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FREE EPUB ß How to Be Organized in Spite of Yourself: Time and Space Management That Works With Your Personal Style Ú Time And Space Management That Works With Your Personal Style A Valuable Fresh Approach To Getting Your Life Organized A Unique New Perspective On An Important Subject, And Can Help Even The Most Disorganized Among Us To Function Smoothly Stephanie Winston, Author Of Getting Organized And The Organized Executive Takes The Sting Out Of The Learning Process By Offering Solutions To Our Disorganization That Are As Personal To Each Of Us As Our Birth Dates Gay Bryant, Editor In Chief, New Woman Brimming With Insights About Time And Space Management Offers Sensible And Useful Suggestions Dr Steven Muller, President, The John Hopkins University Honestly, the best, most useful chapter of this book, I felt, was the final one The rest of the book was mostly just a bunch of fairly common sense advice which, if you ve done even the barest research into personal productivity, you ve probably heard at least once before The majority of the book is devoted to personal anecdotes about clients she s worked with who are illustrative of the styles she divides everyone into Breaking the book into separate sections for personal styles also functions to make only a small subset of the pages even potentially relevant to the reader Add these two things together, and you ve got the majority of the book devoted to personal anecdotes that will be irrelevant to your life leaving only the smallest minority of it actually containing advice which you ve probably already read somewhere else.All this is not to say that the book is worthless Sometimes, even if information should be common sense, it s good to hear or see it written to drive home the point as if, it couldn t possibly be true unless someone else has said it Also, the bits of the book that aren t personally relevant could still function admirably as an introduction to the personal styles of others with whom you might work or live This could give you insights into dealing or at least identifying with those whose styles differ from your own In fact, there was at least a sub section, if not a whole chapter devoted to working with other styles.And back to that final chapter This is where the whole of the book is really tied together, in learning to work within your style to bring your life into balance and focus, to make you happier and fulfilled This last chapter is almost like a Buddhist sutra of personal revelation, understanding, and acceptance like seeking out the optimal you.So, is the book worth the read If you ve done any research into personal productivity, I d say probably not If you re new to the idea of figuring out how and why you work a certain way, perhaps this book could be a revelation If you re a sucker for productivity discussions or for delving into the human psyche, this might be an interesting diversion If you re interested in becoming the best you you can be, you d probably be better off picking up some Buddhist literature on mindfulness, and possibly getting involved in meditation. Quizzes to identify your organizing personality style s 1 Hopper, 2 Perfectionist Plus, 3 Allergic to Detail, 4 Fence Sitter, 5 Cliff Hanger, 6 Everything Out, 7 Nothing Out, 8 Right Angler, 9 Pack Rat, 10 Total Slob.Organizing strategies based on your style s.SMART goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely Time Log analysis Planning prioritizing Master Daily activity lists Energy level chart. This book should be thought and given to all highschool students It gives the essential tools needed to effectively manage time.