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ARC received in exchange for honest review Emotion That is the one word I keep coming back to when I think about Broken Wings This latest book by the wonderful Erika Ashby is so filled with emotion that I m left with all kinds of feelings long after having finished it There is a sadness that stayed with me throughout most of the story and is still in my heart but at the same time there is joy and hopefulness and somehow it all fits together perfectly Lynsie and Lincoln are living a dream Lincoln is a military pilot doing what he loves, and Lynsie is living the Army life she s always known and loved The love they feel for each other bursts through the pages and makes you smile right along with them Dax Adams, Lincoln s best friend since high school and now his co pilot, is also a huge part of their life Lynsie wants nothing than to see him settle down with the right girl, but Dax does not make this easy In fact he knows deep down he may never have his one chance at true love and happiness, he s been hurt before long ago The story that follows is one of love, happiness, excitement, tragedy, and ultimately triumph What did I love about this book It all comes back to the emotional elements of this story The feelings invoked while reading are so strong I felt like I was right beside Lynsie every step of the way, through the good and the bad I cried A LOT Get your tissues ready And even when I had to pause my reading which was not easy to do to go about my day, I found myself still thinking about the characters and what they were all going through I went to sleep wondering what I would do in their place Would I be as strong as they are To me this is a sign of a very well written book I read every day, and there is nothing I enjoy than when an author s characters stay with me beyond the pages And because Erika Ashby knows her readers expect a military book to have some hotness, she doesn t let us down It is there, yet is definitely not the focus of the story I will say that when there is sex it is hot, it is passionate and it fits the story perfectly Broken Wings is absolutely by far Erika Ashby s best work to date I ve been a fan and known her for a while now, and this book is like nothing she s ever written She has gone above and beyond with this story, and I am truly proud of her accomplishment She captured the emotional elements of the story perfectly and really makes the reader feel for these characters She is also quite knowledgeable about Army life and it shows in her attention to detail and accuracy As a reader you can see her passion for this story shining through as you read Erika has grown as a writer and her hard work and dedication to doing what she loves has paid off Broken Wings is on the longer side, so be sure you have the time to devote to it At times I did find myself wondering if it could have been slightly shorter But in truth I think this is how the story needed to be told and it works Believe me you will not want to put it down once you start reading I am in love with this story and want to thank Erika Ashby for bringing it to life The many tears I shed were completely 100% worth it. Meh The first part of this book is all about Lynsie and her marriage with Lincoln They are SO in love and it s nice And then things get cliche Lincoln dies in a horrible, tragic plane accident while doing some Army stunts on July 4th in a plane known as the Widow Maker And the reader watches as Lynsie crumbles under the intense weight of her loss Lynsie is left widowed and with child She and Lincoln were trying to have a baby prior to the accident Lincoln s last words are recorded saying that he loves Lynsie and for Dax to look after his woman The reader learns that Dax has loved Lynsie even while Lincoln lived I guess I could see that happening in real life someone falling in love with someone else s spouse.But then Lincoln dies and Lynsie and Dax are drawn together because they share this deep and overwhelming grief One lost a husband, the other a best friend Lynsie and Dax get together in the end I m not sure if I m okay with that They both struggle with their feelings They both grieve They both know they need to move on I get that But it seems all too convenient that they end up together by the end of the book It s a happy ending and everyone knows I love a happy ending But this one left me questioning how no one seems to find any of this a bit awkward. Book Broken WingsAuthor Erika AshbyPublication Date March 6, 2014Type Stand AloneGenre RomanceRating 4 out of 5 StarsComplimentary copy kindly provided by author Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review.ReviewI found the beginning of this story very long and I believe it over stressed the love which was shared between Lynsie and Lincoln As soon as the life changing event happens though, that is when the story really picks up and I found myself mesmerized into what was going to happen next.Lincoln and Lynsie have the best relationship a married couple could have except for the fact that his job puts him in danger than Lynsie wants to deal with Lynsie wants to settle down and start a family but Lincoln continues to put her