thing I want to mention is that there is a sort of push and pull to the topic of gender equality, which makes sense since if you re a bit of a proto feminist which, yes, is a little weird, but since this is also a fantasy so I m okay with some artistic license in not sticking 100% to human history in a male dominated world that s essential like the 1400s in Europe, there s bound to be some internal back and forth and some areas in which you concede to the patriarchal views because you simply don t know better or never considered that the view could be wrong Since we re talking about a very medieval world, this back and forth makes sense It s hard to fully empower yourself as a woman and be a complete champion of equality in every regard when you have limited access to knowledge and other opinions and are constantly berated by people who hold opposing opinions that demand the oppression and control of women in every regard Overall, I liked Isla and felt like she stood up for herself and her sex than she participated in their mutual subjugation Also, I want to point out that Isla hated her sister and stepmother, not because they were women, but because they were terrible Part of feminism is recognizing that women can also be downright horrible and that not all hatred and fighting amongst women must stem back to internal misogyny and fighting over a man which happens a lot and I hate because girls don t need to hate on girls for stupid reasons or get Other Girl syndrome where she elevates herself on the basis of not being inherently feminine so therefore she s worthy of better treatment by men , sometimes it happens because a woman is just a terrible person Wow shocking revelation huh.As a forewarning, which, I suppose may come as a spoiler and may not, depends on how familiar you are with demon lore Tristan eats people and in the story he eats one of the maids at Isla s family s estate It s what he has to do as a demon in order to continue living but yeah, he eats people now and then blood and flesh and organs and all I wouldn t say it s cannibalism since he s a demon, though he is technically residing in the body of a human that is his host form, but if that concept bothers you then perhaps skip out There s also general vulgarity and some sexual situations, though I wouldn t say they are very explicit or lengthy.Another thing to keep in mind is that this book, while it doesn t leave on a true cliffhanger or cut off abruptly like a serialization, we aren t left with the most satisfying ending, like a resolution of one arc with several others left to be explored later I think a lot of people have a problem with this because the book is 400 pages long but doesn t seem to accomplish much in terms of plot projection Personally, I found this perfectly fine I like slow burn stories that want to focus heavily on the characters and their feelings thoughts relationships growth etc We are also given a lot of detail in this book the author is a true writer of fantasy World building is pretty great, lots of immersion based writing that wants you to feel like you re in the world with the characters, and lots of explanations are given for the uniquely created elements, like the nature of magic, the world s religion, etc If you re not one for heavier fantasies or dislike languid pages of details or slow burn, character focused stories, you might find this book boring or a drag But if you can love the details and the richness of the story for its slow, tender approach to unfolding this beautifully dark tale, I must say that it is worth it.Five stars in my book And it s going on the eternal favorites shelf I m going to begin reading the next 4 books it s supposed to be a trilogy but book 3 is cut into two large volumes so it s basically four books as far as I m concerned soon and I hope they do even to expand upon this fantasy world and the dark romantic aspect of Isla and Tristan s relationship Also, I was fortunate enough to get this book and the others in the series for free, so if the price tag of 4.99 is a little intimidating keep checking back for a price drop If it was free for a limited time once, chances are it ll go on sale again in the near future Peregrine Cavendish, 12th Earl of Enzie, has made a devil s bargain he s going to sell Rowena, Isla s beautiful and innocent younger sister, to a known murderer in exchange for forgiveness of his debts.RowenaTristan Mountbatten, the infamous Duke of Darkling Reachhas a habit of marrying such women and then disposing of them horribly For this and other reasons, there are rumors That he practices the dark arts that he s a necromancer that he is, in fact a demon.And studying him, this notorious politician and realm builder across the table, Isla can believe it Believe it all Because she knows, even from that first introduction, that Tristan Mountbatten isn t human No one else seems to have noticed the obvious, but Isla has and is terrified For herself, but so for the sister she loves The sister who s been of a daughter, the sister for whom she d sacrifice anything.IslaSo Isla makes a devil s bargain of her own The writing is a little hard to get in to at first, too much detail on non important areas, it s like reading a history book about the typical and mundane happenings in a late middle ages court the plot is pretty good, but the execution leaves something to be desired It s not a novel I would re read or I feel will stay with me for any length of time It was an okay, if very flawed, read to pass the time. 2.5 stars for this book that doesn t know if it s horror, romance, or a medieval history textbook A very