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Superb I read it twice.I admit, someone passed on a pirate version to me with guilt, I never get pirate stuff myself, I don t agree with it, especially for indie authors , a few years back, and I read that first It was very good, deserving of at least a 4 star so I bought the real one recently It s better edited and with a few things cleared up, so the pirate version is clearly an earlier, less well edited version Anyway, it has great ideas, a superb plot, is accessible to older and teen readers I would say not for young kids though, too complex , and there s warmth and humor too as well as beautiful language, which you don t expect from a Sci fi novel I would say that I think there s a lot of build up in the beginning, a little slow, so maybe a 4.5 star, but it s engaging throughout, and the climaxes of the book are too good to forget Looking forward to a sequel I hope Artificial intelligence has been the focal point of many books for many years, some of them great and other not so much I started off this book without any real expectations and was happy enough as the story built up By the half way point I was absolutely hooked I especially appreciated how the narrative first pulls you to take one position on the perceived dangers of AI, and then takes you the other way I m trying not to write anything specific here that would spoil the book for someone else.Anyway, I absolutely loved the book. #E-PUB ⚟ ADAM ë If Only We Had KnownIf We Had Just Been Aware Of The Child, Delivered To Safety, His Only Fragile Protection The Dark Warning Keep Him Secret, Or He Will DieIf We Had Recognized The Flaw In Humanity S Balancing Act, Competing With Artificial Intelligences By Merging Man With TechnologyIf We Had Understood That When We Finally Conquered The Light Speed Barrier, Our Momentous Achievement Would Be NoticedIf Only We Had Known, That Something Was Out There, Watching, And Waiting The Lament Of Michael Foxton, AD Incredibly well planned plot I was pleasantly surprised by this book, detailed plot, thoroughly immersive imagery and characterization that any marvel DC star wars geek would love I ve recommended this to my 1110 yo it s already seemingly popular My only tiny criticism is that the language occasionally seems unrefined, as if an editor was not paying attention Otherwise a thoroughly promising read I m eagerly waiting for the next one. Adam, by A.K Stone, takes place in a not too distant world full of androids, FTL travel, and teenage bullies Adam is unlike the other boys and the story is one of self discovery as he travels beyond the orphanage he s grown up within only to discover that there is a power within that is not common to mankind.I did feel like Adam was pretty mopey at times But I suppose I would be too if I grew up in an orphanage and accidentally killed people often than I wanted even if they maybe have it coming The artificially intelligent androids were perhaps the best part, in my opinion They were decidedly less asmovian and perhaps a humanized version of ST TNG s Lt Data not necessarily in appearance, but in the way they think and feel it was nuanced well Some of the existing reviews indicate it is an adult fiction book but it has a distinctly YA feel to the voicing and it felt one part A.I and one part Ender s Game. The best science fiction makes us think about the big questions of our time This book does exactly that by addressing our fears and hopes about the future of AI, the Internet and space exploration.It is well written, gripping and intelligent Highly recommended. A really clever sci fi story with beautiful descriptions of other worlds and communities A little tired of the teen experience and skipped some of that but drawn in by the wider story development which was superbly done Moved straight on to the next book which I also recommend. Adam started very well and I very much enjoyed the first part of the book The quality of writing in the book is very varied some scenes are written very well with great dialog but some of it was below par and needed work What I liked the AI characters such as Number 1 and Number 2, and I loved the dream sequence But the human characters were a bit cliched Stone has some great ideas, but needs to work a bit on consistent writing. Before I opted to remove Sci Fi from my review policy, I committed to reading A.K Stone s opus Adam and I m quite glad I did Written for the adult reader but still appropriate for a younger audience, Adam is a sci fi tome that attempts to modernize the genre, if that s even possible Can you modernize the future If A.K Stone s writing is any indicator, it s certainly a possibility.With obvious inspirations from the Kubrick Spielberg criminally underrated A.I and Kubricks masterpiece 2001 A Space Odyssey , Stone spins a tale that possess just enough genre conventions to satiate the needs of the seasoned sci fi reader but also evokes humor to keep it just a tad lighthearted In my experience reviewing sci fi works, authors tend to overly describe otherworldly locales and hybrid species that litter galaxies far, far away While Adam has the requisite forward thinking mentality and coldness that the future apparently has, there s still some heart lurking below the monochromatic surface.Kudos also to Stone for not using dialogue that comes across as pretentious or unbelievable Ditto for his talent at depicting anther world with a prosaic quality that gives the book a level of literary panache You can t hide the fact that Stone is clearly an educated individual as his intelligence emanates from every carefully selected word.Stone s propensity to create a tale that is a literal a mash up of genres works on many levels It s a fine balance in story telling, and a clear glimpse of a master at work. Wow What a super book