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My first Manga, I like a lot and I m very pleased with it.However, I was expecting explicit images, well it does said explicit on the cover, I was expected to see everything not a glimpse of it.Apart from that little issue, it was great. I m going to have to say that Manga is just not for me I was expecting something erotic and romantic and when it said explicit I also expected details There were none You got the vague idea of what was going on and that was it Bodies and positions but not details The initial claiming was a tad on the gross side All the slobbering going on in the pictures didn t help In fact, all of the sex scenes were decidedly unsexy The written word did not, in this case, transfer well to this genre It also became uncomfortable when the characters became child like cartoons That and sex just do not go together in my mind I hate to say it, but for me, this ruined the story I did much better with my own imagination and I believe I ll stick with that from now on Maybe if I re read the original story it will wipe my mind of this fiasco. I m kind of at odds on this.Not because it was bad or stuff like that It was such a great re telling of this book, in this OEL OEL original english language manga But I m just A LITTLE ehh about it because it was kind of broken on how fast it changed from scene to scene In all the other well I guess real Manga I ve read, The transition from scene to scene is seamless and very easy to follow I found myself going wait, what for a few panels because it would just change so abruptly It was a bit choppy view spoiler Like say, in real manga, there d be a small blank panel, or a random panel of a roof or the sky or an empty bed with rumpled bed sheets, to signify that time has passed Even a steaming coffee cup to show, ok, now we re in the kitchen and relaxing hide spoiler Definetly different having pictures in front of you to go with story Honestly, I thought it was good that they stuck very close to what has happened in the book, and isn t missing anything I admit that after reading the mange I dread through the book again to see how close they were Memory was a bit funky on the details so while reading through the manga at some parts I would think, they have cut out something I m sure, but after rewarding the book again, I realize it must be my own imagination thinking there was in a scene My complaint is that it focused heavily on story, and while I understand that, it missed a lot of the easy flow of manga Sometimes there were parts where there was lots of writing and were you expect images to go with it you don t get enough to really picture the scene ok what I just typed didn t make sense even to me but anyway if they make manga for this series I will read them, but it isn t among the best manga for being able to really connect with characters THAT is what I ve been trying to say, sorry With the manga version there was, at least for me, a separation between myself and the characters so that I could not truly sink into the story It was like a wall stopping me form being able to really enjoy the story. That was unbelivable awsome The whole series need to be done like this I read the series and it was hillarious and sad and lovable And done as manga it really brought it to life The drawings was damn good and I love how the funny bits are exaggerated.Btw why in Goddess name does Maveric has his glasses on all the time Even during sex Did he use sunglasses inside in the series Stupid glip The art was ok, story was iffy at best My main complaints are the lack of story that should have accompanied the art If you haven t read the story then the manga wouldn t make much logical sense It reads like a fanfic comic Not bad art, but not quite what I was expecting The art was just too silly and childish given the nature of the story and subject matter. This is great Well, it is great if you love manga and or Lynn Hagen s Brac Pack series This manga brings the first Brac story to life in manga form Here we get to revisit the story about how Maverick and Cecil got together and became a mated pair I love manga and shifter stories and I follow the Brac series as well as the spin offs and the other related series Of course I really enjoyed this This manga is for 18 and over and comes in two versions Explicit which follows the trend of much Yaoi manga and Adult a cleaner version The art work is good which is needed in manga or any graphic novel, and the book follows the original story The only problem with this manga series for me will be the length of time it will take to produce other manga versions Lynn Hagen is really excellent about publishing her different series with regular stories being issued along with combining new series I hope we get the manga stories at the same pace as we do the written series, but if not at least the written stories will keep us occupied.This is another great series to come from Lynn Hagen and will no doubt keep fans of the Brac series well entertained. `READ KINDLE ⇲ Mavericks Mate [Brac Pack Manga Book 1] ↡ Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, Werewolves EXPERIENCE THE START OF LYNN HAGEN S CLASSIC SERIES IN A WHOLE NEW WAY Maverick Brac Has Formed A Pack Of His Own, Naming Them The Brac Pack With Fourteen Men Under Him, They All Have One Thing In Common, The Preference For Men Cecil Walter Was Living A Life No One Would Wish On Their Enemy In An Abusive Relationship With His Partner With No Way Out Getting Away From Pack Problems And A Migraine, Maverick Indulges In His One Secret Love, Chai Tea While In The Coffee Shop Trying To Forget The World Outside Exists For Five Minutes, Maverick Has Found What He Never Thought To Have, His Mate, His Very Human Mate Rescuing Cecil From His Abusive Boyfriend To Finding Out Who In His Pack Is Trying To Take Cecil S Life, Maverick Has His Work Cut Out For Him, But The Largest Challenge Is Getting Cecil To Come Out Of His Shell And Be The Man He Once Was A Siren Erotic Romance