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I give this book a four star rating The Christiansen family is not the least bit of a normal family, which made the dynamics of her character and her childhood even interesting I shall not explain, to avoid spoilers I think my favourite character in this book is the heroine herself She is very relatable, and her POV is engaging She also grows a lot, and by the end of the book, she has transformed from an artist enclosed in her shell into a warrior princess fighting against legions of angelic armies.from a dreamy artist lost in her own world to this kickass girl Judging from the first chapter of book two, Ms Christiansen is ready to kick some major butt in the sequel, and we are going to see a militant side of hers.Can t wait My only regret with the book is that we do not get to explore further the mother daughter relationship, which I think would have been interesting for her mother sounds quite eccentric and worth writing about I hope her character gets some spotlight in the coming books. ^EBOOK ☟ The Descent ☠ The First Book In The Divine Brotherhood Trilogy A YA Urban Fantasy NovelSummaryCaroline Gati Christiansen Is A New Yorker Born With The Ability To See The Dead A Harmless Ability, If Well IgnoredWhen Her Mother Suddenly Decides To Change Careers, Caroline Is Left With No Other Option But To Move To Denmark With Her Estranged FatherFor The High School Student, Moving To A Small Scandinavian Town After Having Lived Her Whole Life In New York Feels Like The Worst Kind Of Punishment That Is Until She Begins To Brush Shoulders With The Beautiful Winged Beings That Are Determined To Change The Course Of Her Life Forever Life In The Small Viking Town Turns Out Not To Be As Boring As She Had Previously FearedWhat Starts As A Harmless Encounter Turns Into A Most Bloody War, With Her Right In The Center Of It, As The Beautiful Creatures Reveal A Violent Ugly Side To Themselves, And Condemn The Whole World Into Joining Their Civil War UnknowinglyCaroline Quickly Learns That There S A Worse Fate Than Death, And Just How Much She S Willing To Sacrifice For A Cause That Oughtn T To Be Hers In The First Place