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ReviewThis wasn t a bad book, I just really couldn t get into it myself Some of the writing seemed kind of archaic in the dialogue and other times it wasn t A lot happened in this book and it was decent enough just not my cuppa tea My only real critique of this book is this a LOT happened over the course of this novel Not necessarily a bad thing, but just be aware A vast myriad of things happens here. I was lucky enough to beta read this book before it came out and I m glad I did Morning Song is the story of Morna, a young woman who acts as mystic to a rural community that desperately needs her for healing, mid wiving and once a year when the time comes to heal the terrible damage done to the local women Morna has been here for a long time and is very in tune with her community She ministers to each of her patients with great knowledge and forethought having learned from the mystic that came before But for all of her capable and healing gifts, all of her ritual and spell craft she is still very alone Late one night her friend Marc and his brothers bring an injured man to her, shot with three arrows and beaten He is a mystery and Morna invests herself in healing the stricken man, battling the fever and infection with all of her knowledge and in time she learns his name is Arrick Arrick is a good man and he soon falls for the stubborn and unconventional woman who healed him While helping her with her healing he works to show her her own beauty and the light within that has enchanted him He s in for quite the battle as he faces not only Morna s own crippling self image but her past and the terrible truth of the community in which she resides, a fact that unsettles him deeply.He will have to do his work quickly as Arrick himself has a secret past and only so long to resolve it Morning Song is really beautiful book that manages to offer a great plus size character in a romantic light without beleaguering her with the usual tropes Instead Morna is strong, real and than capable of handling herself It s an ability she needs in her world, not only to protect herself, but the women of her community who have long been victimized by the men Resigned to her fate as much as she enjoys the work she never bargained for Arrick who is just as stubborn, quite determined to take her hand and ready to lead her away from the nightmarish aspects of her world Neither of them knows quite what is in store as they face Arrick s own secrets and it s an adventure that challenges them both in so many ways Simone clearly knows A LOT about being a midwife, healing and creating a believable pagan post apocalyptic world All of the real details are there and wrapped in some really wonderful atmosphere Reading this book has been a treat from start to finish and it s well worth the investment, dark bits included. WOW What a great book Have already told my friendabout it and she can hardly wait to read it I m not goodabout writing about a book, so before you get the bookread what other people say about it and then GET THE BOOK TOREAD GREAT Plan to read it again, later. Kindle Unlimited couldn t finish it, so keep it for much later |Free E-pub ♕ Morning Song ♵ It Was The Night Of The Seed Moon When Arrick Was Brought To Morna S Door Bruised And BleedingLiving In A Post Apocalyptic, Brutal Reality, Morna Has Long Grown Used To Putting Her Concerns Aside In Favor Of Those In Need Her Past Is Something She D Rather Forget And Her Future Seems As If It Will Never Be Than She S Come To Know, But Something Is Coming That Will Change Everything In The Middle Of The Night An Injured Stranger Is Brought To Her Door He Is Than He Appears And Soon Has Morna Spellbound For The First Time In Her Life A Man Has Fallen In Love With Not Only Her Voluptuous Form, But Her Heart, Mind, And Strength That Shines Out Like A Beacon In Their Cold World No Matter The Dangers That Will Unfold, Arrick Plans To Give Morna The Life She Deserves