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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♦ Paradigm ♖ What If The End Of The World Was Just The Beginning Alice Davenport Awakens From A Fever To Find Her Mother Gone And The City She Lives In Ravaged By Storms With Few SurvivorsWhen Alice Is Finally Rescued, She Is Taken To A Huge Underground Bunker Owned By The Mysterious Paradigm Industries As The Storms Worsen, The Hatches Close Years Later, Amidst The Ruins Of London, The Survivors Of The Storms Have Reinvented Society The Model Maintains A Perfect Balance With Inhabitants Routinely Frozen Until They Are Needed By The IndustryFifteen Year Old Carter Warren Knows His Time Has Come Awoken From The Catacombs As A Contender For The Role Of Controller General, It Is His Destiny To Succeed Where His Parents FailedBut Carter Soon Discovers That The World Has Changed, In Ways That Make Him Begin To Question Everything That He Believes In As Carter Is Forced To Fight For Those He Loves And Even For His Life, It Seems That The Key To The Future Lies In The Secrets Of The Past I had been dying to read this book as soon as I heard about it from Bookouture, and it s safe to say it was worth the wait Once I picked it up, I couldn t stop reading it.I m a sucker for all things YA dystopian lately, so The Rising Storm was right up my alley It s a cracking opening to a series, setting up the characters nicely, and with some really interesting story arcs.I really enjoyed the pace of The Rising Storm Nothing is out of sync in terms of how the narrative jumps between characters and their experiences in the past and present I liked how the author was able to weave it all together, and although I was left with some questions, I m glad to know that there is to come with this series.Clever, engaging and with excellent character development, I raced through The Rising Storm Bring on the next one Highly recommended I got sent this book in exchange for a honest review, all my opinions are my own and thank you so much to the publishers for sending me this book The world in this book was so beautifully crafted and the setting was so intriguing and I wanted to learn about this place.The book was such a good read and was a very plot driven book and that s why I think I couldn t really connect with any of the charcaters which was a real shame because I would have loved to give this a higher rating I got this novel through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review My copy being an ARC, some things in it may be different than they are in the published book I m not sure what to make of Paradigm On the one hand, while its cover is terribly reminiscent of Divergent, and while it also deals with a dystopian world, it does so in a different way than what is usually seen in similar novels the reader is actually given to see both the dystopian society and its origins, through the eyes of Carter present time and Alice past time On the other hand, I did find the story confusing in several places, and its good ideas not exploited enough.What I liked Two timelines with their own characters I m fond of books that make use of different timelines, because I always hope this will give me a deeper insight on what s happening to whom, and where and when it s happening It opens up a lot of possibilities, and the one here seeing what led to the present time dystopian state led by the Industry is definitely interesting The thought process involved is somewhat logical enough the old world failed us and we failed it, so if we are to survive, we must destroy what s left and reinvent something new, not try to recreate our old lives Alice s bleak background, and how she decided to shape a life for herself She lost her father when she was still quite young, her mother had to sleep with men to earn money it s heavily implied that the forbidden room was where she would welcome customers at times, or at least, that s how I understood it , her daily life and surroundings were far from brilliant When the Storms hit, when she was brought underground with other survivors, she decided that she was given a chance to start all over, on equal footing with people who, before the catastrophe, had money, weren t bullied at school, had better prospects than her She didn t dwell on the misery, on the lost world, and when she did, she realised she had to come to terms with it, because it would never come back, and moping wouldn t change anything, except set her back The way she grew up after that, the way her mind shaped itself, was fascinating both for its positive take and for its wickedness, as contradictory as it may seem she started from a now I have the same chances as everyone else approach to go through a process that would make her a perfect candidate for establishing a dystopian society The setting No USA this time, but London I love London I m totally biased about London And the Black River definitely lives up to its name Every person who s been to living in London must know by now that the Thames isn t fit for diving, even now No romance, or so little a couple of kisses, a few memories that it didn t really matter Don t misunderstand me, I can appreciate romance, but YA novels, whether dealing with dystopia or not, so often end up with stories boged down by love triangles and lovey dovey scenes that it quickly gets old Love wasn t the focus here, it never was, there were so many other things to tackle first, and that s exactly what the author did.What I didn t like The world building started off on an intriguing footing, but some things didn t make much sense I would ve liked the Storms phenomenon and its origins to be better explained than we ruined our planet with pollution and now it s too late Was it the same in every country Can it only be the same everywhere Where are the