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#READ EBOOK Ú Balancing The Wheels Õ Feeling Out Of Balance Is A Common Occurrence Perhaps It S Digestive Issues, Or Repeatedly Injuring The Same Shoulder Feeling Over Whelmed By E Mail, Texts, And Social Media, Or Lacking Closeness In Your Personal Relationships Balancing The Wheels Can Help You Identify The Patterns And Connections From Seemingly Disparate Aspects Of Your Life As Relating To Your Specific Chakra Energy Centers Once Identified, This Book Provides Specific Tools, Tips, And Exercises Including Yoga Poses, Pranayamas Breath Exercises , And Meditations To Address Your Imbalances Holistically Aimed At Yoga Students, Teachers, And Novices Alike, This Book Provides A Practical Introduction And Application Of The Ancient Teachings Of Yoga And The Chakra System To Contemporary Daily Life