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Linda DexheimerShort Stories.These were some fun and interesting stories with an interesting theme what keeps the characters up all night The stories have a variety of interesting themes from science fiction to contemporary realistic fiction Some of the stories make you laugh and others make you cry but overall, great stories that will keep most young readers interested. I am usually a sucker for short story comps But for some reason, this one, not so much.When I read the theme what keeps you up at night I expected mysteries, shock endings, thought provoking, and original pieces I liked the short comic by the author of American Born Chinese the most because it captured a specific feeling perfectly that indeed, keeps us up at night Orange Alert dealt with a girl with a sexually harassing step father, her nighttime rides, and control in one s life The ending surprised me, and made me think Very original and well done.Then there was The Night of Knights, which told us the story of a somewhat bratty girl getting lost in the woods Overall it was fairly interesting, but the ending made next to no sense and when you look back on it Well written, but it didn t really go anywhere.Similarly, Not Just For Breakfast Any had a couple of teenage girls get drunk, high, flirt with weird old Aisan men, and basically do what sleep deprived teenage girls do The ending, again, didn t make sense to me, but at least it understood the theme of staying up all night Phase two dealt with the death of a loved one, seances, and scams Predictable, unrealistic, and just mediocre.And finally, The Vulnerable Hours described a city wide event that can only be described as people being deep and open with each other At least, that s the best I could come up with because it s not really clear what happened here Vague and pretentious.All in all, I would only give the short comic 5 stars Everything else was about a 2 3, hence my average rating Not THAT bad, but I expect better. @Free Ebook è Up All Night ⚛ A Brush With The Supernatural A Rock Concert A Reunion A Poolside Revelation The Need To Know What S Up The Confessions Of A Friend The Dream Of Escape A Sick Pet An English Assignment The Rear Window View Of A Murder Next Door The Search For The Mother You Never Met What Keeps You Up All Night This Remarkable Collection Of Award Winning And Bestselling Authors Is Thought Provoking, Insightful, Heartfelt, And Powerful The first time I was up all night is when I was on my second year of my college years I was part of an organization who s conducting the election of the School Student Council We were counting the votes manually that s why we didn t go home until everything was done It was a fun night We stayed inside the classroom forcing ourselves to stay awake until the counting of votes were all done During break times, we were wandering around the school buildings thinking that maybe we can experience some ghosts We went home 7am the following morning all exhausted and really sleepy but we didn t regret anything.Up All Night is a compilation of six interesting short stories about staying up all nights Phase 2 by Peter Abrahams is a bit sad because it is all about coping up in life after someone you love dies, but the ending is a little bit funny The second one is Not Just for Breakfast Any by Libba Bray it s really long and the story didn t caught my interest The Vulnerable Hours by David Levithan is one of my favorites, the story was told from different views of different teenagers and it is all about knowing what you really wanted in life Orange Alert by Patricia McCormick is okay but I think it has a lot of potential to tellabout the story Superman is Dead by Sarah Weeks is my other favorite it is really interesting I like the story inside the story The protagonist is smart But I feel sad about Superman The last one is The Motherless One by Gene Luen Yang It is a graphical novel but I didn t like it that much 3.5 STARS for this book It s a good one but it won t make you up all night. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.comSix stories relate to the darkness and the wonder of staying up all night Libba Bray writes about four best friends going to a concert and looking for the band s after party When they need a place to crash, they spend the night at one girl s father s new apartment, almost exposing a huge family secret The family in Peter Abraham s story attempt to move on after the death of a loved one, but can they reach him from beyond the grave before they let go David Levithan explores one girl s search to let go of social politeness and to find herself in the darkness of the night These six stories the remaining written by Patricia McCormick, Sarah Weeks, and Gene Luen Yang will make readers think of the nighttime and all of the secrets and power it possesses Read these tales after dark. I picked up this anthology for the David Levithan entry, The Vulnerable Hours, and, as always, Mr Levithanthan delivered, with the story of what happens when one boy decides not to take the polite answer to what s up and one girl makes the amazing discovery that she doesn t have to be where she doesn t want to be The other authors were new to me, each with a distinctive voice, each presenting a poignant slice of life, themed around characters who are awake while the rest of the world is not Libba Bray takes us to 1980, with four girls determined to meet Cheap Trick, but, underneath the surface, one makes asubstantial connection with her recently divorced father Orange Alert, by Patricia McCormick, brings us into the life of a young girl teaching herself independence, while Phase 2, by Peter Abraham follows the family of a fallen soldier through their transition into life after loss Superman is Dead, by Sarah Weeks, deals with pet death, a personal trigger for me, so I do not feel qualified to comment on this one, and I am not familiar with the monkey character from Gene Yuen s American Born Chinese, so I may not have been able to fully appreciate The Motherless One. Phase Two and The Vulnerable Hours were my favorites Some of the stories were interesting but had endings that felt flat really So my overall rating for the collection remains a three. Read Not Just for Breakfast Any by Libba Bray These stories are longer than the other collections I ve been looking through This story was slightly excruciating, but in the end I liked it It s 1980 in Texas, and