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~READ PDF ♖ Pitch Imperfect ♸ Once Famous Singer Anjuli Carver Has Returned To Tiny Heaverlock Village Alone And Nearly Broke She S Poured Every Last Penny Into A Rambling Victorian Manor, Hoping To Start Over Trouble Is, Her Money Pit Is Falling To Pieces And The Only Restoration Architect For Miles Is Rob Douglas Her Ex Fianc For Eight Years, Rob Has Regretted Not Telling Anjuli Why He Never Answered Her Letters Being Left At The Altar Broke His Heart, But Being Used For Sex One Night In London After The Fact Nearly Drove Him To The Edge Of Sanity, And He Ll Be Damned If He Allows Anjuli To Wreak Havoc On His Life Again He Ll Restore Her Manor, All Right, And Give Her Taste Of Her Own Medicine While He S At It But How Long Can Revenge Last When Memories Of Their Shared Past Keep Rushing To The Surface Soon, Rob Wants Answers Why Did Anjuli Leave The International Spotlight To Become A Recluse In The Scottish Borderlands And Why Does She Refuse To Sing Anjuli Wants Nothing Than To Be Left Alone With Her Grief, Even As She Struggles To Keep Her Sexy Fantasies About Rob In Check With Gossipy Villagers, Interfering Friends And Secrets Between Them Than Notes On A Scale, Anjuli And Rob Will Need To Find Forgiveness In Order To Work Together, Then Decide If They Re Willing To Risk It All On An Encore Performance Pitch Imperfect should draw in fans of Elise Alden as well as readers who like their romances sweet yet fiery.Anjuli has returned to Scotland as a worn out singer whose career is tumbling out of control and whose heart is broken after walking out on her fianc on their wedding day She plans to turn an old castle into a bed and breakfast, but that might require her to beg for help from her ex Rob, a successful architect.Rob is still angry and in no mood to mend fences with Anjuli Meddling townsfolk aren t any help as they continue to meddle in their relationship, although it is none of their business However, this is a second chance romance so will sparks fly between Anjuli and Rob or between Anjuli and anyone else This is a wonderful story and well worth reading. I really enjoyed this book and I LOVED Rob s Scottish accent I would love to listen to this on Audible.Rob is forgiving, determined, patient and totally swoon worthy even though he did a very bad thing by leaving Anjuli hanging once she came to her senses Anjuli is dealing with a loss and secrets, while punishing herself by running away from happiness At times, I wanted to shake Anjuli for being so stupid I thought she was coming around when she said this to Rob Because you asked and I hate romance films where they spend the entire time fighting over a stupid misunderstanding they could ve cleared up if you if the hero had just answered his bloody phone I was like YES.clear this up, have make up sex and stop all of the craziness Speaking of sex, the scenes were HOT and it didn t take over as the story The story and writing is very good but it was a little challenging for me not to skip around because I wanted to get the interesting part The supporting characters had their drama s going on also, maybe that was the cause of my attention span shortfall The epiloque was sufficient with an approprite HEA. While the writing and storyline are definitely good, two things keep me from giving the book a higher rating first of all I skipped a few chapters towards the end not very polite, but I got bored and secondly I really didn t like Rob s behavior during the last scene in the pub before the happy end. I was given a copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Pitch Perfect by Elise Alden was a sweet and spicy romance Anjuli, a washed up, award winning singer, has returned to her hometown of Heaverlock, Scotland in an attempt to put the pieces of her broken heart back together She is in the depths of an almost overwhelming grief and loss that she may never be able to overcome However, returning home and her sister will be no walk in the park she has plenty of obstacles to overcome the biggest is her ex fiance, Rob He is a successful architect who is trying to forget the day Anjuli walked out on him, their wedding day Anjuli will have to throw herself on his mercy to complete the restoration of a beautiful, dilapidated castle that she plans on turning into a B B He is her only hope, but will he do it When they meet in the local pub, the sexual chemistry is alive and well between them Anjuli doesn t believe she deserves happiness, and Rob is still angry and resentful toward her Will they be able to let go of their past and give love another chance Throw in meddling townspeople, family, a sexy vet who is vying for Anjuli s attention, and a reporter described as having the ethics of an African dictator who is after Rob, and it appears unlikely But, can anything keep soul mates from one another Read on to find out While I loved the romance and sex, I feel in love with the characters and the village The characters were written in a way that really connected me with them Anjuli was stubborn, but I could understand why she made the decisions she did Her heart was obliterated, and I felt her deep pain and anguish Rob was one sexy Scot in a kilt BTW, he goes commando when wearing it YUM But, it s his heart that makes him have such sex appeal He is loyal and stubborn too, and he refuses to give up on Anjuli I have to say one of my favorite characters was Mrs P, Rob s secretary Who wouldn t love a grandmother who reads The Grandparent s Guide to Modern Sexuality, and then uses her new terms on her boss Literally, laughed my butt off whenever she was in a scene The village and other townspeople were