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Loved Alpha eventhan Omega Gray and Ash s story is sweet if not very romantic I like the fact that Gray even though he is an Omega maintains his gruff animal personality Weirdly enough I kept picturing Emilia Clarke as Daenerys every time I came across Ash Hope I can see all the previous characters in a combined story onward in the series. Rate of 4.5 stars FREE DOWNLOAD ♰ Alpha (Demon Chaser #2) ♾ Demon Chasers Protectors Of Humanity Sworn To Uphold The Peace Oath Bound To Keep The Existence Of Demons A Secret Gray, A Newly Appointed Alpha And Half Blood Demon Wolf, Can Only Turn During A Full Moon With Only Three Days Before The Next Cycle, Time Is Running Out To Convince The Highest Ranking Female Wolf To Become His Mate Success Will See Him Become A Full Blood Failure Will Spell His Death It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before The Challenges Start Coming In Ashlyn, A Hard Ass Demon Chaser Just Happens To Be Human And The Pack S Newest Resident She Is There On Demon Control Agency Business Her Attraction For The New Alpha Can T Be Allowed To Stand In Her Way, After All, Gray Is Already Taken More Importantly, She Has A Serial Killer To Catch, And Then She Needs To Get The Heck Out Of Wolfville For Both Their Sakes Please Note This Book Has An Actual Page Length OfPages I Write Bite Size Stories My Readers Can Sink Their Teeth Into, So If You Re Feeling A Little Peckish You Know What To Do Love Good read I liked it kept me interested to see what was next. characters were interesting and easily loved Love is in the air even if the two people that can sense the love want to ignore it Ashlyn has always been a Demon Chaser and she is great at it However when the life of a human is in trouble because of Gray s half brother Ashlyn must do everything in her power to keep the human safe, even if that means risking her own heart She feels attraction to Gray but she knows that she can t be with him because she is a human and he is the Alpha of a pack He must mate with the highest ranking female but when she decides that she is going to help Gray to woo the female will she end up losing her heart to him all together Gray knows his time is limited and that he has a duty to the pack, but why must that duty come above his true feelings Why can t he just mate with Ashlyn and be done with it Oh, because she is human and if he were to mate with her he would lose his position as Alpha There is a wolf that is killing human females and Gray must find out who it is and stop them before anyhuman females get hurt When the final pieces of the puzzle are put together will Gray be too late to save the woman that he loves Or will he forever be in a loveless marriage with someone who doesn t want anything to do with him How can Ashlyn and Gray ignore the attraction between them when Gray needs to mate with the highest ranking female who happens to love another wolf Charlene Hartnady has a way of pulling you into the story right alongside the characters in the book This story is full of romance, adventure, mystery and action Charlene will keep you wanting , page after page as well as keeping you on the edge of your seat gripping the arms of your chair She is very talented and I can t wait to readfrom her. A spectacular sequel that s full of extraordinary imaginative visionHaving read book 1 Omega of the Demon Chaser series, I was incredibly excited to have the opportunity of reading the next instalment with eager anticipation Charlene does not disappoint with this scintillating story that s intense and utterly compelling As a huge fan of shifter books, werewolves and all things paranormal and darkly delicious I found Alpha an addictive and highly readable story With a cast of colourful new characters the Demon Chasers are back with vengeance to protect humanity and uphold the peace, and battling with life over death Grey is a new Alpha and half blood demon Wolf As he tries to impress a female mate, things get tough as the fine line between success and failure life and death is thinning Ashlyn s attraction towards Grey is magnetic, and as dangerous times lie ahead with a serial killer on the loose in Wolfville she cannot let her heart cloud her judgement He is already taken The remarkable world building and inspired concepts of this series is phenomenal, and I was once again totally blown away by such a convincing storyline Lovers of Charlaine Harris and Rachel Caine will love this spectacular novella, which keeps you glued to the pages and wanting to read on The characters are well developed and interesting, with their sizzling seductiveness luring you into this tantalizingly tempting treat Without a doubt Alpha is an enthralling read and guilty pleasure, that s certainly a 4.5 star book I would like to thank the author for providing me with an e copy of book 2, to read and provide an honest review Ash and Gray secondary characters from the first book Omega in the series get their story here.Ash a human Demon Chaser and Gray, the next alpha of his pack are working together on the deaths of human women and some how it s tied to Gray s pack Gray is technically an Omega, but the lore states that if he mates with an Alpha female he will be able to reach his full potential become a true alpha.Problem being, Ash is the one he wants but being a human he feels he must mate with an alpha female from his pack.While I m liking this series, the lore is very underdeveloped and the books so far have been short The mystery elements are not an integral part of the story and are quickly and easily resolved and forgotten However, I LOVE the male leads.Ash and Gray s first love scene is so sexy and emotional I had to read it twice I loved it The thing that keeps this from being a 4 star read which it was on the way to being for me is Ash turned into the type of self described kickass heroine I despise She actually was quite likable for most of the story but then had to turn tail and run because her hero didn t declare himself the way she wanted him to silly, to say the least Fortunately, the story is quickly resolved from that point on.So, if you liked the first book you will most likely enjoy this one Even with Ash s flaws I liked Alpha very much Minor sticking point The cover model is brunette and Ash was described as blonde. Ashlyn has her work cut out As a member of the Demon Chasing Agency, she is charged with investigating the Wilderness Pack, after the discovery of human bodies A straight forward job Except Ash is finding it difficult to manage her growing attraction with the Alpha.Gray, the new Alpha, now must face a moody Pack Not only must he prove that an Omega, like himself, isthan capable, but he has decided to take a Mate If only Alisha would accept his proposal But that theory is shot to hell when Ash steps in.In terms of plot, it hasto offer than the first installment The characters have some substance and the Lore starts to set up boundaries Personally I would have preferred a drawn out scene between Ash and Gray A slow, bitter sweet build up, that would make the inevitable that muchfulfilling.But I m hooked I have uploaded 3 and I m quietly hoping the Author will throw some light on the agency itself.3 stars. Grey AshLove how this series rolls right into the next book seamlessly I was hoping Ash was going to skip some Wolf Birch a as but it seems all was not what it seemed, and some of the antagonistic were not as vile as they appear Great twists DanaLynn I like it get muchI like the suspense, the drama, chemistry Short but really sweet All in all it was a good book so that is why I give 4 stars