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You might be inclined to think that inspiring is a strange word to describe a book entitled Welcome to Hell, but that s what it is This is a book that s almost guaranteed to get the beginning writer past some of the inevitable hurdles and back to putting words on the page As brief as it is, this book captures the essence of the writer s life as told by one of the industry s great practitioners.Don t be fooled This is not a how to book Nowhere does the author tell you how to properly format a manuscript or how to negotiate the minefield of the publishing industry, though he does offer a couple brief tips on networking This is certainly not a book of grammar rules or a style guide Aside from a couple brief words on such matters as word repetition and passive verbs, the author assumes you already have a pretty good idea of how to craft a sentence and how to structure a story As for the business side of things, I think the author was wise to avoid endless discussion on a constantly changing industry If you re looking for a twelve step program that will lead you to greatness, you won t find it here.What you will find is a collection of frank nuggets of advice from an experienced author to a beginning one If you ve been writing especially professionally but also even merely as a hobby for any length of time, a lot of the advice will be familiar to you You ll find yourself nodding your head as you read entertaining descriptions of experiences you ve had many times before If you re a member of the real target audience for this book that is, if you re a beginning writer however, you re in for a treat Piccirilli may not give step by step advice for literary success, but if you read carefully, you ll find in these pages an APPROACH to writing which you ll be able to make work for you The details of your process will probably be different than Piccirilli s, but at the end of the day, he ll give you the shot of encouragement you need to put your words on the page and persevere through the inevitable rejections until you, hopefully, find some success of your own.Highly recommended. This is a phenomenal book about writing Piccirilli s been through it all, and he lays it all out nice and simple and quickly I wish I d learned something from it I ve been around a bit myself, and I ve learned just about everything in here from various sources over the years But if I was just starting out, this would be an eye opener There are some authors who have been around just as long as me making some of the mistakes Piccirilli points out The one that gets me the most is the passive usage of the word was Every time I see it, I die a little bit I wish we could make it a law that all beginning writers should be issued a copy of this book before they even begin sending out submissions The only thing that s disappointing is the book is slightly outdated It refers to the old fashioned snail mail submissions rather than the email submissions that are used today Even The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, who held onto snail mail only policy longer than any sane publisher should have, caved in and accepts email submissions But that s hardly a problem This book is almost two decades old Of course something is going to be outdated But the one thing that never gets outdated is the desire to write And that is why this book will always be timeless. A wonderful little book on the realities of being a writer of any genre. This is a quick, easy to read overview of as should be obvious from the subtitle all kinds of things the new, aspiring writer ought to do It covers a wide diversity of aspects of the process of moving forward as a writer, from the importance of reading as food for the budding writing, to the necessity of self editing There s a section on elements of writing technique such as narrative voice and conflict, and some mention of things peripherally related to writing, such as networking online and rubbing elbows at conventions.The tone of the book is casual and conversational, but there s no nonsense, and no shying away from the central truth that for a writer to move even the first step past beginner status requires a thick skin, tons of hard work and inexhaustible persistence Piccirilli himself is a writer of horror and thriller fiction, and most of the points he makes are backed up by examples from genre fiction, but the lessons here are applicable to any writer of fiction, genre or mainstream, short stories or novels.I know I m not the only fiction writer who compulsively picks up just about any book about our favorite subject, but I should point out this book really is geared specifically toward beginners Even a writer slightly advanced beyond that say, skilled enough to have been published at least once, even if they re still struggling to get published regularly may find much of this advice already second nature For what it s intended to be, which is a primer for the writer truly just getting started, it s full of good advice in an easy to digest form In fact, it s a very quick read, just over 50 printed pages with fairly big type You could easily re read the book several times until it all sinks in. Holy crap I m actually living most of the content in this book Welcome to Hell was a good, swift kick in my ass Tom s depiction of the writer s life got me back on track and helped me decide where I need to be heading Thanks Tom This book and Richard Laymons A WRITERS TALE should be enough fuel to fire any writer up If brevity is the soul of wit, then this book proves Piccirilli to be one witty mo fo The book manages to cut through rhetoric and hone in on some important facts and tidbits that should be helpful to a new writer, even a not so new one Piccirilli draws from his experience across many genres to distill what he had learned the hard way The reader gets to benefit from his sweat stained pages and his wit Another great piece of writing from a very talented writer gone too soon. Writing is a hard life and writing horror doesn t make your lot any easier Tom Piccirilli is an award winning horror author who still hasn t realized the kind of bestselling fame that Stephen King or even Peter Straub has, and yet can t give up the writing life Here he explores what you need to have a chance at making a go of a writing career. Very short, only 50 pages, but filled with the right amount of advice for beginning writers without all the cr oops, I mean, without all the filler junk other writers use to fill up a book.Well worth reading and keeping for reviewing. {Free} ë Welcome to Hell : A Working Guide for the Beginning Writer ì This Working Guide For The Beginner Writer Is Full Of Extremely Useful Suggestions Piccirilli Lets You Know From The Start That Writing Is Serious Business, But At The Same Time, The Book Is Full Of His Offbeat, Scathing Humorif Anybody Tells You That All You Need Is A Lucky Break, Then Tell Them To Shove Off Luck Is About The Worst Thing That Can Happen In This Biz, And It S No Substitute For Knowledge, Experience, And Skill Tom Piccirilli, From Welcome To Hell A quick read at just under 70 pages, but packed full of useful information for the beginning writer The advice here is honest and direct, making this little guide refreshing I ll be reading it again.