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Green s lust at first sight to love story is sensational Her charming, broken hero and determined heroine rule every page with their palpable sexual tension, lively repartee and viscerally carnal love scenes RT Book Reviews, 4 1 2 stars TOP PICK.Miniseries The Chatsfield Orla Kennedy is in control and always ensures everything goes her way, and most importantly she never takes risks It s just not her style.But on the eve of a business deal she s tired, stressed out and in desperate need of blowing off some steam, this leads her to sharing a drink with an attractive stranger and also a night of unbridled passion It s the best night of her life and she ll never forget it But work looms on the horizon and she places the super hot memories in the back of her mind Easy as relive, day dream a little and then get all hot and dirty minded and then back to work, yeah right This is a Abby Green book so we know that will never happen.And it doesn t, soon she discovers her one night stand is her rival, the fearless Antonio Chatsfield He has pretty much everything he wants and is known as a war hero, so fame, fortune the whole set up is there, but his life feels as empty as his recently vacated bed Yet he still drags himself over to The Chatsfield, London to aid his sister But when he comes face to face with the woman who came apart in his arms just hours before he starts forming a new merger of a entirely different kind.This was a brilliant book in true Abby Green fashion, from the very start till the very end The author weaved a tale of secrets, passion and rivalry with exquisite detail and with her unique slightly dark almost mysterious bordering on sweet writing style she created characters I will never forget.The character of Orla was wonderful, I loved her spirit and fun I handle it all attitude, it did show her as a little too much self involved, but only slightly for as we all know we always think at some stage in life we can handle everything and anything that comes our way, without so much as a drop of help from anyone, so the character did still have that realistic feel I adore so much in romance reads The character of Antonio, was super hotness combined with just a smidgen of darkness that every now and then breaks through the barrier of being fair, kind and sweet but not too sweet that he doesn t go all out in getting who and what he wants Through both characters the author showed that in life there is the past and there is the present What we think of the past is what will hold us back, what we do with the present is what will ultimately set us free from the past Of course that s is a message us readers have seen in many other books, yet this author brought it home in a different manner , slightly familiar but with a new kind of flare, that I thoroughly enjoyed.I highly recommend this read for all who love a good can do anything my way war hero meets head strong heroine and is brought to his knees story 4.5 star review The ultimate rivals become trapped in the ultimate game, but who will win @DOWNLOAD EBOOK Ð Rival's Challenge ⚶ When One Night With A Stranger Becomes On The Eve Of A Business Deal, Nerves Get The Better Of Orla Kennedy, And A Drink With A Handsome Stranger Ends In A Night Of Passion She Ll Never Forget Only After Does Orla Discover That The Man In Question Is Antonio Chatsfield Her Rival Antonio Never Wanted To Return To The Chatsfield, But His Sister Needs His Help, So He Has Little Choice But When He Meets The Woman Who Came Apart In His Bed Just Hours Before, Antonio Decides To Set His Sights On A Different Kind Of Merger 3.5 4 stars I was going back and forth on what rating I wanted to give this book The problem was that I looked at this book in two different ways so I have two different ratings in my head because of that In the grand scheme of things it wasn t a bad book and at times it did shine for me I wasn t bored or couldn t wait until it was over And I definitely enjoyed both Orla and Antonio as characters especially Orla Now on the other hand from my other perspective I compared it to other Presents that I have read in the past, and it wasn t the best Presents that I have read It didn t due the line any favors nor justice It just didn t have the spark that some Presents have One of my issues with this book was it was a one night stand book the characters sleep together way too quickly for my taste I hate that type of trope Sure it created lots of conflict in the story once Orla and Antonio found out each other s true identities and that they were enemies and created that tension between them, but I just would have preferred if it was just a hot make out scene not a full blown love scene Since they happened so quickly there was no drawn out of sexual tension and the suspense of when will they or won t hit the sheets This took out all the mystery behind when they would get together And for me that was no fun I understand they were really attracted to each other and their chemistry was off the charts and they couldn t wait, but I wanted anticipation to it all That s why I don t like early love scenes one night stand theme So that was a turn off On the other hand, I did enjoy and like their sexy banter when they met for the first time at the bar That was entertaining and I could feel the sexual tension coming off the page I will give you it was hot and very intense That was really well done There was no doubt about their lust for one another Now if that encounter ended with a hot make out scene and nothing than I would have been for it Because it would have whetted the appetite and increased the anticipation behind it all The make out scene would have been hot and would have made me wonder what would happen between them in bed For me it would have worked better I also felt there was too much focus on their lust and nothing else It was like all they wanted to do was rip off each other s clothes for the entire book It got tiresome after awhile and I wanted behind their relationship besides that That just overwhelmed them for most of the story It wasn t until the end that the started to delve deeper but not enough Too much lust But I will say that the love scenes were pretty steamy With that much lust how can it not be, right It did make the pulse pound The lust was very clear They definitely had a connection that was mostly based on the physical but I could see a sliver of emotion, though just slightly I wish a detailed scene would have been shown after he revealed what happened to him in the arm, exposing him and stripping him bare I think that would have brought out this emotions as well as their connection Something where she kissed all his scars would have been really tender and sweet yet really erotic too This would have shown so much It would have been a nice balance with the other scenes that were in my view just physical I needed that balance in order for it to be a complete love story But I did enjoy the steaminess of the scenes They were hot I did love Orla and her feisty personality and even though she did