four girls act stupid, go to a concert, get high and drunk, and think they can sneak into the hotel where the band is staying to hang out with the famous guys It s all so stupid that you feel embarrassed for the girls, but it s kind of funny and believable too The sub plot is the interesting part One of the girls has recently discovered that her dad is gay, and he and her mother got divorced Her friends don t know that he s gay, and she s trying to hide it from them The story is about people not being who they are pretending to be, and although the theme is heavy handed, I really liked the main character and how the story ended up.Orange Alert by Patricia McCormick When I saw the title of this one, I thought of her novel, Purple Heart, and hoped it was another great story about the Iraq War It turned out to be totally different It s the story of a teenage girl who s living with her mother and her mom s new husband, who is a miserable, creepy guy that threatens the girl sexually when her mom isn t around Just when I was bracing myself for something horrible to happen, the girl did something to threaten him back I would have preferred to see her tell her mom and have her mom take her away, but what the girl decides to do in the meantime is pretty great The Motherless One by Gene Luan Yang In this graphic novel style short story, a monkey realizes he wasn t birthed by a monkey, but sprang into existence on top of a mountain He goes looking for meaning to his existence. Heaps upon heaps of schoolwork Thesis project A meteor shower as announced in the evening news A phone call from a friend Whatever it may be, there must be something that kept you up all night at least once in your life, a night that made you feel as if you re drifting betwixt wakefulness and sleep, a night that shot a different kind of energy up your veins and made you witness how it melted into sunrise, how the city lifts its eyelids again This is the theme of the Lara Geringer anthology Up All Night, featuring six best selling young adult authors and their bite sized tales about a single night that mattered in the lives of their characters Although not everyone may be successful in leaving memorable dents on the hearts of the readers, all of them are able to convey the very feeling the high spirits that only defying a human s diurnal body clock could give.For me, the story that took the cake is Libba Bray s Not Just for Breakfast Any, which is about a group of girls attending a rock concert in Dallas in the 1980 s Following the group s attempts to hang out with the Cheap Trick is fun, but what I enjoyed the most is the exploration of Maggie s the main character s big secret her father is homosexual, and she is trying to hide it from her friends Maggie s parents have divorced after her dad s revelation After being too drunk and wasted to drive themselves home, the group doesn t have any closer place to stay except Maggie s dad s apartment whom her father is now sharing with his lover This is not an extremely emotional ride, but that s what s ironic about it its subtlety cuts like a knife In only a few pages I learned to love Maggie Her constant thoughts about her father and homosexuality are cleverly interspersed with the group s stereotypical antics.My second favorite is Sarah Weeks Superman is Dead , which is one tangle of a tale about a death of a pet, divorce of parents, birth of a stepbrother, and an English assignment that becomes the main character s symbolic pool of kept emotions as he deals with his inner demons I also loved David Levithan s The Vulnerable Hours, an angsty albeit thought provoking tale that tackles the usual answers to the question what s up Those are my top three The others are pretty alright Peter Abrahams Phase Two reminds me of R.L Stine s stories and Patricia McCormick s Orange Alert is a good tale of reversal of powers though I expectedfrom the girl protagonist I didn t really enjoy Gene Luen Yang s graphic novel style story though It seems too short to give off a lasting effect.Over all this is a good read. This review was initially published on The Readdicts Book Blog Forreviews, go here Up All Night is a collection of six very unique and very interesting short stories, written by six very brilliant authors In the collection, there are Phase 2 by Peter Abrahams, Not Just for Breakfast Any by Libba Bray, The Vulnerable Hours by David Levithan the reason why I decided to read the book in the first place , Orange Alert by Patricia McCormick, Superman is Dead by Sarah Weeks and The Motherless One by Gene Luen Yang which isof an illustration with dialogues, really Aside from David Levithan, all the authors were new to me and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I relished both their story telling and writing.The book begins with a lovely introduction by publisher Laura Geringer, who has, very meticulously and poignantly, summarised every story in barely a line and it manages to both give a slight glimpse into the story and pique the reader s interest I never really bother writing about introductions and all, but this one really stuck with me because it was done so well that I couldn t not say something about it Besides, Geringer has published a really, really nice book with stories that are creative, touching and thought provoking.Coming to the stories, like I mentioned before they were all very well written and told Some of my favourites are basically all of them, expect Not Just for Breakfast Any and The Motherless One, because while the former was very long as compared to the rest and slightly incomprehensible as well, the latter was fun to read, but a narrative would ve been much better Keeping that aside, however, the collection was varied and covered up a bunch of stuff Phase 2, The Vulnerable Hours no surprise there , Orange Alert and Superman is Dead were stories that I fell in love with because of how unique and splendid they were These stories took up very daily and mundane events and turned them into something so extraordinary and special that it was difficult not to admire and appreciate them I would love to summarise every story, but with short stories, there s always the fear of letting everything out and I m no Laura Gringer to give perfect and on point summaries.Overall, I would highly, highly recommend this collection because it s easy to read and yet managedsto leave a heavy impact on the readers because of the way in which every story is portrayed.