other countries, anyway because it seems London is the only place left in the world here How come the Storms happened so fast What about the government s actions, the Army s, the Navy s, the police s it looks as if they didn t do anything, and just died like everyone else Also, hurricanes by definition can t hit Northern Europe windstorms, sure, but not technically hurricanes Another thing that bothered me why were the Scouts affected by the water when they were equipped with hazmat anti radiation suits From what I know, those are supposed to block particles, and I doubt whatever was in the water was tinier than alpha and beta particles and there was heavy radiation around, since exposure was shown to lead quickly to radiation poisoning, with hair falling in clumps, bleeding, etc If the water could affect them, then shouldn t they have died of such poisoning pretty fast, too Which still happens too fast, by the way Radiation sickness develops in 24 48 hours, not a few minutes only Although it s something younger readers might not pay attention to, you can never tell what they know exactly, and I think those things will clearly lead to questioning Carter s arc went too fast in places, and I found his character inconsistent He started like the perfect brainwashed candidate for Mr Dystopian World Of The Year, having worked all his short life to become Controller General, which is totally all right with me in such a setting but then, he seemed to be affected too quickly by what he discovered, to be swayed and changed too drastically His development may have been believable to me if he had had contact with Ariel and Lucia, with Isabella, with Iseult, and hadn t been influenced so easily Speaking of which, the characters in general didn t feel very developed I think the problem might ve stemmed from the use of two timelines, demanding that the focus be on many things As a result, we d probably have needed a longer novel, in order for most of those people to be given their chance at development A lasting feeling of confusion It somehow worked in the beginning, in that it reflected Carter s own confusion upon waking up, but after a while, I wasn t sure any why the story jumped to this or that scene, and I always wondered if I had missed a chapter in between The whole process of waking up people 15 20 later for them to contribute to society wasn t too clear in its origin and goals In a way, I can understand the desire to keep people with specific skills in cryo sleep if they re not absolutely needed in the now, in order to wake them up at a time when their skills are in demand However, why wake up a few kids and make them compete for Controller General position when they haven t even had time to get adjusted to a world 15 years older than the one they knew The Industry knew things had been changing, they wanted someone to right them, and I can t decide if this made sense keep the kids in the dark so that they compete the way they would have 15 years ago, and bring back ways considered as appropriate or not having data in hand could help contenders to grasp the situation and adapt their actions in order to make society the way they had known it The writing style overall an easy read, but sometimes I found sentences that didn t make much sense, clauses with missing words, or descriptions that were way too vagueThere was something about him, thought Alice, that reminded her of something, but she couldn t quite place itAs said, though, this was an ARC, so those problems might have been edited out of the final version.I m rating this book 1.5 stars because I really appreciated it not giving in to the pressure of YA must have romance and for dealing with the making of a dystopian world, not only its current existence But it still left me frustrated on way too many accounts. I requested through NetGalley to receive this book for free in exchange for an honest review This is my first disclosure My second disclosure is that I am a thirty something reading a YA book so I am not it s intended audienceYou have five minutes of this life leftThe first line of the book is a great opener and really draws you in But then just a few sentences later it mentions something about the over thirties which gets my back upIf he could keep himself together, then surely the old timers should be able to manage it It just confirmed everything he knew about anyone over thirtyDespite the inference that I m an old timer, I carried on with the story I really like how the story was told It is written in third person from two different POVs and two different time frames Confused Well there s no need to be as it s really well done Carter Warren, a 15 year old boy, shows us what it s like in a present day post apocalyptic world while Alice Davenport shows us how life as we know it changed forever and how the new society was formed I thought this was quite unique among the dystopian post apocalyptic stories out there as we generally see what it s like after the s t has hit the fan as opposed to as it s happening Each chapter switches POV to progress the story and each story line makes things fall in to place in the other.While we don t know exactly what has caused the Storms, it s obviously global warming related in some way The Storms came followed by floods then people died Any remaining stragglers were picked up by Paradigm Industry and taken underground to sit it out until a society could be established above ground again This is the bit I found scary Not in a horror story kind of way but that this could happen Corporations gaining control and being in charge is where we re heading now While we still have a government in our country many of the MPs have shares or some other involvement in big businesses and banks, so laws are passed to favour themselves, we have schools sponsored by companies and