give into him way too easily at times, I did like that she tried to stand up to him, but lust took over for her I liked when he busted his chops I thought it was funny and added to their banter I really enjoyed her I rooted for her Overall it was good, but not great I ve read better romance by far especially in the Presents line It needed to be an emotional love story for me The lust was fine and good but it just overtook the falling in love aspect out of the story The first love scene was just too quick and turned me off honestly I like the build up in romances and there was really none of that here There wasn t really slot of angst either, which I really enjoy but there was none That would have added to the intensity as well The overwhelming lust just did in for me as well as the one night stand aspect This was the perfect example of why I don t like those types of stories. Another promiscuous heroine another soft hero I used to like this author so much The only book in the series so far that was worth reading There was tangible chemistry and some There was a real story there and not just poorly constructed plot like in the rest of series so far I enjoyed the setting and the relationship between the characters and with the hotel staff. Orla is reliable person and she likes to think she is until she discover that the stranger that she spent a night with is her rival, Antonio Chatsfield Orla s family needs the Chatsfield s backing to save her family s business The business is in dire needs of funds in order to prevent it from closing its door and Orla has sworn to save it Antonio have his doubt that the night spent was a plan that Orla instigated to garner his support As much as both of them wanting to put behind the passionate night that they had, the attraction is getting stronger each day This story is about family obligation, secrets, passion and rivalry with likeable characters This book is addictive and once you pick it up, it is hard for you to put it down I love Orla for her spirit and attitude in her life and the way the author has presented her as someone that I can relate to in reality while I m totally smitten with Antonio Overall, it is a sweet read for me. Mildly nonsensical, as all MillsBoon romances are But I ve read worse It improves after the intensely painful infodump at the start.Why a man who was in the French Foreign Legion for about a decade and before that got himself a masters in wine is independently rich enough to buy millions of dollars of real estate is never answered, family money aside I m also slightly baffled as to where his expertise on investing in hotels in SE Asia came from He wasn t keeping up with the family business, and yet apparently it and its money just seeped into him by osmosis Yay At least they had sex and she didn t have to remain a virgin til they got married at the end That s a plus. This is the 1st book in the Chatsfield series that I ve read I haven t really felt drawn to it But Rival s Challenge, being written by one of my favorite authors, was an immediate go for me How could I go wrong Weaving a story of passion, fear, loss, family obligations, honor, trust and love, filled with some interesting and quirky characters that takes us into the glamorous and exciting world of luxury hotels and family secrets Orla Kennedy, daughter of the Kennedy Hotel empire built by her father and now facing huge problems and Antonio Chatsfield, charged with negotiating the take over of some of the Kennedy hotels by his family s Chatsfield Hotels group, both have some serious family issues Wow, first chapter and we have some serious heat One night of hot and mind blowing and explicit sex when they meet for the first time tossing all the pressures behind them, they spend one night together, without revealing their names to each other.All hell breaks loose when they discover their true identities Orla looks nothing like she did the night before surprise..Fighting the attraction and the feelings of who to trust and believe, we are taken on a fabulous journey to great settings, where Orla Antonio try to find their happiness together without betraying their families.I really connected with these two characters and loved the way they worked through all the misunderstandings and heartache Liked that Orla was independent and strong and not someone looking for her prince to save her..And just adored Antonio he was loving and caring..surprising Orla with something she has always dreamed off view spoiler Orla has always lived in her family s hotels and has always dreamed of one day having her own home which Antonio buys as a present for her it was such a sweet and lovely scene loved it hide spoiler Oh my This one s freaking hot read The hottest book in the series so far It s Abby Green, folks Rival s Challenge has everything I ve come to expect from this author s romances You know that it s going to be hot, sexy, emotional and darn right sweet Honestly, I wasn t expecting, however, was to love it as much as I did I mean when I first downloaded this series, this book wasn t included in the 8 out of 16 books that I want to read But I m glad that I changed my mind last night Because I was pretty hooked from the first page up to the last.Antonio and Orla were my favorite couple in the series so far Antonio is an intense, tortured alpha with a guilt like the size of Mt Everest and kind of experiencing some PTSD from the time he was captured and tortured Orla is a very independent woman She has both the sweetness and determination of the usual Abby Green s heroines She is a heroine you can t help but love She s caring, she s selfless, and she s kind I can that these two were absolutely perfect for each other.And the chemistry between them Freakin off the charts Intense chemistry It s insta lust but not in the roll you eyes unbelievably sense But the story wasn t just about the sex, I mean there was plenty of hot, steamy sex, but there was also a good romance, with enough drama to make your heart skip a beat Watching the relationship develop between Antonio and Orla was so sweet I loved seeing him finally open up to someone He was able to tell her things he s never told anyone Same with Orla She also told him things she d never told anyone like her dream of owning a house And that s what Antonio did He bought her a house And I can t believe that he got down on his knee and ask her to marry him properlyHow freakin sweet is thatI love you, Orla Kennedy, and I don t want to be rootless any I knew I loved you last week but I was the biggest emotional coward on this earth and I couldn t face up to it Quite simply, I d prefer to endure the torture I did when I was a soldier, for the rest of my life, rather than spend another moment without you, because without you I feel as I m unravelling at the seamsAnd thank god, this one has an epilogue And it nearly killed me too much sweetness P.S As usual, I still loved the QA portion at the end And this particular QA makes me so giddyHow will you spend your first anniversary as a couple Re enacting the night we met in The Chatsfield hotel bar