dry, overdone medieval history textbook.I literally had to skip pages and pages of history on medieval medicine, technology, hygiene, and the foundations of the beliefs in white and black magic I tried to read all the info dumps I really did But when it went on for pages and pages and pages Cariad s soliloquy on magic was my breaking point , I just started skimming til I got back to the actual story We get it these people were dirty and ignorant and dropped like flies Can we move on now The actual plot part was slow as well I m beginning to suspect that this series should ve been just one book, omitting the sonorous history lessons and focusing on the narrative that the reader can actually get in to Unfortunately, there are at least two if not three books, and I suspect that finding out what I want to know view spoiler which is what, exactly, Tristan Mountbatten is, what his plans are for Isla, and when if ever she actually grows a spine and stops whining about how ugly she is hide spoiler This story didn t romanticize the Dark Ages the lack of hygiene, the hypocrisy of the church, the narrow gender roles were all right there for the reader to smell The heroine had a wry humor that colored her descriptions that I found refreshing at first, then got tired of She is a modern woman in a period in history that doesn t allow for her independence But instead of fighting for happiness in her circumstances, she hates on everyone And everyone has something for her to hate This set her up for being rescued by someone she fears, with good reason The hero has legitimate things for the heroine to hate him for, but of course, she falls for him Her confusion about the hero brought this down a star for me The paranormal sides of this story are set up as the only reasonable ideas and the heroine justifies the hero s horrible behavior because it is in her best interests It made me mad The demon ends up being nicer to her than all other humans even though view spoiler he eats them He also has the virginal heroine give him oral with gagging while she gets kisses and mild groping Her independent spirit dies and she turns into a doubting damsel that doesn t have friends so she is desperate to go off with the only person to call her beautiful the demon hide spoiler H eats humansplus h sounds terrible According to Wikipedia EVIL, in a general context, is taken as the absence or complete opposite of that which is ascribed as being good Often, evil is used to denote profound immorality In certain religious contexts, evil has been described as a supernatural force For 426 pages in P.J Fox s The Demon of Darkling Reach, Isla Cavendish delves into the question of whether or not Tristan Mountbatten is evil Fox describes this journey with such passion and agony and fluctuating Socratic method that I know these characters will stay with me for a long time.Isla knows Tristan is tempting, manipulative, possessive, malevolent, frightening, insightful and handsome But is he evil It seems for every positive reflection on his character there is a counterbalance placed on the scale For instance, Tristan is kind to his young page, but he probably killed the boy s father The duke is protective of Isla, but executes that defense with barbarism Chivalrous actions are played out with sly intent At times Tristan acts with compassion than Isla s family or even the visiting priest There is the sense that the people of Enzie and Isla s family are pawns on Tristan s chessboard Yet, he has clear desire to better their lot The gray areas of violence in war and rebellion make ascribing pure evil to Tristan even difficult Can he even love Is he a demon or a man Making it even difficult for Isla to determine Tristan s true nature is that everything she has always trusted in her life is suddenly in question Her beloved sister is strangely malcontent Her father s indifferent affection is hostage to financial gain Her place managing Enzie is usurped by chains of betrothal This young girl is standing on the precipice of the rest of her life and she is frightened And perhaps the scariest part of all is the knowledge that her life with Tristan may not be all that long lived.As in any discussion of evil, religion plays a part Fox has crafted a fantasy religion loosely based on the early Roman Catholic Church, particularly as early church practices related to attitudes on women and heresy Structured religion is characterized as filled with hypocrisy and ignorance Any positive or loving doctrine is ignored, which I found odd for a book that seemed intent on balancing views of good and evil in nearly every other context.The biggest negative about this book is that Fox gets too caught up in the minutiae of medieval life in the fantasy world she has created There were paragraphs and sometimes pages detoured from the plot to describe such things as bow making, why certain months have certain names, medieval table etiquette and the difference between a bard and a minstrel You can skip entire pages in this novel and miss nothing related to the plot Most annoying were the placement of these little wanderings, usually in the middle of a conversation But even with all of this overwhelming but educational detail, I still forged ahead, needing to see what would be disclosed about Tristan next and how Isla might react to that revelation.The book ends without resolution, but is advertised as a trilogy, so it was expected I will definitely pick up the next book to learn what happens with Isla and Tristan and whether evil takes over their lives or if redemption is on the horizon. 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