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Adam is mad at his stepfather for making them move to were they have no neighbors and is surrounded be woods But when his stepfather goes on a trip four men come and break into their cabin and hold his family hostage Adam is able to escape but is he able to warn his stepfather about the danger that awaits him back at the cabin. In the rugged Wyoming territory, the red pup is Adam s best friend.Adam and his family live in a lonely cabin in the mountains, facing the dangers of the wilderness alone One day, Adam s stepfather announces that he must leave for a week long trip to Cheyenne Adam is put in charge of the family Everything goes smoothly until three cutthroat gold prospectors come crashing into the cabin and hold the family at gunpoint.Late that night, Adam manages to escape Unfortunately, the men let the red pup loose, and the one thing that dog does best is track.Adam Will the pup lead the men to Adam And if he does, can Adam still save his family I recommend this book to anyone who loves a great adventure. I don t know why I read this Maybe because my family had dogs I loved it so much, and it was all mine No one I ve ever met has told me how much they loved this book It made me love reading when I was a second or third grader It was magical, and I am so grateful to Mr WALLACE. Thought out the story, Adam, I young boy who lives with his family in the woods encounters many different struggles First off, his father had recently passed away and his mother had remarried This puts a very big stress on Adam because he doesn t get along with his new stepfather However, that is not the biggest problem at hand A group of men come to Adam s house and try to force them to give up their land so they can search it for gold Adam s stepfather then leaves the house and goes to get the house deed to prove that the land is their s While he is away, the house is attacked, and Adam has to protect his sister and mother Eventually he escapes the house to try and lead the men away from his family and go find His stepfather However, his dog follows him and leads the men right to him, but then the mountain lion that him and the red pup had hunter prior to these events saves them It turns out that Adam s stepfather had retrieved the pup from a cave in the woods, not knowing that the mountain lion had been taking care of it In the end the mountain lion ends up saving the red pup and all of Adam s family One thing I really liked about this book was that there weren t really any down times There was always something going on in the book that kept you questioning what would happen next and it makes u want to keep reading One thing I didn t like about this book was that it didn t give very much background information, it doesn t tell you much about before the family moved into the mountains and it doesn t give that much information about Adam s stepfather If I had to suggest this book to a specific group of people I would suggest it to young teenagers who like the outdoors and survival stories. I am finally getting around to sharing my review of the last book in my Back to School series, Red Dog Honestly, this is the perfect time of year to talk about this story, as I first discovered the works of Bill Wallace one amazing afternoon in my elementary school library They were never assigned reading, but I read every available book by Wallace in one year probably all before the winter break And Red Dog is my favorite.Actually, Red Dog will likely always be a favorite While rereading it a few weeks ago I m in my 30s y all I realized that, once again, I couldn t put it down I had to know what would happen to Adam and his pup, and I found myself grumbling at any distraction So, yes this will be a glowing review Bill Wallace had this expert way of sharing life lessons disguised as a spellbinding adventure In Red Dog, Adam is forced to let go of childish insecurities, learn how to properly treat animals, and develop a better understanding of his changed family dynamics The lessons are at times painful, but the writing shows readers the necessity of choosing to be a better person This is a reminder from which everyone, both young and old, can benefit I m not going to share any details of the actual story, because I don t want to ruin the reading experience Just know that the vivid imagery and heart racing scenes will stick with you long after turning that last page.I do have a few less than positive points that sadly have to be shared First, Adam is a royal pain for the first third of the book whining and fighting against his mom and step father Thankfully, this only lasts for a third of the novel and it is necessary to show Adam s personal growth throughout the story Second, Wallace does not shy away from violence Red Dog is set during the gold rush and the characters live in the Wyoming wilderness, days away from any town Wallace does not sugar coat the unfortunate reality that some people do not have good intentions, which results in a couple of gruesome moments Both of these aspects mold this story and are necessary I don t consider them negative points, just aspects that readers should be aware of.I have lost count of the number of times I have read Red Dog I have my own copy of the story and now, so does godson This is the story I share with parents requesting book for their kids