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@Download Epub ë Embrace the Passion (The Blood Rose, #4) î Mastyr Seth Craves His Shifter Bodyguard, Lorelei, But With Her Close Connection To The Enemy, How Can He Ever Trust Her He S Lived A Solitary Life And Needs No One Mastyr Vampire Seth Craves Lorelei, His New Bodyguard, But He Has A Hands Off Policy With Those Under His Command However, The Sexy Glint In Her Eye, As Well As Her Wolf Shifter Ways, Keeps Him In A Fevered State He S Lived A Life Of Enforced Solitude As Mastyr Of Walvashorr Realm, But When The Enemy Arrives, Ready To Invade His Land, He Must Rely On His Bodyguard Than He Ever Dreamed Possible So Much Proximity Breaks Through His Resistance And He Takes The Woman, Marking Her In A Shocking Shifter Way That Overturns His Careful, Analytical World But When Her Connection To The Enemy Puts His Realm In Danger, How Can He Embrace A Serious Relationship With Her She S Loved Him From The First Moment She Saw Him Lorelei Guards Seth Night After Night, Her Heart On Fire She S Loved Him From The Time She Snuck Into His Workout Room And Watched Him Go Through His Rigid Exercise Routine Now Serving As His Bodyguard, She Wants To Take Her Relationship With The Mastyr Of Walvashorr To The Next Level, But Seth Holds Back That He Desires Her Comes Through In His Wicked Mossy Scent, Which In Turn Ignites Her Inner Wolf When He Finally Gives In To His Own Cravings And Makes His Move, She Shows Him How Hot Shifter Love Can Be But Will She Ever Be Than Just His Bodyguard This is the fourth book in the Blood Rose series, and I would recommend that you read these in order for the full impact Although each story could be read as standalone sort of , there is a general overall arc which makessense if you ve read them all Also, it s a wonderful series so there is no reason not to.This is Seth and Lorelei s book both of whom we have met before Poor Lorelei has so many different strands , it s a wonder she knows who she is Seth is a loner by nature, but circumstances made him evenwary of letting anyone close So maybe, just maybe, having someone close with so many different personalities is a good thing For me, that is a resounding YES as I loved how they interacted with each other Lorelei teasing Seth to get a reaction Seth pretending to be grumpy to Lorelei, to make her smile And I have to say too, that I loved the beginning of the book To have our main female admit to loving the main male within the first six paragraphs was brilliant.I loved the depth and storyline to this book I love this Realmevery time I visit With some very sexy scenes, as well asromance than you can shake a stick at, this is definitely one that I can recommend Loved it I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review MerissaArchaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books Well this is the fourth book in this series and so much has changed since the first book Embrace the Dark and that s a really good thing I confess that initially the vibration idea seemed a little overdone, interesting and unique yes but I just wasn t feeling it Now terrible puns aside this series with this book has really developed the idea of the Nine Realms and those who reside there We met both Lorelei and Seth in the last book and it s fair to say that she was crucial to the story development and the author has taken up that idea and just run with it here Seth is uber self contained to the point that he makes loners seem positively chummy Seth wants no one and lives alone and if it wasn t for the fact that his realm needs him I doubt he would have contact with anyone Add one very perceptive Fae Queen to the mixture though and Seth finds himself with a most unusual bodyguard and trust me gene splicing has got nothing on Lorelei Lorelei is full of secrets and if honest she s not even aware of some of them but one thing she knows for sure is that Seth is the only male for her Slight well huge really problem though as Loreleis mother has slaughtered thousands and seems in no hurry to stop What can I say It s quite a short read so a lot happens quickly and yes there is an awful lot of plot development We ve known about the murderous Invictus and the evil Fae behind them but it was quite a departure to see the workings of the shifters in this book Likeable characters and I personally adore the troll Davido as he adds humour As usual Ms Roane takes us on a sensual journey but it s a romance so that works for me I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review I ve read book 1, skipped book 2 3, read this I didn t feel lost reading this, not sure if it s cause I read book 1, though Not sure what happened with this book, I didn t enjoy this like I did book 1 This book flowed so slowly, I was tempted several times to put it down cause I was bored Maybe cause it felt so similar to the other books from this author I ve read a few other books from Caris Roane but from different series, but somehow they all seem to blend into each other IMO, especially the male main characters They all seem to have the same loner, brooding thing going on, and all seem to have the same reluctance to bond with the women they are drawn to They could almost be interchangeable from one book to the next I really didn t like Lorelei s personality at all, Seth s was ok, but nothing special or to want to readseeing as he s so similar to the others I also think Lorelei had too many abilities pop us when needed that just felt to convenient for the plot I think I ll pass on readingfrom this author. The Nine Realms Mastyrs continue to battle evilMore excitement as the Nine Realms continue to battle against the Invictictus and Margetta, the evil fae It is Seth s turn to find his blood rose Lorelei was send by Queen Rosamunde to be Seth s bodyguard Since she saw him a couple of months ago, she has fallen in love with him They both have reasons in their pasts to hold back and not be able to trust or feel worthy But with Lorelei s blood calling to Seth as a blood Rose s would, things heated up fast.I am enjoying this journey through each of the nine realms The only thing I didn t like was how Lorelei kept trying to bring up other men in order to get him jealous With his past girlfriend betraying him, Lorelei s taunts just seem mean to me.