off, putting his career first Once Lincoln finds out a friend of his from flight training dies in an accident, he agrees with Lynsie that it s time to start trying to have a baby.Lynsie in the mean time continues to try and play matchmaker for Dax, who is Lincoln s best friend since childhood Dax continues to dodge the bullet with being set up because his eyes are for only one lady who he can t have.It isn t until a tragic accident during a flight show, that Lynsie s life dramatically changes for the worst She is left alone with her family and Dax by her side Dax refuses to give up on Lynsie and steps in to help her through all the tough times to come It is through his dedication and loyalty to Lynsie that the friendship starts to turn into.This is a beautiful love story stemming from a journey through depression, sadness and lose.Wrap UpI choked up a few times and felt the pain Lynsie was going through all in all this was a great book once you got past the long beginning For reviews, Free E books and Giveaways Broken Wings was an incredible read I knew the basic plot line of this story, but it still didn t make me feel anything less than if I hadn t known anything This story happens over the course of a year It s based about Lynsie She s happily in love with her pilot husband, Lincoln Their love truly shines off the pages They are amazing together And he treats her soooo well They truly have a great marriage.Dax is Lincoln s best friend, who is also a pilot in the Army He is swoon worthy dreamy No matter how many times Lynsie tries to set him up with girls, it never works out Lynsie starts to think that maybe she s just not as good as setting people up as she thought.However, that s not the reason Dax isn t interested in those other girls He s interested in someone else Someone he can t have.You will cry, you will laugh, and you will smile reading this book Erika has a great way setting up each scene You can literally see the scene unfolding as if it s happening right before you I cried so hard at parts I kept wishing things would get better for Lynsie But she had a right to feel how she did Her actions and motives were acceptable for what she d been through You just keep hoping she gets her happily ever after She deserves it than anyone.You won t be disappointed in Broken Wings It s truly an amazing read 5 Stars I was gifted a copy to read and review Just couldn t get into this one or finish it The writing was just really off for me. I m gutted this didn t work for me The author makes a light joke mentioning the resemblance to the film Pearl Harbour I love that film this just failed on all emotional levels it s beyond unrealistic I know it s fiction, I do get that But if you ve just lost your husband, your soul mate, the one you would die for would you really be spending the night in another man s arms his best friend no less on the night of his death, even just for comfort No Me neither. .DOWNLOAD KINDLE ♌ Broken Wings ⚕ When You Feel Like You Re Falling, Don T Forget To Spread Your Wings Lynsie Fox Has What She Considers To Be A Perfect Life Married To Lincoln, A Military Pilot, She S Living The Army Life She S Always Loved Being A Sucker For Great Love Stories, Lynsie Makes It Her Mission To Find Lincoln S Best Friend And Co Pilot, Dax Adams, A Good Woman Losing The One Woman He S Ever Loved, Dax Attempts To Be A Good Sport By Playing Along In Lynsie S Match Making Scheme However, Dax Is Certain He Will Never Get The Woman Of His Dreams But Life Doesn T Always Fly Smoothly When Turbulence Strikes, Lynsie Watches Her World Crash And Burn Around Her, Leaving Her Empty With Broken Wings Despite Her Grief, Can She Mend The Pieces Back Together And Learn To Fly Again Too clich d Not for me. First I want to start off by saying I have always been in Erika s corner cheering her on to follow her dream of writing and I have enjoyed reading all her books but this one is so much different I am so very proud of her for taking the chance on a military romance and nailing it She has shown so much growth in her writing and I was blown away by Broken Wings.Although I can t go into great detail about the story without giving it away I can tell you that Broken Wings was absolutely beautiful The storyline was very near and dear to my heart and Erika wrote it and you could tell she put her heart and soul into every detail Going the extra mile to actually stat facts in the story made it real and I was excited that she did thatI love you than I ve ever loved anyone or anything in my entire life You own me, Lynsie I ve never even had a choiceLynsie is a strong woman who lives through a tragedy that most of us haven t experienced and she responded to that tragedy the best way she knew how Everyone reacts to tragedy differently and my heart broke for Lynsie and I found myself wanting to comfort her and assure her that everything in time would get better Lincoln absolutely adored Lynsie and Erika did a wonderful job showing us that He would walk on fire for her and she was the love of his life Anything and everything that she wanted, he wanted to give her If he could give her the moon it would He was brave and determined to follow is passion and truly believed in everything