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This is a compilation of quotes and material from the longer set of Paul Brunton s Notebooks The selected quotes arranged in order by the editors relate to the concept of The Short Path or direct path of nondual awareness and direct knowing This is contrasts with the long path of spiritual progress, purification, training and result Most of the information seems to tally with sources that Paul Brunton would have touched upon, such as Advaita Vedanta, Chan Buddhism, nondual Shaivism, etc along with teachers that he met on travels in India and the Middle East.The first half of the book is excellent, practical, clearly written and has a lot of useful pointers and enquiry notes which could well serve anyone interested in the topic and practice of direct approaches There are some notes on the practice of self inquiry, self observation, modes of indirect approach to the Overself etc Brunton also gives some worthy advise on the practice of both long and short paths giving the most stable result in this respect.The second half of the book deals with possible experiences, and is rather vague in its expression Some seems to be Brunton s own imaginings unless he IS actually speaking from first hand experience at having attained the end or sahaja samadhi which is unlikely I found the second half of the book to drag on a little with Brunton s notes on spiritual experiences, the dark night , attempts to compare various spiritual paths, and PB s own idea as to what the stages of realization would entail, what the void is, what a philosopher sage is and how they would act, how a sage should be etc etc yawn A couple of gems in the first half of the book probably make it worth keeping.Overall, a good summary read for some differences that direct paths entail vs longer traditional progressive paths. not for me Found this very difficult to read, and all theory, without any concrete instructions After the first couple chapters I skimmed, so I might have missed the instructions, it was just all theory, theory, theory. Summary of Spiritual ProgressionThis was a well written synopsis of the spiritual journey by a man who has obviously realized much of what he writes. I received an ARC from the Publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.This is such an interesting and well written non fiction self help type book The author is very straight forward in his presentation and makes it very readable and enlightening.I have personally used several of the techniques and was pleasantly surprised by the results I feel in tune with my inner self. The Short Path to Enlightenment Instructions for Immediate Awakenings is a compilation of the Notes written by Paul Brunton and edited by Mark Scorelle and Jeff Cox who were students of Brunton The author s views very closely parallel that of Advaita Vedenta Philosophy as passed down by Ramana Maharashi The main focus of this book is that man is already eternal, as immortal, as divine as he will ever be but he is not aware of this The author outlines the methods of the Long and Short Paths but there is no clear and concise accounting of when and how specifically to use these methods and the decision is basically left to the subjectivity of the aspirant Instead, I would highly recommend another book, entitled The Secret Path which is a much clearer and concise synopsis of the Short Path or appropriately defined as Self Enquiry Absolutely loved this book, full of spiritual techniques to spiritual awakening, it gives you an insight into reality, about mind stilling, a 3 fold experience of truth, strength and trust and searching for the oneself, present and understanding Its one of those books you really have to read, a journey of enlightenment. One of my favorite books on spirituality Paul Brunton instructions are clear and effective. Easy to read and understand, this book puts the sudden awakening teachings within the readers grasp Unlike many other books on the subject, there s not a bunch of mumbo jumbo to wade through The author got right to the good stuff And the fact that Paul Brunton was totally immersed in what he taught comes across as the teachings in the book flow naturally, almost like sitting down with the author and discussing these ideas face to face Best of all, the exercises in the book work, and they work fast Time richly spent FTC Disclosure I received an advanced copy of this book free from the Publisher in exchange for my honest review, and the opinions in this review are my own. ^READ PDF ☇ The Short Path to Enlightenment ☠ Paul Brunton Gives Voice To The Profound Teachings Of Immediate Spiritual Awakening That Have The Power To Short Circuit The Seeker In Us And Reveal The True Nature Of Reality Here And Now Adyashanti People Who Enjoy Eckhart Tolle The Power Of Now, A New Earth , Michael A Singer The Untethered Soul , Or Adyashanti Emptiness Dancing Will Enjoy And Benefit Greatly From The Short Path To Enlightenment These Accessible Teachings Distill The Essence Of Advaita Vedanta, Zen, Sufism, Dzogchen Brunton Calls Them Short Path Teachings A Simple Recognition, A Brief Moment Of Grace, Can Make What Seemed Like A Far Off Spiritual Goal Actual Here And Now But We Need Reliable Pointers For How And Where To Look This Compilation Of Gems Distills The Essence And Effective Practices Of This Path In Direct, Jargon Free Language Useful To Followers Of Any Or No Particular Tradition The True Gift Of This Wonderful Book, Says Adyashanti, Is In How Nuanced And Subtle Paul Brunton Understood These Profound And Transformational Teachings And How Directly He Conveys Them Read This Book As You Would A Scripture Or A Sutra And Let It Open Your Eyes To Eternity Includes How To Move From The Long Path Of Spiritual Disciplines To The Short Path Of Direct Insight Short Path Exercises Experiences That May Occur Warnings Stages Of Realization The Nature Of Lasting Enlightenment