Wallace was my favorite author and his stories helped shape my childhood Here were these amazing books that offered an escape to the wilderness when I was stuck inside, and Wallace promised a grand adventure that usually included a cute dog.I blame Wallace for sparking my love of thriller and mystery fiction, and am forever grateful for finding him on that shelf.Please share you re favorite Bill Wallace book I would love to hear what you think of his stories.LindsayCheck out reviews at HistoryMysteryBooks.com This was one of my absolute favorite books from childhood I read it over and over again when I was little I m much older now, but still thought of it when I thought of my favorite books of all time and decided to see if I could find it I loved the historical setting and the main protagonist I particularly identified with the little boy s conflict with his family while still at the same time loving them I loved the angst and hurt of the little boy One of my first dippings into the ideas of hurt comfort. 3.5 stars I read this with a group of 6 fifth graders At first they were not interested but that quickly changed add the story progressed Adam, his sister Laurie, and his mother have just moved to a mountain homestead in Wyoming with his mother s new husband Sam Hurting after his father s death and resentful of Sam for taking his place , Adam does not try to adapt to his new normal He is resistant, disrespectful, angry, and conflicted His one joy is a loveable red pup that Sam brought home for him However, as three dangerous prospectors move into their land while Sam is away Adam has to learn to step up to responsibility and protecting his family becomes his highest priority No one knew how much the red dog would play an important part in this This was an enjoyable read Audio the beginning of the book, we had discussions about how Adam s surly behavior was impacting those around him and better choices he could make We could discuss how his choices changed him and how those around responded differently to him Adam had a lot of positive character growth There are moments of violence and death, but they certainly are not gratuitous or explicit and serve to heighten the severity of Adam s situation I ll definitely keep this on the list to read with students next year. There was way too much going graphic violence and death in this book for my liking I think my daughter felt the same way It was also uncomfortable to her that the family found it normal to use a switch for punishment Though I realize it was written in a different decade when one didn t think there was anything wrong with hitting children for punishment, it was upsetting to read about The book also dragged in some places. What an adventurous book this is Adam and his mother and younger sister move in with there new step dad, and are trying to get used to their new life out in the wilderness Adam likes to challenge his new stepfather, to make him have to show his superiority over Adam Adam comes to enjoy his new life out in the wilderness, until one day a group of prospectors crosses their land His mother holds a gun ready to fire on the men, and tells them they have no right to be on the property, and that if they don t leave immediately she ll shoot After the men leave, Adam and his sister have to be accompanied by an adult at all times when they head outside Adam learned to trap with his stepfather during this time, and things were turning out well between the two of them, until the day his stepfather had to bring in their furs to sell for supplies Adam became the man of the house for three days while his step dad was away, and everything would have gone well, except for the fact that the three prospectors unexpectedly showed up again while his stepfather was gone They were harsh men, that forced them to do everything for them, and were going to kill them after Adam s stepfather returned and they took him out As it turns out, Adam manages to escape that night, but there s one problem His stepfather found him a red hound, that took a great liking to Adam, and the prospectors have turned the dog loose on his trail I enjoyed how it took Adam a long time to accept his new stepfather, and how realistic this part of the book was, as I know from friends that this is not always the easiest thing to do I also enjoyed the suspense that occurred while Adam s puppy was tracking him, with the three prospectors following close behind The only thing I didn t like, was the fact that the men were going to kill the whole family just to look for gold on a piece of property that they didn t even know if it contained gold or not.I would recommend this book to any young adult who enjoys a suspenseful book. `Read ☇ Red Dog ⇹ TERROR IN THE MOUNTAINS In The Rugged Wyoming Territory, The Red Pup Is Adam S Best Friend Adam And His Family Live In A Lonely Cabin In The Mountains, Facing The Dangers Of The Wilderness Alone One Day, Adam S Stepfather Announces That He Must Leave For A Weeklong Trip To Cheyenne Adam Is Put In Charge Of The Family Everything Goes Smoothly Until Three Cutthroat Gold Prospectors Come Crashing Into The Cabin And Hold The Family At Gunpoint Late That Night, Adam Manages To Escape Unfortunately, The Men Let The Red Pup Loose, And The One Thing That Dog Does Best Is Track AdamWill The Pup Lead The Men To Adam And If He Does, Can Adam Still Save His Family