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|Read E-pub ⛓ Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip-Confessions of a Cynical Waiter × According To The Waiter, Eighty Percent Of Customers Are Nice People Just Looking For Something To Eat The Remaining Twenty Percent, However, Are Socially Maladjusted Psychopaths Waiter Rant Offers The Server S Unique Point Of View, Replete With Tales Of Customer Stupidity, Arrogant Misbehavior, And Unseen Bits Of Human Grace Transpiring In The Most Unlikely Places Through Outrageous Stories, The Waiter Reveals The Secrets To Getting Good Service, Proper Tipping Etiquette, And How To Keep Him From Spitting In Your Food The Waiter Also Shares His Ongoing Struggle, At Age Thirty Eight, To Figure Out If He Can Finally Leave The First Job At Which He S Truly Thrived If you ever waited tables at a fine dining restaurant, this is amazing It so happens that s me If that isn t you, I might guess you would rate itlike 3 stars Anyhow, I m giving it five and i could not put it down. Hi, I m Will I ll be your reviewer today Maybe to start I can point you to the author Yes, the book is written anonymously The author had for four years written a blog about his experience as a waiter in a New York restaurant and needed to preserve his anonymity in order to prevent mayhem at his workplace But you may notice that there is an actual name displayed up at the top of this menu page, so I guess he moved on in the years since his book came out.The author revealed Steve Dublanica s is a tale of having wandered a bit, never really catching hold of a career, until at age 31, he found himself in a situation with which I am far too familiar, unemployment and desperation, and made some meringue out of the lemons life had served him I found this to be occasionally a laugh out loud funny read, with much information to impart about what life is like in the restaurant business We learn of the difference between the waiting and cooking staff The latter work 13 14 hour days for less money than the waiters, for one He tells of miserable customers, unpleasant restaurant owners who think nothing of regularly insulting their employees, stealing from them, and treating them terribly in a wide range of ways How they are not shot deadoften is one of the mysteries of science It was entertaining and informative, raising one s appreciation for this work, and encouraging us all to leave better tips.I ll get that check for you now Thanks for reading, have a great day and come back soon EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author s personal, Twitter and FB pagesMarch 1, 2016 Boston Globe Boston Globe Why working in the restaurant industry can be hard on your mental health by Kara BaskinAugust 7, 2017 Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema spends some time in the shoes of restaurant dishwashers At the Heart of Every Restaurant a wonderful article Too much waffle More brunch than dinner So much filler in the body of the book and the appendices just to make up enough pages for a book I think The author was very didactic about how we should behave as a customer in a restaurant EXCUSE ME I m the one paying You don t tell me how to behave You don t tell me that I can t ask to change tables when you have seated me by the toilets You don t tell me that I don t have the right to complain the food is undercooked And you certainly don t tell me tell me how much I should tip although he did in another book of his No, you should be earning your tip by giving me good service because that is your job Diversion This is mega bad service, happened to me last night Jan 11th 2016 view spoiler Last night I went out to a fashionable waterside bar with a friend of mine who is very old, he s 87 and not in the least bit doddery but he can t hear very well if there is a lot of noise So we sat at a table rather than the bar where there was loud music playing The waitress, a downisland girl came and took our drink order She brought the drinks and my friend asked for a glass of ice He likes to pour his Red Stripe on ice She took our order for a plate of nachos and chicken strips In this fancy place that was about 30 on food A party of four sat down at the table next to us The waitress brought my friend a glass but no ice I turned to her at the next table and said you forgot I got no further She glared at me and said, Excuse me, I am busy right now WHAT So I waited And waited She chatted and gave them menus and worked the table So I got up and went to the bar to get the ice myself When I got back my friend said that the waitress had given him a real telling off She had taken the table s drinks order and then said to him that these people were ordering a full meal and he only wanted starters so he should be sitting at the bar and she didn t have to give him table service I saw red RED REDI went up to the waitress station where this waitress along with an American one stood I asked for the manager or the owners I know them well, we all had our children together 20 years ago and was told they weren t here So fuming I spoke to the downisland girl and said how could she possibly speak to an old man like that She interrupted I said very imperiously, let me finish I really ripped into her and then left My friend said we were going to be lucky to get our food at all now I thought he was probably right but the barman is a good kid and would get the food from the kitchen for us if necessary so I wasn t worried But surprise, the American waitress served us She was really friendly, not just restaurant friendly, chatting about the island and bought us new drinks and comped all the drinks that night because of the other waitress s rudeness She got left one hell of a tip Ok, rant over hide spoiler I m wary of books that start off as blogs Waiter Rant, however, turned out to be a pleasant surprise I recognized many anecdotes from the original blog, but in almost every case the original has been refined and enriched Walter Dublanica known here as the Waiter does a good job of showing us the considerable skills and great patience needed to be a server in a good restaurant Also, as a former seminary student, he is sensitive to the moral dimensions of the situations he often finds himself in Note there are two appendices, each worth the price of the book 1 40 Tips on how to be a Good Customer, and 2 50 Ways to Tell You are Working in a Bad Restaurant.