described so vividly that I felt like I was a local Second chance romance is one of my very favorite genres, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one I am interested to see if she will write any books about Damien, Ash, Viking, Ben, and Mac I would love to see them get their HEA Review written for Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews. I fell in love with Elise Alden a few months ago when I read her debut novel, Hate To Love You That book was such a surprise, because the story was sexy, heartbreaking, fun, and entertaining Well, she delivers again with Pitch Imperfect In this sweet second chance love story, two proud, imperfect characters have to learn to let go of the past in order to save what they once had.I love Alden s characters because they are flawed, they make mistakes, and they have to deal with the consequences in real ways This book starts off with Anjuli returning home to her small Scottish town, tail tucked between her legs, heartbroken because of a tragedy She s a once famous singer, who s lost her money and her voice, and she s trying to find happiness in a rumbling home that holds good memories Unfortunately for her, small towns have long memories and wagging tongues, and with all eyes on her, Anjuli tries to hide her grief, especially from one set of eyes in particular.Rob Douglas is Anjuli s jilted ex fianc , and he s hell bent on forgetting what they once had, and not falling for the girl who broke his heart Too bad that s easier said than done Rob is a hot blooded, Scottish hunk, with caveman ish tendencies, but where Anjuli is concerned, he s vulnerable A mixture of hard and soft, brusque and gentle, Rob is a great book boyfriend, and I enjoyed swooning over him.I loved how this author expressed the bond between these two characters There s something about reading about characters that have a long history That bond, those feelings are there from the very first pages, and the uncertainty, the push and pull of not knowing whether they ll end up together is quite addicting I love these types of stories Pitch Imperfect is a quick read but it has depth, and it will keep you entertained It reads like an indie romance movie, with life like characters who have quirky personalities I d recommend this to anyone who likes stories about finding love again, who enjoys characters who must overcome mistakes of the past, and anyone who enjoys a slow burn, because Elise Alden teases the reader until the very end, keeping you unsure of whether these two characters will learn from their mistakes and get their HEA Enjoy Originally posted on Three Little Birds Book Blog Connect with me on Facebook and Twitter To read this review and others like it check out my site at www.homelovebooks.com I went back and forth between whether or not I should give this three or four stars, because ultimately I did enjoy this book, I read it from beginning to end in one sitting, but at the same time, I don t think this book stuck with me after I was done reading it like some other books I have read So when the book starts you have Anjuli coming back home to start her life over from scratch basically She used to be a very famous singer, making millions of dollars, but when the book starts her personal life has completely imploded, and she has lost pretty much every penny she has What little she did have left she used to buy a Victorian manor that is basically a total money pit, and can only be fixed buy the one guy in town she doesn t really want to see her ex The guy she left behind to follow her dream From the beginning you could tell that Anjuli is totally dealing with some serious stuff, some traumatic stuff, but you don t really get the full picture of what happened to her until later on in the book She really opposed to have anything to do with her life as a famous musician, she doesn t want to sing in town or to give interviews to the local paper I actually liked her, and I respected her When she was young she left her fiance behind to follow her dream, and now as an adult she is starting over from scratch, that s admirable, especially in light of what happened to her I also liked how good of a sister she is Rob is an all around good guy He is active in the community, he s a good brother, and seems to be a good boss as well But I felt like he pushes Anjuli, granted he didn t have any idea about why she s back in town or what happened to her He s an interesting romantic interest, because of the history the two of them share The two of them seem to want to revisit the past, all while being completely against revisiting their prior relationship, makes for some interesting push and pull The book was a little slow in places and I thought maybe the book was a bit too long for the story I didn t like how one of the characters ended up with Anjuli, the situation just seemed too over the top, but you will have to read to see if you agree Overall, I did like the book, I liked the characters, and I love having second chances If you like stories with musicians, or romances taking place in Scotland, you should without a doubt check out this book. ARC for ReviewAnjuli Carver a once famous singer returns home to her small town Heaverback Village with secrets Buying an old old Scottish castle she dreams of renovating it and turning into a bed and breakfast She still mourns the death of her child Chloe who died, her ability to sing since the death of her daughter, her disappearance of money by her manager and bad investments as long as a her former ex husband gambling loan that he still owes her Despite her lack of funds she tries to renovate the castle.But she needs the architect help of her former fianc