things being tendered out to private companies such as homeland security and prisons to name just a few.So Back to the story 87 years down the line, technology has advanced significantly and people are chosen by the Industry to go back in to the catacombs underground to be frozen in stasis for an unknown period of time to be awakened in the future to bring balance to society Carter Warren is one of those people who were chosen and frozen just aged 15 to be brought back in the future as a contender to be Controller General, the person in charge of the Industry and Society as a whole.I forgot to mention that the book is set in London too which I also liked being a Brit myself.Whilst reading, I felt like I was waiting for the obligatory romance to start which always seems to crop up in YA books But it didn t happen which was quite refreshing There were some mentions of crushes and love and the odd kiss and cuddle but it wasn t the main focus of the story And no angst A few interesting issues are raised in this book Carter has sex for the first time, aged 15 on his going away party, and gets a girl pregnant with twins I thought this sends a clear message to the YA audience to practice safe sex and that even on the first time you can get pregnant, although the message is implied rather than being spelled out It also briefly addresses paedophilia sexual assault with Alice being attacked by an old man whilst she was under his care Difficult topics to broach but they were woven in to the story nicely and sensitively.I felt that some of the things that happened were predictable while other things happened which were really unexpected but were good and blew me away I also felt that some characters were well thought out and developed, for example Alice and Carter, while others not so and it was difficult to understand who they were and what they stood for At times things happened and I wasn t sure what, leaving me feeling confused although that eased off as things were explained later in the book.I really liked that it covered the creation of a post apocalyptic world and the reasons why they made the choices they did and the omissions they made to society and life I also get why those restrictions which once worked no longer do when time moves on and why 87 years later people are rebelling against the rules If I could, I would give this 3.5 stars but I can only give whole stars so 3 stars it is All in all I thought it was an enjoyable read Will I be reading the sequels I d quite like to know how the story progresses so I probably will. Every expedition of any kinds requires sacrifices and sometimes they are one too many But survival calls for it everytime This is the experience of Alice who has seen the world getting destroyed by the Storms till Paradigm Industry rescues her and trains her to build their own community of survivors for the next generation, but a functional community with no creativity, no music no books horrors Till 90 years later, Carter is awakened from a cryogenic sleep, when the Industry decides it is time for him to become the Controller General of their Model establishment But where there are rules, there is always rebellion against them And then it is Carter s journey till he is betrayed Ceri A Lowe has created a unique world where we get to see how it all started via Alice s eyes and where it is leading to via Carter s journey I liked the way she has kept this impending aura of anticipation wondering if the 2 worlds would meet There is an excitement in the air as the pages are turned, knowing that the truth of both their journey resides in Others The book has a few things which are not explained, about the Model and the science of the community, they did niggle me But being the first in the series, I think the author is laying down the foundation of the characters as well as leaving us with the need to know. What would you create after the end of the world Cleverly winding together two compelling characters story lines as they approach this question from very different view points, Paradigm is an exciting and wonderfully written debut novel For fans of dystopian fiction who are looking for something much less formulaic and a little grown up than a lot of its competition The world of the Industry is an eerily plausible and seductively logical background to a great story, beautiful details and big questions Read it The ReviewThis book is proof that you shouldn t judge things just by what they re billed as What could have been a cheap ripoff and cash in attempt on the popularity of The Hunger Games and Divergent instead is something that shines, and is full of its own originality The Dystopian Young Adult genre may be overcrowded right now but Paradigm is something that s worth checking outBane of Kings, The Founding Fields What if the end of the world was just the beginning Alice Davenport awakens from a fever to find her mother gone and the city she lives in ravaged by storms with few survivors.When Alice is finally rescued, she is taken to a huge underground bunker owned by the mysterious Paradigm Industries As the storms worsen, the hatches close.87 years later, amidst the ruins of London, the survivors of the Storms have reinvented society The Model maintains a perfect balance with inhabitants routinely frozen until they are needed by the Industry.Fifteen year old Carter Warren knows his time has come Awoken from the catacombs as a contender for the role of Controller General, it is his destiny to succeed where his parents failed.But Carter soon discovers that the world has changed, in ways that make him begin to question everything that he believes in As Carter is forced to fight for those he loves and even for his life, it seems that the key to the future lies in the secrets of the past As the quote above suggests, I was initially put