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!Free Epub ♁ Redcoat ♿ Em Filad Lfia Uma Cidade Em Guerra N O S Entre As Tropas Brit Nicas E O Ex Rcito Americano, Mas Consigo Mesma Porque Uma Cidade Ocupada Junta Lealistas E Patriotas, Soldados E Civis, Homens E Mulheres E Divide Fam Lias E Fomenta A Trai O Aqui Que O Impiedoso Capit O Kit Vane E A Bela Martha Crowl, A Impulsiva Patriota Caroline E O Seu Jovem Amante Idealista Jonathon, O Pouco Escrupuloso Ezra Woollard E O Brutal Sargento Scammell Forjam E Quebram Alian As Vol Veis Que Os Levam A Correr Grandes Perigos Apanhado Entre Eles Encontra Se O Soldado Sam Gilpin Seduzido Para A Guerra Pelo Desafio E Por Uma Casaca Vermelha, Este Dever Aprender A Amarga Li O Do Amor, Da Perda E Da Descoberta Do Verdadeiro Significado Da Lealdade Although this was written before the Sharpe series began, a lot of the themes and characters that would show up there made an appearance here first The enlisted man plucked from the ranks to become an officer, the horrid sergeant at odds with the hero Heroes and villains on both sides of the conflict, and of course the fantastic detailed battle scenes that Cornwell excels at.If you re a fan, this is certainly worth a read, and if you re new to Cornwell s works, you could do worse than start here. Once again, I have to emphasize Cornwell s unrivaled mastery of researching and chronicling historical events, whether it be the 14th century or the 19th He did not disappoint with Redcoat.For those who prefer the history in historical ficton, you get plenty of it with vivid details of the Revolutionary War and its players, both real and fictitious Some readers lament that this novel lacks Cornwell s trademark epic battle scenes, espousing every gory detail Some lament that it is uncharacteristically for Cornwell a romance novel One of the main reasons I liked this Cornwell novel so much was that it was balanced compared to some of his others not thick with the nauseating barbarity of war but certainly not a soppy love story, either.I applaud Cornwell s character development here, allowing us to see the war from the perspective of both Americans and British Redcoat is an entertaining, action packed narrative and an excellent history lesson. I ve become accustomed to a little action in my books Redcoat had its flashes of battle and they were great It also gave a wonderful sense of humanity to historical figures John Andre and Charles Lee my favorites, butI didn t find too much to it that held my attention To put it bluntly it was only average, and I won t be giving it a re read in the future. Historical fiction is how I prefer to get my history, and Cornwell does a great job of working in the minute details of the time and place to make that piece of history come alive for me.Did you know that it was considered a luxury to have dentures that were crafted from teeth yanked from the heads of soldiers who died on the battlefield Cornwell s detailing gets delightfully nasty like that without going overboard, just enough to make me cringe and put me in the rawness of the period He also tosses in sublte touches of humor and romace without getting the least bit gushy about it.This paticular story has lots of main players, and their stories are nicely woven together There s one in particular that has me intrigued he s bad, but he s also got potential for greatness That kind of depth of character is what keeps me turning the pages of any book.One thing that chuffs me about Cornwell s stories I ve noted it in other books I ve read by him as well is that the female love interests can t just be plain or regular pretty, they re all bestowed with astounding physical beauty that nears perfection Martha would ve made a kickass heroine no matter what she looked like. I hadn t paid much attention to the Philadelphia side of the British occupation Good reflection of what was happening while Washington and the troops were freezing at Valley Forge. I ve been a fan of Cornwell for years, and this fictional account of the events occurring during the British occupation of the city of Philadelphia in 1777 during the American Revolution didn t let me down It s fast paced, and interspersed with the historical events that transpired that over that winter that I wasn t aware of, such as the extent that the British Commander in Chief,William Howe,tried to bring a lasting peace to the colonies while fighting a rebellion, with a love triangle involving a private in the British army, a Patriot woman and a Philadelphian merchant.The story begins as the British defeat Washington at Germantown prior to entering the city, and ends with Howe transferring command to Clinton the following spring Well written and researched, this is pleasant reading for the historical enthusiast. This book by Bernard Cornwall was a bit different from many of his novels that take place during a war This is his first to take place during the American Revolution Rather than depicting great battles, this story explores the complicated relationships that resulted from the British capturing Philadelphia It s over arching theme is how love can be the ultimate motivation in ones decision making That element of war was not part of our history classes If the measure of a good novel is how it draws the reader to want to find out what happens next, this book deserves five stars There are many surprises and that makes you want to read on to see how the main character is able to persevere That is typical of Cornwell s novels I look forward to the next one on my list. This was my first Bernard Cornwell book and I was very pleased I feel he has lived up to my expectations I thought this book started a little slow but it picked up towards the end I found myself confused as to which side I really wanted to win You get to know both sides of the war and how much camaraderie existed between the two sides Philadelphia was a very divided city and its British occupation could not have been easy I found characters like Martha very interesting She was a die hard patriot and didn t care to hide that from the British officers including the Commander in Chief of the British She knew the Americans would have victory throughout the war I don t know if I would have had the same tenacity as her given the situation.One of the most common critiques I have read of Cornwell is his brutality There are some difficult scenes to read but the hardest part from me was the fact that no character is safe from death This was a war and in war anyone can die at any time There were no exceptions made and there were some deaths that caught be by surprise.I really enjoyed how the characters changed and developed throughout the story People at the beginning who charm and beguile you will surprise you in the end At one point it is said war changes you and that is really big theme within this book War changes you unless you are involved for the right reasons It is not about gaining honor or glory but for what is right and good As soon as you lose the real motives behind your actions you can and probably will lose yourself I guess the real lesson here is to always have the best intentions and don t let false motives cloud your judgement.This is really good read The characters are very enjoyable though not compelling I never felt a huge connection to the characters but I still enjoyed their story I kept trying to figure out which redcoat the book is named after you don t find out until the very end but I was very pleased with the character I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a different prospective and learning about an interesting and pivotal time period. Terrific historical fiction from one of the masters of the genre Cornwell blends humor, passion, and fear with this tale of the Revolutionary war As it takes place in Philadelphia, many of the areas were very familiar to me one thing I like about Cornwell is that often, he shows me the opposite side of what my usual perspective is on a number of different historical scenes from Agincourt to Manassas, to Germantown, he shows me the British, or Condfederate, or French perspective Fascinating stuff Great characters and a thrilling ending In Sargent Scammell, he has created a fearsome character as Obediah Hakeswill and that s saying something My only misgiving is that I want a sequel.