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Loved these both I don t like all of Gaskell s novels, but these are really good I would have ended Cousin Phyllis differently I love the way Elizabeth Gaskell captured the quirks of small town life in Cranford I can just imagine the protagonist, Mary Smith, trying to keep a straight face during one of Miss Poles speeches or Miss Mattys nervous episodes A really amusing book.As for Cousin Phillis I can t say I enjoyed it much at all It would have gotten maybe 1 star from me on its own The way this poor girl got sick pining for a guy she barely knew just made me roll my eyes Perhaps I m missing the point of the story, but there it is. [Read Pdf] ♨ Cranford & Cousin Phillis ⚖ Cranford Depicts The Lives And Preoccupations Of The Inhabitants Of A Small Village Their Petty Snobberies And Appetite For Gossip, And Their Loyal Support For Each Other In Times Of Need The Village Is Dominated By Women, From The Kindly Spinster Miss Matty, Living In Genteel Poverty With Her Redoubtable Sister, To Lady Glenmire, Who Shocks Everyone By Marrying The Doctor When Men Do Appear, Such As Modern Captain Brown Or Matty S Suitor From The Past, They Bring Disruption And Excitement To The Everyday Life Of Cranford This Volume Includes The Novella Cousin Phillis , Which Depicts A Fleeting Love Affair In A Rural Community At A Time When Old Values Are Being Supplanted By The New Both Works Are Exquisitely Observed Tragicomedies Of Human Nature, Told With Great Delicacy And Affection I watched the BBC Cranford DVD set with Judi Dench as Miss Matty This got me interested in Elizabeth Gaskell, so I got this book from the library to read.Elizabeth Gaskell wrote in the same time period as Jane Austen She, like Austen, focuses on the tiny and small things that make up a community where everything is talked and gossiped about and little escapes the scrutiny of the town members Cranford is a little English town with a high number of single women and widows residing there After Napoleon, this condition was unfortunately very common because so many man had been killed in the wars.The book is a sweet portrait of life with a group of women who have known each other their entire lives and have seen the community grow and develop in ways that they don t entirely approve of but nevertheless live with Yet the stories are told with a real sweetness and love for the characters who have their strange idiocyncracies In the hand of another author, the characterizations would have become cruel or demeaning Elizabeth Gaskell manages to make them kind yet true to life.There is no underlying depth in this book as I have seen in Jane Austen s books There is little plot, mostly stories about different happenings in the town that happen over a period of time Amusements, long lost romances that are examined and then set aside, deaths, marriages, and the return of a long lost and loved brother These happenings are narrated by Mary Smith, the young friend of the elderly spinster sisters, Miss Matty and Miss Deborah, around whom most of the situations take place.Amusing situations include the lace eaten by the cat, the panic in which Cranford is held in fear of robberies and possible spies from France, and in the many little details here and there of a quiet but full life in a small English town.I recommend reading it, although I would not qualify it as literature as significant as Austen s books. Cranford is a satirical story about the goings on in a small English village Cousin Phillis is about love, loss, and finding the strength to move on.Overall, I thought both of these novellas were a bit boring, yet still enjoyable If they were full length novels I would not have rated them higher than 2 stars I appreciate that Elizabeth Gaskell knows how much story she has to tell and doesn t try to over inflate it I much prefer her novels where she tackles social issues regarding the working class If I wanted to read about well to do people filling their days with tea parties I would read Austen. Cousin Phillis is as good a short novel you ll ever read. Finally finished I loved the movie series but oh my The book dragged I can see why they changed it Cousin Phillis was rather quiet and borderline boring Didn t hate either story but didn t love them either. Cranford is a solid five star book My rating is for Cousin Phillis, which is tedious. Cranford is one of the better known novels of the 19th century English writer Elizabeth Gaskell It was first published in 1851 as a serial in the magazine Household Words, which was edited by Charles Dickens The fictional town of Cranford is closely modelled on Knutsford in Cheshire, which Mrs Gaskell knew well The book has little in the way of plot and is a series of episodes in the lives of Mary Smith and her friends, Miss Matty and Miss Deborah, two spinster sisters But what is