who she left at the altar when she was younger to start her singing career She has never quite forgotten him since he was her first love but he was too busy at the time seeking his architect career and did not try to find her after she left.Rob Douglas can not forgive her disappearance At the time, he just learned that he had cancer and was going to tell her the morning before their wedding When she disappeared he vowed not to tell her the reason since he did not want her to marry him because she felt sorry for him.Years later they encounter in a bar in London and he takes her back to her place The attraction is still there as he ends up sleeping with her even though she appears drunk But she calls out another man s name her ex husband in the middle of their sex doing it on purpose He gets upset and leaves as she knew it would hurt him and she does not want him to get close to her again Months later they meet back up at her hometown She did not realize he was the other bidder for the castle as she had out bid for it before knowing her financial status She ends up hiring him for the work as they fight their attraction with rumours about her past and the men in the village.Can these two forgive each other and take a chance again on love Can first love really last as we watch them go full circle. Note This ARC was provided by Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Pitch Imperfect is a standalone contemporary romance novel from Elise Alden and is about two people who were once very much in love and engaged to be marrieduntil the bride leaves her groom waiting at the altar Will eight years apart be enough for them to work together on something they both have fond memories of or is the pain of abandonment and betrayal still too much to overcome Anjuli Carver loved Rob Douglas enough to say yes to his marriage proposal but decided to jilt him on the day of their wedding to pursue her dream of becoming a singer She achieved fame and fortune only to find herself, eight years later, nearly out of both and carrying a burden that made her give up her true passion singing With a dilapidated manor desperately needing to be renovated, Anjuli knows that the only person who can help her is the same one whose heart she broke eight years ago.Rob Douglas has never really forgiven Anjuli Carver for what she did to him eight years ago When he sees her again in London, they have a one night stand that meant something to him but she tells him it was nothing than a random romp for her When she asks him to renovate the very same manor that he was trying to buy, he agrees but he plans on making her feel exactly how he did that night in London.There s a lot that goes on in this book Rob and Anjuli are each keeping their own share of secrets Even after eight years and the fact that Rob never replied to any of Anjuli s letters or that Anjuli abandoned him on their wedding day, these two inexplicably still have feelings of love and lust for each other Then you ve got supporting characters who have their own issues and drag the lead characters into them Sheesh I m all for subplots but when it gets to the point that they begin to interfere with the flow of the overall story then I say they should have gone through a pick and choose phase.Anjuli and Rob were okay lead characters but I didn t really feel a consistent flow of chemistry between the two of them There were moments that the love seemed genuine but there were also times that it felt forced All the secrecy also got to me Anjuli already had secrets of her own and then her sister imposes upon her one secret and then she decides to take on another one courtesy of what happened between her and her best friend The woman never learns SMH I think the book could have been better had it stayed focused on the main plot and not thrown in all the other stuff just to create conflict The situation between Anjuli and Rob was already complicated enough without everything else going on The ending was good and did leave me satisfied with how everything was wrapped up I m giving Pitch Imperfect three stars. Anjuli returns home practically penniless, toting her baggage full of secrets, grief, and regrets to her rundown future BB It s a good thing her sister can give her some hours at the local pub But what really has everyone in a tither is how her ex fiance Rob, the guy she left at the altar, is handling her return.Rob Douglas is an accomplished architect, with lots of opportunities to leave small time life, but once Anjuli comes home, he wants to resolve some unfinished business between them For the most part I liked Rob, especially in the second half of the book, although he did have a tendency to jump through a range of emotions in any given situation One minute he s seductive, then contrite, then silly Sometimes that worked for me and sometimes it didn t.Pitch Imperfect is set in a small town in Scotland, and it covers the typical small town themes of nosy townsfolk, the bachelor everyone wants to marry off, scandals and having everyone in town know your business.Typical stuff It takes a long time for Rob and Anjuli to work through their problems A long time I could have given this a higher rating had that been tightened up somewhat At times Pitch Imperfect was just too wordy I did like the setting, and I liked the story for the most part, I just wished it had moved along at a better pace.Overall, Pitch Imperfect was a solid three star read for me There were parts I liked, and parts I thought could have been better I d love to know about Ash and Viking or even Damien and Mac, as they were interesting secondary characters ARC provided for review This review also appears on my blog at