he didLove you to the sky and back, Lynsie Pearl I purse my lips You know, technically, the sky isn t that far away Are you questioning the depth of my love He grins at me Who s to say how far the sky really is No matter how many times you traveled it back and forth, there d be no way to cover every single inch of it There is so much blue up there, it puts the moon to shame He stares out the window, eyes lifted toward the sky with a grin spread across his face Fine, I let out an exaggerated sigh Since you put it like that I lean across the console, placing my lips against his I love you to the sky and back too, Lincoln ShaneDax stole my heart from the very beginning There was a twinkle in his eye for Lynsie from the very beginning He was a loyal friend to Lincoln and in turn a loyal friend to Lynsie Although he had a tough exterior he was sweet and kind and would always follow through on his promises no matter what they were When tragedy strikes Lynsie, Lincoln, and Dax, he finds himself in a position to do what he was asked to do and he wouldn t let anything stop him from keeping his promiseThank you, she says, squeezing our joined hands For what I rub my thumb along the top of her hand For just being you She yawns I ll be whatever you need, Lynsie, I tell her, just above a whisper as she starts to finally doze off and I feel close behind her. There was a great shock that left Lynsie almost paralyzed with fear Fear of failing, fear of not being enough but with her loved ones by her side she would make it through those fears and stop at nothing but to be the best she could beNothing beautiful than a blue skyCan Lynsie learn to fly again after being completed shattered by events in her life Will Dax keep his promise and protect the one he loves Will Lincoln give Lynsie the one thing that she has desperately wanted for a long time and after the horrific tragedy can Lynsie learn to mend her Broken Wings and learn to fly again ARC provided by the author in exchange for my honest review.Epic That was the word that entered my head the minute I had finished this unputdownable book I am over the moon that Ms Ashby was persuaded to do a military story and with that she has created an absolutely beautiful and heart wrenching tale that deservedly is a five star ten stars read for me.Lynsie Fox is the woman who has everything but then tragedy strikes leaving her with nothing, or is there hope she has been given a second chance by fate or had fate already driven the path she was unknowingly on Oh WOW where to start OK Lincoln Fox is a hot military man with all that that entails big swoon and to top that he is a pilot In the army Even bigger swoons But even than that he loves his wife, his Lynsie Pearl In the first part of the book we delve into the lives and love of Lynsie and Lincoln and their hopes for the future To further encompass this perfect world is Dax, Lincoln s best friend since forever and now also the best friend of his wife.Lynsie is such a wonderfully strong woman, even in the depth of the deepest anguish she should ever know she fights it head on, knowing she has to come through this However at first she cuts off everyone she knows, as is her coping mechanism, but one person she cannot cope without is Dax Only Dax could really understand what she is feeling and she leans on him as her anchor in a storm In doing so she doesn t realise that she is also helping Dax to live through the most distraught time of his life.I was drawn to Dax from the first page, he was so heartbreakingly gorgeous with his scruffy but sexy blonde hair He was devoted to his best friend and wife, hiding his own deepest feelings and always putting others first before himself Such a wonderful and selfless man How could anyone not fall in love with this character A man with a kiss in his name is one I shall forever hold dear.I can t really divulge too much about the storyline as it really does need to be experienced every glorious step by step and turn of the page It had me in floods of tears in parts and then later in sighs of bliss in others It was hauntingly enthralling that all I could do was read, nothing else could drag me away from reading this.It was so beautifully written and yes there were parts I did not want to turn the page as I knew it was going to break my heart but the way it evolved from the pages just tempted me further in It opened my eyes to the dangers our military personnel not only come up against in war but also on home shores undertaking routine training and skills.Throughout the read there were various songs that came into my head and yes Wings Beneath My Wings was one of them There was also John Legend s All of Me and Westlife s Flying Without Wings which made the tears flow faster I can tell you It was such an amazing and emotional read and by far the best I have read by Ms Ashby and that takes some beating It resonated deep in my heart that even after I had finished reading it I felt the loss even weeks later I really can not recommend this book enough For one who loves military romance this just hit all my expectations and needs Beautifully done Further details can be found at Foxylutely Book Reviews bloghttp foxylutely.blogspot.com 2014 0