it about Cranford and its deceptively simple tales of country life that makes the work so appealing It has been aptly described as a piece of exquisite social painting tender and delicate Narrated by Mary Smith, a friend of Miss Matty and frequent visitor to Cranford, the lives, loves, tragedies, and triumphs of the inhabitants of Cranford are woven together seamlessly to create a tapestry portraying timeless emotions and choices.The petty social bickering, cold shouldering and jockeying for importance in the village s pecking order are outlined in a humorous yet pointed way the author loves her characters, with all their faults, and is tolerant of their foibles while holding them up to gentle ridicule In every community there is an arbiter of good taste, a setter of trends, a leader of public opinion, and all the other social whimsies that make up this colourful collection of characters It is not easy to keep secrets in this closed environment, and as Mary Smith remarks, It was impossible to live a month at Cranford, and not know the daily habits of each resident Despite the squabbles and occasional no speaks, the ladies of Cranford would rather die than see one of their own fall by the wayside It is the community spirit that inspires Miss Matty s friends to decide to donate a portion of their annual income to sustain their beloved friend when an investment goes sour As a different kind of history book and one that very possibly the author did not set out to write as such, Cranford is actually an analysis of an early Victorian country town The inhabitants are shaken and disturbed by inevitable changes such as industrialization, the advent of the railway and other events that force an inescapable transition into an increasingly modern world.The appeal of Cranford cannot be better described than in the popularity of the BBC drama series The teleplay by Heidi Thomas was adapted from three novellas by Elizabeth Gaskell published between 1849 and 1858 Cranford, My Lady Ludlow, and Mr Harrison s Confessions The Last Generation in England was also used as a source A gentle, charming read, Cranford has much to offer the discerning reader than a unassuming look at country life. One of my favourite words is saudade and I could not help but think of it here The two stories that make up this book are different in their subjects but both dwell on change and a longing for the past In Cranford, Elizabeth Gaskell, a generation later than Jane Austen writes of the things the latter does not, or could not of the wars that left behind villages full of women, of poverty and of loss Miss Matty might have been an Austen heroine who wasn t swept off her feet and carried off into the sunset Mr Holbrook her lost love It is rather gloomy at times to read of a village full of aging women trying to hold onto a decaying elegance However, the tragedies of every day life can be beautiful as well The chapter where Miss Matty and Mary Smith read and burn old letters was one of the most moving scenes I have read in a long time I found it a little difficult to really like the characters They are elderly, often narrow minded women bound by strict guidelines and a somewhat outdated morality And yet, they are generous in their kindness They might look with disdain on Frenchmen and Red Indians , they might kowtow to aristocracy, but they often go out of their way to help their neighbours whether it is Captain Brown who shocks the good ladies by openly discussing his poverty or the mysterious Signor Brunoni, or even the lame postman of Cranford There are touches of gentle humour here and there the literary contest between Miss Jenkyns and Captain Brown over Charles Dickens and Samuel Johnson, Mrs Forrester s lace eating cat, Miss Pole s faltering bravado at facing a phantom Cousin Phillis is a short novella that subtly intertwines the changing country landscape with a short lived romance There isn t much by way of action here but both the Phillis of the title and her father Mr Holman are engaging, well drawn out characters hard working and rustic and yet well read and thirsty for knowledge One can see a slight similarity to the Goethe quoting Mr Holbrook in Cranford with his alphabetically labeled cows Phillis, with her love of Greek and her attempts to read The Divine Comedy in Italian is at the same time a naive, isolated country girl and her painful journey to emotional growth forms the crux of the story Mrs Gaskell paints a striking picture of the old way of life slowly giving way to the new with harvests and railways, farmer priests and engineers I liked the down to earth, unpretentious tone of both stories and the clarity of Mrs Gaskell s writing is a delight to read She manages to convey tragedy without dragging down the tone of the book and her humour never escalates into farce This is a simple, elegant book, like the times it longs for.