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American author Thomas Ligotti is one of the greatest living writers of supernatural horror fiction He isn t nearly as well known as novelist Stephen King since Ligotti sticks with his muse and literary inspiration by writing short stories Nope, not even one novel from Thomas Ligotti However, Ligotti did write a work of nonfiction recently The Conspiracy Against the Human Race I m listening to the audio book at the moment Fascinating Admittedly, although I don t share the author s view that human life is one unending nightmare, I have been greatly enjoying his reflections As part of his pessimistic thesis, Ligotti repeatedly refers to Norwegian philosopher Peter Wessel Zapffe and his essay The Last Messiah I was intrigued, thus my review Below are direct quotes from Zapffe s essay with my corresponding comments A breach in the very unity of life, a biological paradox, an abomination, an absurdity, an exaggeration of disastrous nature Life had overshot its target, blowing itself apart A species had been armed too heavily by spirit made almighty without, but equally a menace to its own well being The idea here is somewhere along the evolutionary line, in order to sustain our survival, we humans developed a consciousness that empowered us to envision the future and past, to conceptualize, to use symbols and language, to abstract But, as it turns out, to our disadvantage, our developed human consciousness propels us into a world were we are forever attempting to construct meaning, a world were we are constantly yearning and fretting for what we don t have, a world where our stream of consciousness is endlessly spinning obsessively over a past we can t undo and a future we will never reach in a word, perpetual suffering Added to this, we are painfully aware of our own inevitable death And yet he could see matter as a stranger, compare himself to all phenomena, see through and locate his vital processes He comes to nature as an unbidden guest, in vain extending his arms to beg conciliation with his maker Nature answers no , it performed a miracle with man, but later did not know him Not one plant or mineral or animal shares in our uniquely human consciousness, thus on Planet Earth we are alone By the way, this is much of the appeal of science fiction making contact with other forms of intelligent, somewhat human like life forms Zapffe goes on to highlight four strategies we human take in order to shield ourselves from the ghastly truth of the reality of our human condition Isolation By isolation I here mean a fully arbitrary dismissal from consciousness of all disturbing and destructive thought and feeling In other words, we seal out the reality of our constant moving toward death and dying by packing such thoughts and reflections in a mental closet The methods we use to keep the closet door shut are nearly infinite, from nonstop humming to obsessive TV watching to addiction to booze, tobacco and drugs to out and out denial Anchoring The mechanism of anchoring also serves from early childhood parents, home, the street become matters of course to the child and give it a sense of assurance We wrap our individual identity up with some larger group or cause family, friends, country, religion, sports team The craving for material goods power is not so much due to the direct pleasures of wealth, as none can be seated on than one chair or eat himself than sated Rather, the value of a fortune to life consists in the rich opportunities for anchoring and distraction offered to the owner According to Zapffe, the major appeal for owning houses than we will ever use and having money in the bank than we can ever spend is to ground ourselves in the identity of someone with great wealth Sidebar Ironically, the wealth a person has, the others tend to look forward to the death of that person so they can get their hands on the wealth Distraction A very popular mode of protection is distraction One limits attention to the critical bounds by constantly enthralling it with impressions A prime mode of distraction in our modern world being a workaholic, making one s work the alpha and omega of life Sublimation The fourth remedy against panic, sublimation, is a matter of transformation rather than repression Through stylistic or artistic gifts can the very pain of living at times be converted into valuable experiences Positive impulses engage the evil and put it to their own ends, fastening onto its pictorial, dramatic, heroic, lyric or even comic aspects Ah, those artistic and literary types To take suffering and death and use them as the topics for making a film or writing a novel or painting a tragic subject The artist is facing up to suffering and death but at an aesthetic distance so as not to feel the full force of its brutal sting Know yourselves be infertile and let the earth be silent after ye One solution Zapffe proposes stop having kids Not a popular position Just take a gander at the statistics included in the link below Link to Zapffe s essay to World Statistics philosopher Peter Wessel Zapffe, 1899 1990 A pillar to my everyday existence. Una notte, tanto tempo fa, un uomo si svegli e vide se stesso Vide che era nudo sotto il cielo stellato, un senza tetto nel proprio corpo Ogni cosa si dissolveva prima che iniziasse a pensare, stupore dopo stupore, orrore dopo orrore dischiusi nella sua mente Un incipit davvero potente e suggestivo per introdurre un saggio oltremodo nichilista. Suffering is a part of the human experience, and we all have our ways of dealing with suffering, as well as how to deal with the constant pain that comes with existing in the normal world There are people out there who ve decided to truck through life even through its pains and sufferings, but then there s the people who choose to succumb to despair and then there s the people who want to spread the misery around to everyone else, not allowing it to be enough for them themselves to be nihilistic, but have to have everybody else around them to be as miserable and nihilistic as they are Zapffe is much like new atheist gurus Hitchens and Dawkins, not particularly as arrogant as the two, but rather in his attempt to spread his own miserable existence to everybody else around them in an almost evangelical zeal He also apes off of Nietzsche without seeming to comprehend Nietzsche s end goal, even as detestable as it is Zapffe does acknowledge Nietzsche s influence, but decides to abandon Nietzsche s idealism in favor of advocating for mankind s desolation, in fact I even joked on another review of this that him and Rust Cohle from True Detective should hang out, in fact I wouldn t be surprised if Nic Pizzolatto used this essay as an influence for True Detective, as it influenced horror author or as I like to dub him horror s Nietzsche Thomas Ligotti If there is one thing the two get right from Nietzsche, it is how to figurative punch you in the stomach from the sheer power of their arguments Nihilism is persuasive, as this essay shows, and it can be hard to counter But at the end of the day, the battle between hope and despair in the human condition relies on a choice, the choice to embrace hope or to embrace despair As for the majority of the human race, I think that we ve managed to see that there is hope, love, and beauty to be found from this world, and that often tanks baseless nihilism and despair Monty Python s Eric Idle couldn t have had it any better.https www.youtube.com watch v SJUhl Man awoke and saw that he was naked under cosmos, homeless in his own bodywonder above wonder, horror above horror Guaranteed to give you pangs of dread and dejection, so lucid and pessimistic his views are Zapffe was an antinatalist and so know yourselves be infertile But I am inclined towards Camusian absurdism I enjoy life. Peter Wessel Zapffe delivers a poetic and grounded essay on the tragedy of human existence Consider the following all historical societies are devoid of any authentic emotion and we may as well read Nietzsche and still argue there s joy in life in one form or another as if happiness is an unfinished business since fuck knows when As long as this logic persists ignorance will be the guiding light through the fields of agony, paint some happy people stomping on the bloody earth and you ll get a view worth a few vomits The Last Messiah reminds us that human suffering is the basis of the very nature of our species thus pointing to the right direction if someone still stupidly cares to make things better I know I do so 5 stars. By far the most interesting essay on suffering and the human condition I ve read Phenomenal work 3edgy5me {Free Pdf} ó The Last Messiah Ä The Supreme Text Of Antinatalist Despair Norwegian Philosopher Peter Zapffe Re Imagines The Human Condition As A Continuing State In Which The Human Organism Has Over Evolved And Over Lived Its Own Biological Necessities Through Its Over Sized, Superfluous BrainTragic Lyricism And Sublimation Result Something Suspiciously Buddhist Here As Well Ignoble Truths Fans Of Nietzsche And EM Cioran Will Devour This Text Greedily A Short Essay, But Hits Hard, Leaving A Lasting ImpactEnjoy whatever