off by Paradigm It looked a bit too much like familiar territory for me and quite frankly it s annoying to see yet another young adult dystopian fiction title when there s so much to the science fiction genre than just post apocalyptic scenarios in a world screwed up I for one, would kill to see a fully blown Space Opera young adult book think the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie for where I m getting my thoughts from I d take space opera as a trend anyday over well, this.However, as is proven in the case of The Hunger Games, there are some titles worth reading from this subgenre, and Paradigm is a great example, with a plot that isn t exactly your standard dystopian fare, and for a refreshing change, it s actually set in London or at least, in part and that pretty much gains points from me right there because I will read pretty much any SciFi Fantasy that has some version of London as its origin, purely because I m an ex Londoner myself.The book isn t just set in London though It deals with an interesting scenario where the narrative actually has an 87 year split The book tells the story of how the world went to hell, and what happened in the future It s smart, compelling, and Ceri A Lowe has found a good way to bridge the gap and keep both stories relevant.The main characters are interesting and compelling Alice Davenport is essentially the main character from the present, where we get to see London destroyed by storms that leave little survivors She s lost her mother, and it s interesting to see how Lowe handles Alice s character in the aftermath and as she develops over the course of the book However, what makes a refreshing change from the likes of Divergent and The Hunger Games is that there s actually a shift in narrator rather than sticking with Alice throughout the whole book, we also meet Carter Warren, who s a fifteen year old 87 years into the future, who has his own problems.What also makes this book stand out from the crowd is that we get to see the dystopian setting not only from the perspective of the rebels but we also get the reasoning behind its creation Why was a strict Government necessary It s an interesting addition and the time split in the narratives helps Lowe illustrate how much things have changed It s handled well and that s not just the only thing that feels fresh about the dystopian setting in this novel.For a start, there s virtually no romance Paradigm doesn t fall into the trap of other books by overloading on love triangles and making the romance become the main focus of the plot Like the refreshing changes and additions to the book, it really helps make it stand out This isn t just your average cheap cash in novel, folks.It proves there s still good things to be found in the young adult dystopian genre, even if I d rather that we moved on from this craze.There are a few problems however, and for a start, I d like to talk about the cover It just feels so same y and as though we ve been there, and done that The addition of the London skyline is good but change should have been made to make this book standout It doesn t detract from the main experience of the storyline but it probably should have been improvedCarter s development is unfortunately inconsistent, and happens too quickly and too fast The change should have happened at a slower pace and he shouldn t have been influenced as easy as he did, and as a result his story comes across as weaker than Alice s.On the whole then, Paradigm is a mostly successful read It s compelling, engaging and a refreshing dystopian Young Adult novel that can come recommended despite its flaws.VERDICT 7.8 10 I thought I was going to hate this book I thought it was going to be a rehash of the same book I ve been reading over and over for the past three years Consider me surprised Dystopian series usually focus on the end of the dystopian society This one focuses on the formation of one Teenaged Alice is put in charge of building a new world after freak storms ruined the current one And then there s Carter groomed to one day be the leader But while he s been frozen the political climate has changed and there s rebellion developing The book ends in a very precarious place for our characters and I m really excited to see what happens in Book 2. Dystopian and YA are two of my favourite genres so I was excited to get suck in to the first book of this trilogy I loved how the story was told over two timelines Alice at the point of the world s collapse and Carter in the future that has adapted to the new way of living and is oblivious to how the world was before the creation of the Paradigm society.In all honesty I preferred Alice s narrative witnessing the devastating effects of the vicious storms that rip London apart and how ten year old Alice survived and eventually thrived horrific scenes to eventually lend a hand in the creation of a new society was gripping Her policies are rightfully questioned by Carter years after the event but at the time she believed what she was doing was for the greater good Go Alice Also, as I ve mentioned, I m a huge fan of dystopia and so in the destruction and survival of people in the immediate aftermath I m not sure what that tells you about me Where Alice was building the future and safeguarding future generations, Carter has his eyes opened to the truth of his family and the harsh reality of mankind s history being erased He begins to question the politics of the Paradigm which is pretty awkward as he has been raised to be a leader of the people and the powers that be are not comfortable with him questioning their authority I did enjoy seeing his beliefs change throughout the story.The Rising Storm is a great start to the trilogy and I will definitely be reading the rest.My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my copy